Why We Luv Ace’n’Pals

Just to add a bit to G-Spot’s piece on why we spend so much time mocking Ace of Spades & Friends.

It basically comes down to this, Ace: you guys are pure laugh-a-minute comedy gold. Be it hyping up laughably bogus terror alerts (“Arab guys are driving a truck somewhere! Holy shit!”), freaking out about crescent-shaped memorials, or giving Jeff Goldstein creepy man-love, y’all High Denizens of Ye Olde WingNet provide us with more laughs than a barrel full of gay, lactose-intolerant monkeys who wear funny hats. The fact you routinely get schooled by someone who calls himself “Retardo Montalban” only adds to the hilarity.


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What I love about Ace’s comments that rightwing blogs don’t post in response to leftwing ones is that it’s anti-tautological. The statement itself is a reaction to things posted elsewhere, and thus it disproves itself.


Yes, Ace’s response is akin to, “I don’t need a date for the prom- my mom already says I’m the handsomest guy in school.”


We’d go to Iraq to prove how great things are, but it’s too dangerous.


I will destroy you!


Uh Tucker never said that. That was an imposter.

I will destroy Araby.


Ah, yes, Nick, like when he spent all day commenting at TBogg’s about how his time was too precious to waste on talking about Lefty blogs. He really is a gift that keeps on giving. Like a listeria-contaminated Limburger.


There are perfectly serviceable antonyms of “tautological” that would apply nicely here, like “paradoxical” or “self-contradictory.”


What’s wrong with double-plus ungood adjectives?


Ha, Mr Altrocket (if that is indeed your real name), you reveal yourself as a lactase fascist. May you suffer inexplicable mild abdominal discomfort for a short time. Bastard.


Well, if it were merely ungood, that’d be just fine. Even plusungood might be barely tolerable. But if your adjectives are doubleplusungood, we’re just going to have to invade you and the rest of the Axis of Doubleplusungood, and liberate your vocabularies.


So, wait. This is a blog post about an earlier blog post that was about a blog post that is about a class of blog postings. This is so meta it’s making me dizzy.


So how would you feel if I left a comment about your comment about a blog post about an earlier blog post that was about a blog post that is about a class of blog postings?


Ooh ooh ooh, dibs on HE’s wallet!


Wooooah, that’s DEEP…


Ha ha! No one can access Freedom Camp or 3Bulls! because we’re getting so much Tucker Carlson traffic… Damn. I can’t even update.


So, teh l4m3, you went and broke digby, too?

P.S. The shlubs filling in for the anchor baby are still whining about Jamil and A.P. Meanwhile, they linked to this story.


And tbogg….HTTP 500 – Internal server error


Okay, you broke another one. First Goldstien, then Ace, Althouse, and now A’hole Annie and her sidekick Gimpy. I swear, if you kids don’t take better care of your toys, I’m gonna give ’em all to Goodwill.


WRT the matter referred to at 18:14 by ifthethunderdon’tgetya:

Fucking Blogspot.


No, no… meta would be: posting a comment about the process of creating an RDFS-expressed ontology for the common elements, modifiers and forms used in typical SadNo satirical critiques of right-wing batshittiness.

Problem is, the more meta you get the further you get from poop jokes, and standards must be maintained.


All this meta for has been said before.


What’s the difference between ‘going meta’ and ‘one enormous recursive circle-jerk’?


WRT the matter referred to at 19:01 by AshPlant:

Whether or not you’re in the circle.


Many blogs appear to be broken. This is seriously disarranging my routine. I demand reparations in the form of catnips, tuna and worship.

Also, have Mehitabel the Abyssinian groomed and brought to my tent.


Or all pies will bear the footprints of Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles. I’m not kidding. I have big feet, too.


There are perfectly serviceable antonyms of “tautological� that would apply nicely here, like “paradoxical� or “self-contradictory.�

Neither of those is totally sufficient, IMO. An anti-tautological is its own disproof, rather than merely containing contradictory elements.

Besides which, I just spoke to my thesaurus, and you’re totally an impostor. You’re actually Ann Althouse.


Wonkette is is working, kitty cat. So is TPM.


Oh no! Tuckbag and Ann are hanging together. Sure hope they don’t bump into Chuckles.


enormous recursive circle-jerk

Would a circle jerk be an example tail recursion? Or would a daisy chain be a better one?


um, “of.” Sheesh.


The infinite number of monkeys who run blogspot appear to have fucked up again.


“‘…it was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times’?!!”


I only go to Ace’s site because of his slick, professional-looking logo.


There was a time when I was logical and focused as you are
I was like you
There was a day when I just had to try to make some sense
I was like you
Now I don’t mean to miss the point
But I just smoked this honkin joint

Have you never been meta?
Have you never tried to speak to process all inside?
Have you never found topics outside of logic’s fence?
Have you never let someone else make sense?

Topical posting as you do makin’ points and shit like that
I was like you
Never had time to look down, get all self-referential on your ass
I was like you
Now you’re not hard to understand
But I’m the most confusing in the land

Have you never been meta?
Have you never tried to find a view from way outside?
Have you never been happy with your circular logic?
Or does all this meta make you sick?

–Olivia Newtron Bomb


James Wolcott’s blog is working. And he made a poop joke.

Shorter James Wolcott: Pajamas Media! hahahahahahaha!


I’m not ashamed to admit I’m slightly lost, and a slice of apple you know what (a la mode) would do me good.
Speaking of which, the church I attend, for it’s audio/visual sequence (the contemporary service) featured the video ” A Change Would DoYou Good” from Sheryl Crow.
I thought it was a very relevant message, and a cool way to convey it in church (Presbyterian).
The minister lost it, requesting that the particular video never be shown again. Guess he wasn’t present at that meeting. But funny stuff.
At least if you were there.
Carry on.


I’d just like to point out that Ace is not Ann Althouse. At least I don’t think he is.


My RSS feed claims this post was posted by Ann Althouse at 9:11 AM. How very… odd.


Why do you hate me? I just want to dance.


Tucker Carlson dances like his feet hate him and want him to fall.

Or…you know the movie “Jackass”? The part where the guy wraps the toy car in a condom and….inserts it? And then goes to the radiologist for an x-ray?

Tucker dances like that guy walked.


Maybe this post is the begining of a blogosphere ouroboros where each blog entry begets another blog entry which then consumes the original entry. Maybe that’s why all those other blogs are down. They’ve already meta-blogged themselves into a singularity.


Mikey’s making feel all old and shit. But web crush nonethesame. Okay, there must be a language in which nonethesame is a word. Or, you know, nevertheless, for the more conventional. Conventional in the sense of sober and not losing one’s mind to the ravages of middle age. Like that.


I never meta for I didn’t like.


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