OK, Then

You know how the wingnuts obliterate moral logic by saying we have double-standards because we won’t tolerate their intolerance?

You know how when wingnuts do or say something absolutely execrable, they insist that our turning the other fist (instead of turning the other cheek, as they hope, because their idea of a fair fight is with a punching bag) to such depravity is ‘just as bad’?

Yeah? How fucking stupid is that, huh? So much whining of bullies, right?


So pardon me for hoping, oh goodhearted fellow Lefties, that Gerard Vanderleun dies in a pathetic and excruciating mattress fire, because right now I’m not in the mood to sit and wait for the tertiary syphilis he got from Charles Johnson to take its inevitable toll.


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Okay, “right now.” Patience, my son. Time heals everything. Have a drink or three, go to bed, wake up anew, and THEN be patient enough to wait for the tertiary syphilis. See? It will still be there. And van der Loon (torment be upon him) will be available for the sufferering he so r. deserves.


“suffering.” I’ve had my three.


You can bet money that if you made fun of his tiny penis, he’d be wailing about the shrill Left until the day he died.

Speaking of which, when is that scheduled for again?


Wait. So chicks get work done on their tits without the express purpose of making them larger for our visual enjoyment?
Shocked. Shocked I am. Who knew?


According to the National Institutes of Health, “[Tertiary, or late,] syphilis can result in mental illness.” I’d say your waiting days are almost over.


May he die in a mattress fire simultaneously with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh.


Oh, he’ll make his tearful amends Atwater-style after the doctors take his balls.


Until the Left denounces Josef Stalin for belittling the cancer suffering of ….

I can’t do it.

Gerard can eat me. Fucking hell, these people are so terrible.


Bah. I’d be much more satisfied with an ending wherein, while sobbing over posts past that no one else appreciated as much as he thought they should have, he passes out in an alcoholic stupor, and cannot save himself when his rickety old space heater tips over and causes a conflagration that consumes his dilapidated Van Nuys bungalow.


I bet he has Hugh Hewitt sized boobies and he’s really really ashamed of his own grossness.


No pardon necessary, I think you and Tbogg were both quite generous.


Its been a long time since I’ve seen what can be called the standard for low human behavior, but Gerard has exceeded it. The man can proudly proclaim from the same company as the saddest excuse for human existence, and it fits him well. I don’t know what to tell you Gerard, but I truly wish I am the only one who matches your DNA when you need a bone marrow transplant.


tb said,

Oh, he’ll make his tearful amends Atwater-style after the doctors take his balls.

To which quoth I:

He has balls?
Glad you’re back, Retardo, reigning king of the smackdown.


Retardo is the sexxxiest commie hippie on the bean farm.


I can only assume that even mealy sow-men like Vander-whoever-he-is have at least fleshy placeholders for testicles.


Sir, Here Here!


My grandmother and aunt died of breast cancer, before I was born and not long after, respectively.
The important thing is Jane will still be here to make small men like whoever the fuck this pathetic little twat is feel like what they are.
And that christian science go down. I might have been able to meet my grandmother if not for their bullshit voodoo.


I can only assume that even mealy sow-men like Vander-whoever-he-is have at least fleshy placeholders for testicles.

In the veterinary trade, they’re called Neuticals(tm) and are much in demand among macho guys… whose rottweilers and pit bulls have been sterilized for temperament purposes. Because sometimes your family, or the judicial system, forces you to de-ball Killer, and you just don’t want Your Guy to be the laughing stock of the dog run. I’m sure there’s a medical equivalent for human males, but that doesn’t stop the snickering in the ladies room. And, really, rippin’ em off does improve their temperament. The dogs’, I mean. But then, the dogs have testicles to remove in the first place, Gerald.

Herr Doktor Bimler

It’s good to see that everyone is avoiding quips about his prosthetic testicle implants metastatising. That would be in bad taste, and we must maintain standards.


In the human medical trade, there is also such a thing as testicular implants. It’s for guys that have had them removed due to testicular cancer. Do I sense an upcoming ironic episode?


Gar- always refresh before posting!


Just when you think the Right has reached as low as could be deemed possible, some asshat grabs a shovel and digs down to new depths. Well done, Gerard. You’ll be remembered for this – oh yes, you will.

I’d hate to be you when the karmic reckoning unfolds…


[…] It has become the great weapon of the right and of the Neo-con, that every time someone strikes back at their attack on human decency, they claim intolerance. The idea being that if they are intolerant on almost all issues, the opposition should be tolerant of all issues. […]


Its the Rush Limbaugh Zipperhead fantasy of “LIBs” shining strong.

Think about it tho, the fantasy goes “all ‘LIBS’ like to say they are tolerant in order to prove how superior they are to the rest of the world yet when I say something crude and intolerant they jump all over me for it, proving they are not tolerant and therefore not better than me.”

In other words, “Yes I am a complete bag of shit surrounding a rectum but I only do it to piss of “LIBs” in order to prove I am NOT inferior to them.


The standard issue right wing bully-whine is coming any second now. What he said will be admittedly crude but he’ll scarcely be able to believe how much worse the reaction from the left was, and he was only kiddeeen. Etc etc etc.


Has anybody notified Michelle Malkin about this?


The very word ‘tolerance’ implies that it is only for that which CAN BE tolerated. Therefore, intolerance is naturally excluded. How hard is that?


van der Loon is just a stupid bully, picking on a woman who has breast cancer. How pathetic is that? Does he also beat up old ladies? I’d like to see him take on someone his own size – like me, fr’instance.


I have a better revenge fantasy. Right-wing people get tired of Vanderleun after two years or so. Then he has to live with himself, for a normal lifespan, until he dies normally.


what is this its kinda wierd but still good , i like it
keep up the goo work i look forward to seing more of this


What is the most common type of testicular cancer? Germ cell tumors account for approximately 95% of testicular cancers? WBR LeoP


Syphilis is treatable but it’s an awful disease. I could link to photos but they’re a bit gruesome for a family show like this. WBR LeoP


My sister had breast cancer, in those days they took off her breast, she was 54, last year she died of natural causes, Sally, my sister was 84. WBR LeoP


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