Adieu Bérubé

Til we meet again

So today’s the last day of this humble blog’s existence—though I hear there might be some fireworks here tomorrow (and of course I’ll keep all the archives available). Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by in the past week to pay respects, offer condolences, ask me to keep at it, or just say hello.

Above: In the jungle, the quiet jungle, David Horowitz sleeps tonight


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This sucks. During the next RNC, I’ll actually have to read Roger Simon. He will be missed.


Thanks to Sadly, No! and their blog award campaign, I started reading Le Blogue Bérubé. I wish I had found it sooner. Thanks, gang!


Figures, he leaves just after he beat us in the weblog awards, afraid of a rematch. :p


But who will continue the pioneering work in Dangeral Studies?


As I commented at the Accented One’s place: We Are All Sad Nuclear Fireball Now.

Thanks again, doc.


First Billmon, now Berube… WTF?

And where the Hell is Retardo?

Are we going to have to render Digby, Greenwald, Neiwart, and the remaining SadNoistanians to an island somewhere, just to keep ’em from wandering off, too?


I left a fabulously embarrassing comment there once, so if the whole comments section gets erased that’d be swell.

On the other hand nearly everything he wrote was entertaining. Is he quitting because of tendonitis?


Well, fuck.




And thus we see, once the initial goals of the revolution are achieved, the first wave of leaders, stalwart wise elders, step down and leave the next generation to pick up where they left off…

Standing on the shoulders of giants, indeed. we must try harder to live up to the examples set by such luminaries.

Fewer poop jokes, please.


Fewer poop jokes, please.

This is Sadly, No!, ya know…



Heh heh.



Now he’ll have more time to dedicate to his fifth column activities especially corrupting the minds of America’s youth.


The combination of Shrillness, poop jokes, and snickering a desperately dumb wingnuts is the three-legged stool supporting our great republic.


Heh. Kingubu said ‘stool’.

Heh heh.


Just be thankful I didn’t work in a David Corn reference in there, thunder. You know, for texture.


Poop and Repoop are in a boat. Poop falls out. Who’s left?

Ronzoni Rigatoni

First Bilmon, then Bérubé, then Kevin Hayden, then Tom Watson. Where does it end??? Is Blogtopia (thanks, Skippy) going extinct?


kingubu said: “Are we going to have to render Digby, Greenwald, Neiwart, and the remaining SadNoistanians to an island somewhere, just to keep ‘em from wandering off, too?”

Don’t know if that’d work… Neiwert would just build a kayak out of a bunch of coconuts and make good his escape (probably with an assist from a friendly pod of orca).

Smiling Mortician

probably with an assist from a friendly pod of orca

I suspect we’ll need that to get out of most of the messes we’re in about now. Anybody here have an in with Teh Killahs?


And Fafblog. What’s wrong with the world?


He’s leaving to re-commandeer Das Boot.


It really hurts to lose 2 of our finest political blogs in a 2 wk. span as Billmon announced he was ending his blog just before the New Year.

I’m sure they both have great projects in the offing that they’ll be able to work on now that they’re not blogging. But it still leaves the rest of us sad.


That was funny, aa (I mean it).

I love Berube. I loved him when he was at his most elliptical. It always felt like he was give a coversational lecture, but not in a lecturing way, more like you were sitting in a cozy chair, and you just got the benefit of watching someone express themselves (very well) and get the chance to understand how someone very smart likes to think and look at the world. He’s a champ.

Hate Encrusted Eyes

A guy like Billmon should have a syndicated column. In a world of merit he would, but in our world or corporate lickspittles we have to settle for David “biased” Brooks and George “workhouses” Will. Not to mention clowns like Joe “don’t know” Klein.
Such a fallen world we live in.


Yes. I wish he would reconsider. But quitting while you’re ahead is a good strategy.


Berube’s just leaving the blog to go directly to the people with the message of the We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party. He’ll travel the country and the world like, uh, Godot or something, or that guy that band that split up awhile back did a cover song honoring–you know what I mean, right? Grapes of Wrath, Rage Against the Machine–that guy whose name I always forget. Berube will be that guy. Don’t mourn, organize! Or joke!


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