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It’s a day spelled with a ‘y’ at the end, so there must be something silly going on over at Blogs For Bush.

Blogger Conference Call with Tony Snow
By Matt Margolis at 04:11 PM

A few moments ago, I participated in a blogger conference call with White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and Brett McGurk, Director for Iraq, National Security Council. They discussed President Bush’s speech on the way forward in Iraq and responded to our questions. Unfortunately, bad reception caused me to get disconnected from the call prior to my asking my question.

“Tony, as you know, Flopping Aces has reported that according to an email recieved from CPATT, the Associated-with-terrorists-Press may have has failed to reveal that ‘Jamil Hussein’ may in fact be a pseudonym, adding yet another fatal blow to the credibility of the MSM, in which case my question to you involves the role of the blogosphere in debunking the false news of so-called ‘violence in Iraq’ promulgated by the terror-sympathizing media, which… Hello? Hello, Tony, are you there?”

Actually, that doesn’t sound like Matt. It probably went like this:

“Oh Tony, I… [faints, wakes up twenty minutes later with the phone crooning a dial tone.]”

I will go into more depth on the call later, and link to other blogger participants’ accounts of the call as well. In the meantime, I have posted the White House fact sheet on The New Way Forward in Iraq in the extended entry.

Citizen-journalism is indeed sweeping the Internet. What’s interesting here is that Tony Snow and Brett McGurk took the time, on the day of a critical policy speech, to lay out the message for the right-blogowhoopties.

The red John Hinderaker LED is blinking madly on the operations board this evening… This portends some fun!


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I read that book. Jus sayin’.

P.S. I’m trademarking the term “Escalation Proclamationâ„¢”.


P.S. I’m trademarking the term “Escalation Proclamation”.

Go ahead. We don’t listen to hip-hop.


Congrats, Marita! Welcome back to teh real world. Such as it is.


Thanks! The real world is a bit frightening though. Apparently I’m meant to get something called a “job”. I’m still figuring out what that means.


The fact is, the speech will be a tremendous success and singing rebuke for the defeatocraps who won an election using lies. The people will not stand for losing in Iraq after all the sacrifices made so far. We must defeat terrorism, here and now, or lose forever.


I must also mention that the biased media is cupable, so the WHite House needs to go straight to patriotic bloggers to reach the silent minority who are nonetheless patriots.


Silent minority?

Is this a rare moment of honesty?


Looks like Gary started the drinking game early.


“Silent minority? Is this a rare moment of honesty?”

Half-truth. There is that “silent”.


Gary’s like the sports almanac in Back to the Future, except inverted; his every prognostication is exactly wrong. That’s still just as useful, though.

Gary, who will win the Super Bowl?


Yes, Jillian, silent minority. You know… mimes.

It all makes sense now, somehow, doesn’t it?


The fact is the Falcons will win the Super Bowl.


Raiders by 10. Anything less and the terrorists win forevar.


Ohio State is going to crush the Gators in the BCS. It will be a victory for Midwestern family values over liberal moral turpitude.


…the speech will be a tremendous success and singing rebuke…

To the tune of “The Final Countdown, so I hear.

…the biased media is cupable

I’m not going to cup any of them.

I think Gary’s keyboard is a bit sticky.

Smiling Mortician

the biased media is cupable

OK but Gary’s right about this. I find that of all the media, I most want to cup those that are biased, if you catch my drift.


Gary, they fired you. Stop defending your abusers.

Smiling Mortician

Dammit, Sam! Guess the standards for Speed-Keyboarding are a bit higher in Utah . . .


Guess the standards for Speed-Keyboarding are a bit higher in Utah . . .

Hell, what else do we have to do out here?


Citizen-journalism is indeed sweeping the Internet.

An Army of Davids . . . Frumming at the Mouth.


“The New Way Forward”? I call copyright infringement.


If someone hadn’t already written the Gary software, we’d have have to invent it. He’s too important a piece of my S,N! entertainment.


The fact is, you liberals wilt at my application of logic and facts. You refuse to debate me in the arena of reality, just namecalling and bias against truth and faith and freedom.


The fact is, you liberals wilt at my application of logic and facts. You refuse to debate me in the arena of reality, just namecalling and bias against truth and faith and freedom.

I love it. But I always have a sneaking suspicion it’s Gavin.


We wilt at your application of something, alright, sweet Gare-bear. Now tell us more about how cuppable we are…


Careful there, tigrismus, or you’ll be responsible for Gary ruining yet another keyboard.


I’m still chortling at the idea of a singing rebuke.

Anyone want to have a go at the lyrics?


Well, Dr. Marita ma’am, it’s obvious he’s very needy, and being liberals we’re all giving people, generous to a fault to those with such faults.

And I join in sending you congratulations, but do think carefully about getting what I hear folks call a “job.” It will cut into your troop-mocking gay-sex abortion-party time something fierce.


Tigrismus is right. However, not having a job carries the disadvantage of not being able to pay bills and buy beer.

Which degrades your otherwise extensive troop-mocking gay-sex cheese-eating-surrender-monkey abortion-party time.


Gavin is just jealous.

Smiling Mortician

Just for Gary, a singing rebuke, warbled by GWB on the topic of winning an election using lies::

Guys like me just seem to find out early how to open doors with just a dad.
My rich old man and I don’t have to worry. I’ll dress up all in butch and be so bad.
Late at night the big white house gets lonely, I guess every form of stupid has its price.
And it breaks your heart to think you had to suck up, to a momma’s boy with heart as cold as ice.
The people say they’ll go out for the evening to vote for an old friend who’s feeling down.
But I know where they’re going as they’re leaving, they’re headed for the lefty side of town.
They ‘caint abide my lying eyes, and my smirk is a thin disguise.
Guess I ought to realize, ain’t no time left to hide and fantasize.


Well done, Smiling Mortician!

I’ll be humming that one the whole time I’m trying to figure out why Gary thinks asserting wishful thinking is the same as an “application of logic and facts”.

Yup, it’s that catchy!


Wow, Mortician. That’s some heavy pie to slice.

Hope there’s some whipped cream to make up for it.

Smiling Mortician

This just in . . . GWB says “The situation in Iraq is unacceptable to the American people, and it is unacceptable to me.”

I’m sure the dead Iraqis are glad to hear it. Now if we could only solve the pernicious mystery of who’s to blame for all this unacceptability.


Gary, you constantly demonstrate your complete invulnerability to facts and logic.

so we leave you to your faith , your never-true ‘facts’ and your patriotism, as meager and narrow as they may be; we’re left with mockery. And pie.

Anyime you’re willing to go on a field of reality and logic, we’ll be here.


Unfortunately, bad reception caused me to get disconnected from the call prior to my asking my question.

Riight, bad connection. I’m sure Snow was on the other end going “Who’s on 4? Margolis? That asshole. No. Cut him loose. Lose him… what? …I know, and I already had my cock sucked once today. [vicious laughter] No thanks. Cut him the fuck loose.”

Principal Blackman

I think it’s great that most of the ads on B4B are for the upcoming Margolis/Noonan book. I further think it’s great that they are absolutely convinced that their book is going to scare Democrats rather than end up as part of a “three conservative books for $1” teaser at WorldNutDaily.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I must also mention that the biased media is cupable

I read this as a veiled threat from Gary to desanguinate the biased media:
Cupping was another method of bleeding a patient.


Perhaps a reference to cupable, Hewitt-like breasts?


I can’t find my ants. I feel very empty.


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