Burn, (stupid), burn!

Over at WorldNetDaily, Thomas D. Kuiper figures he can make a name for himself by recycling 4-year old “jokes:”

Probably the most famous BDS [Bush Derangement Syndrome] sufferer – a long-time and likely terminal victim – is Hillary Rodham Clinton, simultaneously “The World’s Smartest Woman,” the presumptive Democratic nominee in 2008 and the junior senator from New York.

In the spring of 2001, when President Bush had been in office less than four months, Hillary Clinton was already blaming him for environmental changes. She charged that his policies were contributing to “poor air quality and soaring asthma rates” in New York. [Emphasis added]

As it turns out, Sadly, No!:

US Senators Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton today announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee has included $4 million for compressed natural gas (CNG) buses for Central New York in the FY02 Transportation Appropriations bill. […]

“At a time when we are struggling with poor air quality and soaring asthma rates, we need to embrace innovative approaches for meeting our energy needs that protect the health of our children,” Senator Clinton said.

Anything about Bush in there, or anywhere else in that press release?


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But don’t be deceived, as this is not me.


Everything is about Bush, just because we’re not talking about him favorably doesn’t mean we’re not still constantly thinking about Bush, imagining his codpiece, getting erections, and watching CNN reruns from the 2003 AND 1991 invasions of Iraq.

We went right up that countries poop-hole – Twice now – without asking

How can you not love the name George Bush, ass raper of the arab world?

How could he not be rightly judged as the center of the universe?

Is it too much to assume that the word, his name, would therefore be on the tip of every Senators tongue?


Bush is N ur lungs, clogging ur t00bz


> Is it too much to assume that the word, his name, would therefore be on the tip of every Senators tongue?

A bush on the tip of every Senator’s tongue?


Advanced symptoms of BDS include an obsessive need to blame Clinton’s COCK! Monica’s DRESS!

No wait, that must be some other syndrome.


I have a new post up about just why it is conservatives suck so much.

Just thought I’d let you know, since I’m a shameless blog whore and all. Plus, you might like it. You never know. I mean, I like your blog.

2008 is going to be interesting. The Hillary/Osama ticket will simultaneously galvanize BOTH bases into near frothing insanity. Many women and black Americans who have never voted in their lives will turn out for the Donkle, while millions of asswhacked nuthole rednecks who can barely figure out how to fill in a registration form will nonetheless show up by the truckful to pack the ballots on the red side.

At least, I hope that’s what they’ll do. Because if they decide to just make a massive street fight out of it instead, we’re doomed. They have ALL the goddam guns.

I know! I wish to fuck I’d stop using your comment threads to pimp out my own blog, TOO! What the fuck is WRONG with me, anyway? I get 19 or 20 hits a day! There are bloggers in Romania who would KILL for 19 hits a day! Why can’t I just GROW THE FUCK UP? It isn’t about me! It isn’t about my blog! Nobody cares! I should just shut up and watch BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA and eat paste! Or write more insane near-pornographic borderline hallucinogenic TV parodies! But for the love of Jesus, why won’t I leave you people alone?

It’s a hard life if you don’t weaken. That’s why I, like John Bigboote, am the weakest person I know.


Wow, look at the Right get all righteously indignant about bashing a president. Remember Ken Starr? The Clinton murder list? The sold-us-out-China hoopla? The impeachment hearings? Anything on Fox News circa 2000? The endless supplies of any-noun-works-Gate scandals that never seemed to get anywhere?

*sigh* What short memories some people have.


Derangement syndrome? Clinton? Doesn’t that refer to people who think Hillary Clinton is a lesbian who murdered Vincent Foster and made millions on an Arkansas real estate deal called Whitewater?

You would never find folks like that at WingNutDaily, nosirree.


A large majority thinks, based on some evidence, that Bush is a rather incompetent president and has made a muck of the country and the war. A minority thinks, based on no evidence, that he’s a Churchill and a genius, that everything is duckier than ducky. They’re right that somebody’s deranged where Bush is concerned, I give them that.


If you’re suffering from BDS, you may wish to ask your doctor about a prescription for Stupidcil. Stupidcil is a treatment, not a cure. Stupidcil may be habit-forming, so use with care. Side effects of Stupidcil may include foaming mouth, bedwetting, cognitive dissonance, and rectal bleeding (use only as directed by physician; avoid taking if you regularly ingest methamphetamines and bang gay hookers.)


Anytime anyone mentions “struggling with poor… quality” or a “need to embrace innovative approaches” they are insulting the Reichtards’ Dear Leader. It’s like joking about nepotism in the land of Kim Jong Il! Whoops, I mentioned the n-word — my bad!

Tigrismus is right. There’s a certain portion of the electorate that gets deranged about the C-Plus Augustus, but I do not think it is the portion that WND thinks it is…


Does anyone else here hear that?

It sounds like a drumbeat!


From thunder’s link:

Gonzales: I meant by that comment that the Constitution doesn’t say that every individual in the United States or every citizen has or is assured the right of habeas corpus. It doesn’t say that. It simply says that the right of habeas corpus shall not be suspended.

Evidently they’ll be going for the Dumb as a Sack of Hammers Defense during the impeachment hearings. Interesting strategy.


You go to the keyboard with the brains you have, not the brain you THINK you have…


Why would a sack of hammers live on Endor? It doesn’t make sense!



That whiff of I-don’t-care
That I’m-a-genius stare
That comes from God knows where
Its shrubcraft

And some have no defense for it
Those slobs are much to dense for it
No good does common sense for it do

‘Cause its shrubcraft, wicked shrubcraft
And although we know its like sniffing glue

When you play to the hate in them
It rings the steel skull-plate in them
So torture seems just great to them too

They’ve joined your stupid club
Begging for your cast-off grub
Yet theres no dumber shrub than you



Fuck. Previewed and everything.


I suppose that Gonzales would also argue that “We the people…” in the Preamble really just meant the guys standing in the room when that line was written, or that when Article I makes the POTUS “Commander In Chief of the of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States” it means that the Air Force doesn’t count. “Hey, it doesn’t say ‘Air Force’ does it????”

Apparently law school is easier to get through than I’d been led to believe.

World of Shrubcraft

For the whore’d!!!


Did you see this, kingubu? Kos commands it.

Let’s start drumming…Alberto must go!!11eleven!


“Bush Derangement Syndrome”

Is that anything like Clinton Derangement Syndrome?


well, she did say buses and everyone knows a bus is three quarters of a bush. – thomas ‘dick’ kupper


Damn Hippies… is your first idea always a fucking drum circle? I’ll join, but only if I get to play the maracas.


Laura, why do you hate America?

P.S. Got any Oxycontin™ or Viagra®?


“a legislative Uzi”


Thanks for the linky, laura. I’ll be spreading that far and wide.


Meanwhile, Hillary is starting the Osama/Obama link, though her friends in the liberal media, such as at the Clinton News Network, CNN


Umm, no. That link began, I believe, with gary ruppert…

Weird. I’m kinda dizzy….



Gary is just repeating the latest blast-fax/wingnut-circlejerk-chainmail. (Suh-prize, Suh-prize, Suh-prize!)

Seems to be from the Moonies.


Hillary sure scares the bejabbers out of the wingnutosphere.

It would be worth electing her President just to see all the heads exploding.

Plus, half of the AmTaliban would just commit suicide, because the End Times don’t say ANYTHING about a lesbian running the world.


Aw, isn’t it sweet that li’l Garlito cares so much about Democratic primary politics?

Smiling Mortician

Rain. Subpoenas.

Rain-rain. Subpoenas.

Kinda catchy.


Rain — Supoenas! The San Francisco treat!

(Hokay, a girl can dream.)


mikey said,

January 19, 2007 at 1:04

Why would a sack of hammers live on Endor? It doesn’t make sense!



From Tom Kuiper himself:
“Check out the May 17, 2001, press release on Hillary’s website. ”

However, Hillary’s website is down (clinton.senate.gov). If anyone can locate said press release, I’d be grateful.


Ok, her web site is back up and here is the full paragraph he quotes from:

I am very concerned that at a time when we are struggling with poor air quality and soaring asthma rates, this Administration is offering a plan that relies too much on the fuels of the past, rolls back environmental safeguards, and relaxes accountability for special interests. Put simply, the oil companies get to drill, while the American people foot the bill.

I don’t see that as BDS, and it’s quite the stretch to claim it. I’ve asked Tom to post a retration or correction, but for some reason I just don’t see one coming any time soon.


The Right’s obsession with all things Clinton really wastes everybody’s time, not just theirs (which I’m all for). The chances of Hillary getting the Democratic nomination is quite slim, which just goes to show that the Republicans’ predictive powers here are no better than their ability to correctly forecast the outcome of Iraq wars or Afghanistan occupations. They also don’t seem to be too hot at discerning their own nominee (it probably isn’t gonna be McCain… if I had to go out on a limb right now, I’d probably say Huckabee). Hillary might just net the VP nomination, but if I were her, I wouldn’t count on it. Who’s our nominee? Ask me in 9 months or so. It’s very unclear right now.


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