New Year, Same Old Crap

Cliff “Friend of Youppi” Kincaid figures he’s caught Osbama* in a flip-flop-flaperoo:

Having said that he opposed the war in the first place, he now favors “a phased redeployment of American troops from Iraqi soil.” But he doesn’t provide any details.

Yes, because if you opposed the war the last thing you would favor is getting the troops out of Iraq. And if only he provided more details like, “we are winning” or “we will see this through.”

Kincaid adds, in the same article, written on December 29, 2006:

He had wanted this “drawdown” to begin by 2006. Now he wants the “drawdown” in 2007.

Right, Obama probably forgot all about his time travel machine and superhero powers which would have allowed him to have such a “drawdown” begin in the last 48 hours of the year.

PS: Frist in 2007! Suckers!

* Damn you, Colt 45. (Twice, argh!)


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He had wanted this “drawdown� to begin by 2006. Now he wants the “drawdown� in 2007.

Dear god. I had hoped that the stupid might burn a little less in 2007.

If this article is any indication, we’ll need a fucking burn ward.


Sadly, No! is now owned by Time Warner? Who knew?

Does this mean we at least get a ‘Hotties of CNN’ one month calendar?


It’s possible there’s makeup in my eye or my brain is completely fried from 80s music, but you’re talking about Obama, right? Cause you’ve used a curious spelling, and I’m in Illinois right now where we’re sensitive about stuff like that. Alright, fading back into the woodwork now where I belong.


You said “Osama”. But it’s Obama! Don’t do me like dat!


Thanks for the clarification, guys. I was having a terrible confusion. Not enough that I was willing to click the wingnut link and figure it out, but pretty bad. Now I get it…



You are clever, sir. Very sly.


CNN, Sadly No, what’s the diff?

Worf Blister apologized…


Osama, Obama, there’s the name “Hussein” involved in both so it’s all the same, right?
Oh, that’s right. No Hussein in 9/11. But he was eeevil!!!
Wait, damn. We made sure a kangaroo court sentenced him to death before any charges of chemical genocide emerged, lest The Don Of Rumsfeld and others (Bush the First, Cheney, etc) be yanked into the limelight of the trial.
I shed no tears for the hanging. But Christ on a Cracker were they in a hurry to make sure any crimes he committed in cooperation with us were NOT put into the scrutiny of daylight. WAAAYY convenient.
Sleep well, Donny, Karl and Georgie. There is either hell or karma awaiting you, and I relish the thought.


You know, I wanted to buy a motorcycle in 2006….

It takes a serious denial of reality to refuse to accept the fact that it is now 2007, and this actually prevents me from buying one in 2006.

I think the long term goal of the right wingnutosphere (in the face of last year’s series of stomach-churning catastrophes) is now to present the reality based opposition with a series of talking points, arguments, and articles of such awe inspiring goggle-bomb stupidity that it leaves us standing and unable to act, simply stunned to immobility by the genetic level idiocy.

I’ve often said it, you canNOT argue with logic like that.


The traitorous swine (not to mention terrorist abetting scumbag)! He’s just tring to extract information by being clever! Thank The General that you could detect his islamofascista ways!

His logic does leave something to be desired….


Dammit, it just goes to show you that the defeatocrats hate America sooo much that they are unwilling to use their time machines and super powers to defeat the terrorists. Next thing you know, they will also refrain from using their magic to increase the attack roll to 2d +6.


Wow, this guy is a “veteran” journalist? He writes like a whole bucket of stupid was poured on his head. And I love all the titles ringing the commentary. “How the UN is going to rule the world”, “Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences” ~ are those his crackpot kookbooks?


“pffff, that rube Obama. First he wanted to escape from this burning house through the front door, but NOW he wants to escape through the side window, since the front door is on fire. What’s it gunna be, Mr. Obama? Why can’t you be steadfast in your choices?”


Relax, defeatunists. Teh General has the answer: 1000 Cubit, Laser Eye Jesus will save the day.


“What’s a cubit?”


Look, Obama is skinny. That means that, unlike the buff prezident codpiece, Obama could not go to Iraq and singlehandedly take out both Al-Sadr and the insurgency. Bush could. he’s like Rambo n shit, with exploding arrows and the rest. Furthermore, only effete liberal elite bicoastal types are skinny in america today, tweakers aside. I once heard that an arab owned a gym in Queens for a while, clearly proving the health craze is a slippery slope towards fasting for Ramadan. Not changing Hussein to “America, Fuck Yeah” following 9/11 shows us where Obama’s loyalties lie, and his acceptance of the laws of time and space as governing our response to our mistaken invasion of Iraq is further proof he’s stuck in a pre-9/11 mindset.


It’s not just that this Obsama Hussein “person” flip flops around. It’s that he does so in a consistent fashion, always seeking the same sort of logical, rational objective! This is obviously evil. If he were white, it would be merely traitorous.

(ps. none of this applies if you’re Republican. Then it’s steadfast, manly and resolute. Plus sexy, smart and likely profitable. Plus strong. And manly again.)


While he admitted that he has “neither the expertise nor the inclination to micro-manage war from Washington,” he said he wanted to “reduce the U.S. military footprint in Iraq.”….

Which makes you wonder if this guy knows what “micro-manage” means…


Kincaid’s middle name is Eichmann-bin-Mao and he was conceived by three mommies who were illegal Polish welfare queens selling nuclear secrets to the Dutch, so he’s obviously not credible.


* Damn you, Colt 45.

Now, that just can’t be. Colt .45 works every time.


Damn you, Colt 45.

Umm, would that be Long Colt or ACP?



This is getting out of hand. I’m sorry but the only solution to this is for Obama to change his name. My suggestion is Fred Nascar Smith.
I also considered ‘American’ as the middle name. It has nice campaign slogan possibilities (‘my opponent is anti-american’).


What’s a cubit?

Darn Bill Cosby missed his chance to ask about the dinosaurs. Guess I’ll have to wait until Marie Jon’ stops by again.


Darn Bill Cosby missed his chance to ask about the dinosaurs. Guess I’ll have to wait until Marie Jon’ stops by again.

The dinosaurs didn’t have a good answer for “How long can you tread water?”

That’s probably what MJ’ would tell us, anyway.

Smiling Mortician

Having said that he opposed the war in the first place, he now favors “a phased redeployment of American troops from Iraqi soil.� But he doesn’t provide any details.

Oh, it’s details he wants?

Plan 1: Do the Bewitched nose-twitch (tinka-tinka-tee!) and take us back to March 18, 2003. Don’t invade. Problem solved.

Plan 2 (for those who are objectively anti-witchcraft): Bring home all military personnel with last names beginning A-F February 1, 2007. G-L come home March 1, 2007. M-R come home April 1, 2007. S-Z come home May 1, 2007 and we all have a big May Day party.

There. Details. Bite me, Cliff.


[…] And tbogg and Sadly, No are on a tear, too. Good to see the break has treated everyone well. Carry on. […]


He had wanted this “drawdown� to begin by 2006. Now he wants the “drawdown� in 2007.

Manager: We’ll make up your bill right now sir.
Customer: No! I don’t want it now. I wanted it fifteen minutes ago. What sort of establishment are you running here where you don’t want money? I’ve got no complaints with the food. The food was exquisite. It’s the *bill* that I’ve got my problems with.

Last year, you see, Cliff would have been perfectly willing to go along with the redeployment. But it’s too late, it’s 2007. What kind of pacifists are you that you don’t want him to agree with you?


“PS: Frist in 2007! Suckers!”

Frist/Rice ’08!


Rice/Santorum – Forward Together…That Way!


You’ll get your water, Patkin. How long can you tread in it?

P.S. Rice-Santorum – the San Francisco Treat!


“Voo-bah… Voo-bah… Voo-bah…”


Marge: Then I’m afraid we’ll just have to give up the pony!
Homer: First you didn’t want me to get the pony. Now you want me to take it back! Make up your mind!


This blog is dead.


As the Police once said in the song, “Spirits in the Material World,”: …there is no political solution, to our troubled evolution….” I am extremely optimistic as I face 2007, but none of my optimism is grounded upon hopes that any of the presidential hopefuls will make my future any brighter. The only thing that will bring a

Future to Behold
Dr. BLT (c) 2006

is a world-wide spiritual renewal. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I’m really confused now. Isn’t Tora Bora a suburb of Chicago?


Okay, you know how Atrios and whoever has been saying for weeks now that McCain has been hinging his ’08 Presidential run on calling for more troops in Iraq and Bush not sending any, thus distancing himself from the President and allowing himself to say, “we would have won if we did MY plan.”
I think all the rest of the Republicans just figured that out, and have twisted it a little.
Now that the Dems have retaken Congress, Bush and the ’08 campainge strategists can propose all the troop increases they want, and hope that the Dems either demand a timetable for that deployment or, better yet, refuse to fund it all together, allowing the entire Republican ticket to claim that we “lost” because they were not listened to.


Gitz ’em ev’ry time…


I only hope that a serious investigation into the thuggish execution of Osama bin Laden will… oh, right. Never mind.


Some Guy’s analysis is probably right regarding McCain and the parties, and it’s sick and sad that our troops are being used as pawns in the blame game.

Oh, and welcome back, Doc. The trolls here lately haven’t had any panache.


“This blog is dead.”

Sadly no dear…you’re thinking of your cooter.


So what about .45 WinMag Mikey??


My suggestion is Fred Nascar Smith.
I also considered ‘American’ as the middle name.

“Fred American Smith” is good, but nothing screams red, white AND blue-blooded American like “Floyd Alvis Cooper.”

Tara the anti-social social worker

Great plan, bobcn. I’d go with “American Nascar Smith.”

My own plan is to change my name to “None of the Above” and make sure I get placed at the bottom of the ballot.


Sadly no dear…you’re thinking of your cooter.

Isn’t everyone?


My own plan is to change my name to “None of the Above� and make sure I get placed at the bottom of the ballot.

Make it “Noneof Theabove.” That way you can pull in the Slavic vote.


[…] Along the lines of NYSOC, here comes Grand Papa Roberts to reveal that the Republicans lost the 2006 elections because of “feminist operatives” on Bush’s team: White men represent 45 million of the U.S. electorate. In 2000, 60% of them pulled the handle for George W. Bush. In 2004 Bush fared even better, winning 62% of the white male vote. In both elections, it was this group that allowed Mr. Bush to grab the brass ring. […]


mmmlemonheads: The only reason I’m responding is that it would be rude to receive such a gracious welcome, and then ignore it. Thank you for welcoming me, but one of my New Years resolutions this year is to give up trolling. I only stop by sites like this one, where I have a history of trolling now and then to say hello to the friends I’m made here, and to drop a song or two. HAPPY NEW YEAR!




[in advance, I know I tend to swear a lot around here, and don’t hesitate a moment to drop an f-bomb or two, but this fairly demands harsh language. sorry]

Wot the FUCK is this steaming pile talking about‽‽ Is he HIGH ‽ Did someone recently hit him in the head with a mallet? I mean, sure, he seems like a deranged cartoon character, but he is really, arguably, a human being to whom mallet hits are… unhealthy. I can go on… did someone drop a hair drier or a radio (wall-plug type) into the bathtub with him? While he was bathing? Um, when he was a-borning, did the OBY-GYN wear KY-LubriGloves and keep dropping him on his head and reeling him back in by his umbillical cord?….


Oops. Misspelled “umbilical.” Heh.


Right. To show how serious I am, I hereby pledge to give up all sex AND liquor for the remainder of 2006. Yep, for the whole rest of the year. Every month, week, and day that remains. Every. Single. One. No booze. No screwing. Nada. Zero, zip, zilch.

What’s that, you say?
Oh… really?

Well, then.
I’m outta here.


[reposted… in the correct thread this time]

Hey, hi, Doc! Howzit hanging? We got strikethru text down here in comments since last time you were lurking about these waters, and since Sadly, No! moved over to using WordPress.
And a Happy New 2 U, too!


Cliff sees this as indicative of major character flaws. He’s positive about this, as evidenced by this e-mail exchange:

From: Cliff Kincaid []
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 11:06 AM
To: (me)
Subject: RE: Obama flip-flop

No, it’s a function of the fact that no one takes him seriously, and that he changes his mind when things don’t work out his way.

Sent: Wed 1/3/2007 9:32 AM
To: Cliff Kincaid
Subject: Obama flip-flop
“He had wanted this “drawdown” to begin by 2006. Now he wants the “drawdown” in 2007.â€?

That may be a function of the passage of time between the two statements. It is the end of the year.


By the way, I enjoyed his repetition of my “function of” phrase. It was just sooo 4th grade, it really brought me back to a more innocent place and time. Thanks, Cliff.


My god, I laughed so hard at this entry, I scared the cats. I’m going to have to check into this blog more often. It’s hilarious!


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