Still Carey after all these years

Along the lines of NYSOC, here comes Grand Papa Roberts to reveal that the Republicans lost the 2006 elections because of “feminist operatives” on Bush’s team:

White men represent 45 million of the U.S. electorate. In 2000, 60% of them pulled the handle for George W. Bush. In 2004 Bush fared even better, winning 62% of the white male vote. In both elections, it was this group that allowed Mr. Bush to grab the brass ring.

But then Mr. Bush looked the other way as feminist operatives throughout his administration stiff-armed this key electoral block.

So you know this is for real, Carey links to this piece which reveals that John Bolton’s press aide was Peggy “Sister of John” Kerry. Clearly, UN press aides yield a lot more power than most people think!

Recently (Dr. Mark) Klein ran a full-page advertisement in the Washington Times, complaining that the Republican party is “totally in the back pocket of radical feminists.”

Also, Democrats are totally in Pat Robertson’s back pocket.

Klein’s message resonates deeply with many disaffected Americans.

Nothing like that 125-149 male demographic.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine a more inept political strategy.

Ah! I see you have the machine that goes “ping.” *


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…dream up a campaign theme of gender “empowerment”

Yeah, the Republicans shouldn’t used “gender empowerment” as their slogan for the ’06 campaign.


*shouldn’t have used

We don’ need no stinkin’ preview button…


Seriously, was this guy molested by his aunt when he was young or something?


Really. Even the crochety old bastard down the street only chases the BOYS off his lawn…



…But then Mr. Bush looked the other way as feminist operatives throughout his administration stiff-armed this key electoral block.

(someone’s gotta say it) Is Carey suggesting that Mr. Bush was cock-blocked?

Karatist Preacher

Carey is a bit conflicted; after all he has written numerous times about the young girls (and their restroom) at his local mall.


He also has a thang for teenage girls (thems being the ones in the prime of their sexuality, according to the perverted geezer).
Someone tell this milkshake to step away from the keyboard and go feed the pigeons at the park.
Wait, I take it back. I need the damn laughs.


Should be “press aides **w**ield a lot more power… “, not “yield”.

I can’t believe I’m nitpicking a Sadly, No! post. You guys are my heroes. Every coffee and snot stain on my monitor is tribute to your greatness.


So, feminist infiltrators went and wussed up W’s administration, thereby causing legions of appalled white males to…go and vote for Hitlery Kkklinton’s Democratic Party?



No, FMguru.

Feminist infiltrators went and wussed up W’s administration, therefore bad thing happened.

No fair using logickery.

a different brad

Carey Roberts makes me wish Mr Show still existed so they could use him instead of senator tankerbell. Crotchety old men who lack self-awareness and hate women for reminding them how impotent they are need representation from places besides the pulpit, so those of us who don’t participate in group superstitions can get our laughs, too.


Carey writes, “I’ve spoken with a lot of Republican women over the years…..
Not a single one has mentioned to me a secret yearning to become ’empowered.'”

I’ll bet they haven’t. I’ll bet they’ve just slowly backed away while wiping his spittle from their faces.


While praying that it really was spittle.


How many women has he spoken to in the last, oh, six decades? Easy. How many times has he been maced?



I heart Sen Tankerbell as well as the poobox/Button Gwinnett sketch


“White men…pulled the handle…grab the brass…Bush’s…stiff…block”

I’m thinking he likes his coffee black and strong.


Feminists huh? That’s just what the Lavender Mafia at the highest levels of the republican party wants us to think!


Hey, can I get out of Pat Robertson’s back pocket, now? It smells like open ass mixed with gardenias up in this place.


See? We knew the Republicans couldn’t have lost the election because of the administration’s horrific policies of bloodshed and torture. Or corruption and pork. Or ignorance and arrogance.
It has to be the secret courting of feminists. Even though it was secret. And no one had ever heard anything about it until Grandpa came along and alerted every white male that the real reason they didn’t vote GOP-all-the-way in 2006 was because some uppity women want equal pay or something.
It’s all out in the open now. We may as well confess.


p.s. Thanks to jaybee. That wield/yield thing was bugging me too.


Umm….is he nuts?

Sorry, you’re not going to get any serious scholarship from me, because I’m sipping my after-work cocktail and surfing the internet, but even a casual reading of him can’t hide the following weird contradictions in his column:

1) I’ve spoken with lots of Republican women over the years… running their own businesses…not a single one has mentioned to me a secret yearning to become “empowered.” Um, Carey, that’s because they already fucking ARE empowered, if they are running their own businesses…..Idiot.

2) Some 20 million disenfranchised parents — mostly dads — have lost their children to divorce…. go see Blood Diamond. This movie is not just about pilfered gems, it’s also the saga of a father in search of his lost children. This fucker uses an action movie about lawless mercenaries in Sierra Leone as a parable about divorce in the US?

3) So how is the party of Lincoln going to turn things around?…First, stop taking the male electorate for granted. Establish an outreach team to bring disgruntled men back into the fold. Ri-i-ight. Because there aren’t enough men in the Republican party.

And please, the thing about Peggy Kerry working in Bolton’s office? Well — two things. ONE – She’s a supporter of the other one of the two major political parties in this country. Whooo!!! Scarey!!!!!! Yow!!!!! and TWO – she answers Bolton’s PHONE!!! Yikes, scarey! What a powerful position!!! Who knows, maybe she’ll start acting rude, and chewing gum, and placing conservatives on endless hold, which will bring down the administration!!!!!!

And is it just me, or does Carey Roberts remind you all of Junior Soprano?


g- that’s great. Yup, let’s make the Republican Party the political affiliation for disgruntled white guys.

Seriously, that’s a sure way to guarantee a permanent Democratic majority.

Smiling Mortician

It’s not the equal pay, Punkinsmom. It’s the UNISEX BATHROOMS! Just ask Phyllis Schlafly.


I think “yeild” actually does work. I mean, “wield” would have been the BETTER choice, but if you look at in terms of context that a “yield” is also the measurement of the destructive power of a bomb (say, and nuclear one) it kinda sorta works…


it’s the FRONT pocket where the radical feminist action is.


You just know Carey really would like some woman to stiff arm his electoral block.


>>Ah! I see you have the machine that goes “ping.� *

Hate Encrusted Eyes

Papa Roberts reeks of homosexuality. Men men men men men. It’s all about the men and stiff electoral blocks. Typically Republican.


Next, dream up a campaign theme of gender “empowerment”

Well, SOMEONE dreamed up a campaign theme of gender empowerment. I don’t recall seeing one in real life, certainly not last year, certainly not by Republicans.


Carey: To borrow one of my mother’s favorite lines, “What were you thinking?”

Ok, I have to assume from the photograph that Carey is at least eighty years old. Which means he was born in 1926 or earlier.

Assuming his mother was at least eighteen years of age when he was born, Mother Carey was born in 1908 or earlier.

My father was born in 1920, and although he is making tentative forays into the internet, he has not come up with the “what were you thinking” verbiage. I remember my father’s mother, and my mind boggles at the idea of her rapping out the “What were you thinking?” phrase.

What do you think Mr. Carey’s mother’s favorite lines really were?


Do we want to know what’s going on in all those back pockets?
Dear readers, I think not.


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