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THE PRESIDENT, in an interview given to 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley, January 14, 2007:

The minute we found out they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, I was the first to say so. Scott, all I can do is just tell the truth, tell people exactly what’s on my mind, which is what I do. [Emphasis added.]

Sadly, No!:

THE PRESIDENT: We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories. You remember when Colin Powell stood up in front of the world, and he said, Iraq has got laboratories, mobile labs to build biological weapons. They’re illegal. […] But for those who say we haven’t found the banned manufacturing devices or banned weapons, they’re wrong, we found them. [May 29, 2003.]


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Jesus. These punks couldn’t get more Orwellian if they TRIED.


They’ll lie when the truth would serve.


Commander Codpiece also said he would restore honor and dignity to the White House. When you’re lying from day one I wouldn’t expect the truth on day two.


He had also never, ever heard the levies might break.

Smiling Mortician

And filed under Pot v. Kettle, another tidbit from the Pelley interview:

BUSH: I’d say, first of all, to [Ahmedinajad], “You’ve made terrible choices for your people. You’ve isolated your nation. You’ve taken a nation of proud and honorable people, and you’ve made your country the pariah of the world. You’ve threatened countries with nuclear weapons. You’ve said you want a nuclear weapon. You’ve defied international accord. And you’re slowly but surely isolating yourself.”

No. Awareness. Whatsoever.


These days I’m inclined to think of their lies less as Orwellian and more as plain old Texas-fuckface fratboy bullshit. Amd I love the way the reporter kept using the phrase “Democrat plan”, as in “There is no Democrat plan.”


It was the truth. Bush was just terribly misinformed. Trust him. He was just tired, he’ll never do it again, baby,


Check the kerning.


Ah yes, the double-wides where the Iraqi mad scientists were working their magic back in 2003. Those were more innocent days, weren’t they? Our little war’s grown up so fast.


I love he double dare.

the congress isn’t supposed to have a plan

the congress is supposed to tell the President he needs a DIFFERENT plan

until the president he brings the Congress one they can pay for.

but hey, I’m just an average citizen, what should i know?


You’re not the Decider®, mdhatter. You’re indulging in post-1776 thinging.


These days I’m inclined to think of their lies less as Orwellian and more as plain old Texas-fuckface fratboy bullshit. Amd I love the way the reporter kept using the phrase “Democrat plan�, as in “There is no Democrat plan.�

I totally agree, except that when you say “their lies” are more about brain damage than Orwellianism (if I may paraphrase) you paint with too broad a brush.

The incoherent fratboy nonsense is authentic and unalloyed in the case of the Dear Leader, but Cheney and company are Orwellian to the marrow of their bones. The fact that they are letting President AWOL talk so much in public without a transponder strapped to his back is one more example of how out-of-control the situation has become.

The media is not only Orwellian but pathetically so, having taken onto themselves the role of Winston Smith. While the protective armor of self-congratulation and mediocre careerism is still intact, you can smell the stench of self-hatred and despair rising from their twisted souls.

I love the smell of self-hatred and despair in the morning. It smells l… ike victory.

(If it weren’rt for this whole bombing Iran business. Nobody wins in that scenario.)



I realize that America has done some pretty vile shit it its brief history but the lethal combination of dim-bulb frat boy president who will do anything so long it makes him “look strong” together with an Aged Gray Eminence VP who tells him that the best way to look strong is to abandon every law and taboo of civilization is a whole lot of bad karma.


So full of hate. So full of bias, anger and empty of logic. Liberals.


…tell people exactly what’s on my mind…

And that would take about five seconds.


So full of hate. So full of bias, anger and empty of logic. Liberals.

I guess it’s easy to miss the part where Bush denies saying something that he actually said. Much easier to just lay back and shout “liberals” as if it’s somehow relevant. Darn those pesky facts!

Smiling Mortician

So full of shit. So full of denial, hubris and empty of human decency. Bush apologists.


[…] So Dubya made a speech the other day concerning the state of things in Iraq, and what they plan to do about it. You might remember it from its depressing implications of further ill-planned conflicts. Or the possibilities of the current one become more unpleasant. Or from the aftermath of said speech which revealed once again that he doesn’t listen. To anybody. (And there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it, hippy). Or perhaps, again from said aftermath, the further reinforcement of the fact that he is either a liar, or just has a rather tenuous grasp of reality (but most likely both). […]


Yeah. Damn those liberals for starting wars, torturning people, holding people without due process, eliminating Habeus Corpus, ruining America’s reputation in the world, supporting dictators, exploiting 9/11 and creating fear, racial hatred and blind jingoism. Those goddam liberals have caused this whole problem, mostly because of their unfettered power over the last dozen or so years…



Yeah, we’ve been pretty busy.


Wait, now we’re intolerant haters? Last I heard we were bleeding-heart pinkos who were destroying society because we were too worried about people’s feelings.

Guess I missed a memo.


Well, it may not be the “truth” as the word is defined in the dictionary and such, but it’s the truth that he feels in his heart, and really, what’s more important?


I have yet to listen to the 60 minutes special but I hope the reporters were prepared for his lies (it’s all he does, they should expect that by now) and let him have it.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Sarcastro said,
They’ll lie when the truth would serve.

Telling the truth would set a bad precedent. It would impose an unacceptable limitation on the right of future administrations to lie.


You know else I hate about this lying smarmy schmuck? How he prefaces every fib by addressing the journalist by name. “Scott, all I can do is…” LIE LIE LIE. But don’t ah seem friennly, don’t ah seem nice?


Liberals. We’re all things to all men.


I am human, so nothing human is alien to me, except Morris dancing.


So full of hate. So full of bias, anger and empty of logic. Liberals.

I’m still wondering what “logic” means to Limpy. It’s really just a system of making arguments and has nothing to do with truth or whether two people who both use it will agree with one another. For instance, the following is a proper application of logic:

– Increasing corporate profits creates jobs.
– Layoffs increase corporate profits.
– Therefore, layoffs create jobs.

And yet, the conclusion is nonsense because the premises are goobered.

But I learned about logic in one of those fancy-pants liberal college places, so I must have it wrong. If I really knew logic, I’d be a wingnut, right?


The Bush administration cherry picked the intelligence in the same way that a serial rapist cherry picks pre-pubescent virgins.

When I watched Colin Powell’s speech in front of the UN, I didn’t need access to “super secret intelligence files!” to assess that argument as a C-minus at best. I couldn’t sign on to blowing a hundred thousand civilians to hell based on a C-minus argument. Still can’t.

(On the progressive gold link–hey, that’s cool!)


Brad, stop posting as Shoelimpy. You just aren’t very good at it. Why did you stop posting as Gary? I mean, yes, it sucked, but at least it kept you busy and out of my hair.

Now I have to ban you.

To all who read this let it be known, Shoelimpy is being namestolen on this board because Brad is in love with Annie. So am I, but I’m the kind who snekas up behind girls and pulls their hair instead of tangoing with their bf’s. I’m kinda wimpy, I mean, just go to our about page and take a look at my picture.

I tried working out, drinking V8, nothing works. I guess I’m just a looser. Pity me, friends, pity me.


while watching Powell’s big star turn at the UN, I could never help but wonder if they wer able to keep Colin’s little vial of “anthrax” distinguished from George’s little vial of “powdered vitamins”

Maybe they had different color caps or something.

Maybe it explains the omnipresent lunacy among the right wing. Long term exposure has resulted in deep seated pharmaceutical psychoses.


it’s not hate, Limpy. For that, wait for the freeper reaction to Congress in ’bout a months time.

Hyperbole and vitriol from this side? absolutely, mean spirited debate abounds on all sides…. but hate means no second chance.

and liberals are all about second chances.

Even you get a second chance Limpy, just stick to the vitriol.


I am human, so nothing human is alien to me, except Morris dancing.

And the “comedy” stylings of Pauley Shore.

Oh, wait, that’s not “human” to begin with. My bad.


In the age of the internets tubes, how can anyone think we won’t uncover their lies? It’s just amazing. Or do they not actually remember what they said before?


You are all banned.

Smiling Mortician

Normally, Gavin, I’m not one to pick on typos, but this one time I must admit that I’m intrigued by the question of what happens when you “sneka” behind a girl. And does it have to be behind her? Are there, say, frontal variations? But no, I’m asking too much.


I tried working out, drinking V8, nothing works. I guess I’m just a looser.

Ha ha. Remember that time I kicked sand in your face and made off with annieangel? Good times…


For reminding me of that, comic book ad guy, you are banned.


Gee, “Gavin”, you’re a-looser than what? Looser than our Miss Annie Angel. *snark*


“You’ve threatened countries with nuclear weapons.”

Okay, I’m confused…can anyone show me where Ahmedinajad has actually said this…iow, an ACTUAL threat and not some wingnut’s fevered war-porn dreams….because I don’t ever remember him doing it.

Now George on the other hand, has said we (the USA) have the right to attack with nuclear weapons preemptively if we even think someone is looking at us funny.

Smiling Mortician

Yeah, Karl Rove II. Thus, I guess the pot’s still a pot, but the kettle? Not so much.


I am human, so nothing human is alien to me, except Morris dancing.

Hmm. Morris dancing, as I know of it, is a bunch of guys looking for an excuse to drink beer & show off in front of their friends. Their choice for such excuse is dressing up funny and devoting many hours of practice (often in each others’ basements) towards achieving a perfect lockstep whilst prancing in circles, wearing suspenders & little jingly bells. I see certain similarities with the more literate members of the Reichtwing, especially when it comes to circular choreography & those little tinny bells. Perhaps it would be possible to re-train some of the smarter Reichtards as Morris dancers? It would get them out in the healthful sunshine at least a few times each year, and would slightly improve their chances of achieving sexual congress with a willing partner who didn’t demand payment in advance…


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