Digby Nails It

This is really good.


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I loves me some Digby, I really do.


I think he’s right. Putting Iran on notice, litterally telling them he’s going to be killing their d00dz, putting in the phrase about dispatching another carrier group to the gulf, then a few hours later taking the Iranian consulate in Irbil. And now with Maliki’s blessing he’s going after a major Shi’a militia, the Mahdi Army. Tehran’s gonna LOVE that. So once the gloves are off and we’re fighting Shiites and not just Sunnis and jihadis, Tehran really will start making a contribution to support the Mahdi Army and Badr Corps, somebody will do something dramatic across a border and they’ll have their war with Iran. Digby’s not only right, he’s way faster than me – I’m still working on my blog post on the subject…



And we’re what, shocked? Good on Digby though for crystallizing it.

I would also recommend Juan Cole’s more recent entries. The man knows his stuff in detail…


Also, all these guys have been blathering on about a Great War of Civilizations, but that hasn’t happened yet. Guess what would lay the groundwork for such a generations-long, Crusade-like struggle? Yep: destabilizing the entire region.


Then there’s that shipping lane off the coast of the Horn of Africa. Where were those AQ guys we went after earlier this week?


Well, see post above.


That would change the subject next year. Remember, for the GOP, the only bad war is a lost war. We won’t have consensus on the loss of the Iran/Syria wars until well after Nov ’08.


That would change the subject next year.

Umm, actually it would only change one letter…



While we’re keeping tabs on potential opening gambits, any thoughts on the arrival of 24 F-16s, with supporting AWACs and air-refueling tankers, Thursday at Incirlik in Turkish Kurdistan?


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