We Never Would Have Anticipated This

From Little Green Footballs:

The Big Fish Got Away

The reports of the death of senior Al Qaeda freakazoid Fazul Abdullah Mohammed appear to have been premature: No top Al-Qaeda suspects killed in Somali air strike, says US official.

You don’t say.

Above: Chazmo Johnson apparently tried to block us again, but
the redirect page was honestly pretty hilarious (advantage: Chazmo).


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Is Chimpy McBunnypants going to unleash Karmageddon while the Malkintentsâ„¢ are in Baghdad?


How many times can you tout a killing over some second-rate terrorist, having smiteth him with righteous vengeance, only to learn you, ooops, missed?

This storyline’s getting a bit old. But they’re the Deciders so I best keep to myself and let them run the shop (into the ground).

Jeebus on a cracker, I want these crackpots gone as well, but reality’s a byatch. Do some RESEARCH before you declare them gone.
Or not. Vengeance is a dish best served with denial.


Is he holding a hot dog in his hand or something else? That can’t be his thumb.


“You are A Idiot”?

OK, then.


Shouldn’t Chaz the Spazz be wearing a white muscle shirt with a big red Templar cross on it?


That shirt is so awesome. And he’s all like, “Hey! Betcha can’t guess whether I’m wearing any pants!”

But how can we take him seriously(tm) with no beard?


oh, it’s his thumb. His magnificent, bulbous thumb, it reaches to the depths of my soul.


Would it be unsporting to point out that it should be “You are an idiot”?


I don’t like red backgrounds.

Not ever, really.

Let’s see … No.

I definitely have never liked red backgrounds.


Poor Chuckie, having to look at that everyday.


That ain’t no hot dog.


Was it another wedding cake and its party that got blasted?


That redirect is hypnotic, albeit unconvincing. I’ll never admit to you asserted idiocy! I SAY GOOD DAY!


and all this time i thought i was AN idiot


Maybe it’s a lower-case L, and he’s saying “You are Aldiot.”


Gah! Sweet deep fried jesus toast on a stick, put an epilepsy warning up before you do that again! I think my eyes are bleeding. Nyagh.


so… nice re-direct, if you don’t count atrocious grammar and the fact someone couldn’t take 10 minutes to construct a seamless loop…. che schifo!


Come on, he does these redirects as a public service.

To make sure nobody ends up in the bucket of shit that his blog by some kind of accident.


Man that guy could hitchhike, and the space shuttle would pull over and pick him up!


Trust me – you don’t want to know where that bulbous Thuringia has been.


Would it be unsporting to point out that it should be “You are an idiot�?

The only way it could be more perfect would be if it said “You Are A Moran!”

Oh, That's Just George

I own that very shirt… And I loved that shirt… Now I am filled with shame.
O, the Shirt-Shame!

Oh, That's Just George

And P.S.

For the record, I wore pants with me…

Oh, That's Just George

Oy, Me= mine.

Oh, That's Just George


I’m really Ann Althouse. Stop staring at my blouse.


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