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I’m afraid Two-Minute Townhall will remain on hiatus for at least another week, as I’m in Minnesota training for my new job. I hope to return to my regular schedule in another week or so.


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Travis has a job? But I thought he was a liberal?


Lol, jpj.

Damn Travis, you tricked me into clicking on powerline. Teh Stupids are trying to explain to themselves why 2004 wasn’t a complete blowout for Dumbya.


Travis is on a high priority mission to Minnesota, wearing a beard, a turban and carrying Michael Moore’s copy of the Q’uran; hoping to scare Jim Lileks back under the bed so Lileks won’t blog anymore.


I look forward to far shorter posts at Powerline.

Smiling Mortician

Lileks won’t blog anymore.

Oh, if wishing made it so. Godspeed, Travis!




I’m thinking that DA, as the rookie front pager, oughta have to read all the townhall crap and do the shorters…



Yeah, the tools needed to juggle their lineup. Who’d they give up in the trade?


Back when they changed the blogue, we mere mortals lost the ability to close tags. So I’m just gettin’ in touch with my inner italix-american.

P.S.Blue Texan at Greenwald’s place is looking for words to describe instaputz.


Damn. I used 2 slash i’s to start the post, and the italix-americans are gone. *sniff* I didn’t mean to hurt nobody!


moving to the twin cities? fer real? coming to drinking liberally, then?


You fucker, tricking me into clicking on Powerline. If you’re really coming to MN, I’ll buy you a Summit EPA or 10.


AAAAH! It’s Powerline, and they can’t even spell Senator Obama’s first name correctly! AAAAH!


I hear Powerline pays the federal minimum wage, which is around $5/hour. But they supply lots of long large Offal-Dogs on sticks to make up for it.


hey, isn’t Fargo in Minnesota?


Oh no! Whatever will we do without your lame townhall crap??

I am crying so hard!!!!! Waaaahhhh, waaaaahhhh!!!!


You bastard…sending me to powerline…but I was glad to see there was a link to a John Keegan article…the neo-cons obviously didn’t read the whole thing through since he has more that three caveats in there about the problems that a ‘surge’ could have.
It woulda been nice if Rove/Bush et al had actually read one or two of Keegan’s books…but then if they’d read ANY FUCKING HISTORY we wouldn’t be in this mess.


So this is how it is, your life comes first now?

You used to be cool man.


I am crying so hard!!!!! Waaaahhhh, waaaaahhhh!!!!

That’s the new Republican motto, right?

For someone who hates everything posted here, Annie sure does spend a lot of time on this site. Feel free to leave anytime. Get a job or something.


But if you move to Powerline, how will we take you seriously? Just join Pajamas Media.


Powerline: “The Empire Builder, Count Basie and the Prom are all gone now…”

These guys are ALWAYS wrong! The Empire Builder still runs from Chicago to Seattle and Portland. Idiots, pure unalloyed ignoramuses.

Have fun working with them.


A job??? Me??? No way in Hell, baby. I’m too hot to work, that’s what men are for.

I’m NEVER leaving. 🙂


You’re going to The Mall of America, right?

Say hi to Snoopy for me!


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