Sunday Nu Year’s Eve Football Thread

Quick sports thread below el fold-o:

1.) Nice work, Detroit Lions. You won a meaningless victory at the end of the season that cost you the #1 overall pick in the draft next April. Effin’ brilliant. Now poor Brady Quinn will get stuck in Oakland, which has one of the very worst offensive lines I have ever seen.

But hey, I’m sure Matt Millen can draft another wide receiver for Jon Kitna to throw to.

2.) The Pats finished at 12-4. Not too shabby. Now if only Peyton & Pals can cough up another game today, we’ll have the third seed going into next week and will get to face to J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS instead of the Broncos, who scare the crap out of me.

3.) Speaking of the Jets… wow, good work d00dz. You and the Saints and the Titans are the biggest surprises this year.

4.) The Colts are going to get positively smoked in the playoffs. If they make it to play the Chargers, then L.T. will roll over their pathetic run defense.

5.) What an awful collapse by the Bengals. I can’t wait to see how many of them get arrested this offseason.

6.) God do I hate the Cowboys. Well actually, I kinda like a lot of individual players on the team (Romo and Ware come to mind), but T.O. cancels them all out. Maybe I’ll like the ‘Boys better next year when Owens gets stuck watching Brady Quinn get sacked in Oakland.

That is all. Discuss.


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Karatist Preacher

I’ve never known why Patriot fans have such a hang-up about Indy…act like you’ve been there before – you have.


Happy New Year, Brad.

Crawford, where you all let Sheehan be turned into an insane joke. When she kills herself you can all make nice posts aobut her. So don’t feel too bad.


I’m just statin’ a fact. Indy has one of the worst run defenses of all time. The only way they can win is when Peyton simply dominates the other team’s secondary (and let’s face it, that happens a lot… the guy is unreal). I don’t think the Chargers are a good match-up for the Colts. They have a dominant running game, and Merriman will create absolute havoc in the pass rush.

Karatist Preacher

yeah, agreed – LT will run over, around and through them.

Is Merriman going to be around for the playoffs?


Thanks to Detroit, my Birds can rest their starters. Though AJ Feely looks as good as 2003 😀


Not sure. Did he just get injured or something?

Also, Denver scares me. Even with Jake Plummer.


I’m happy for the Eagles. They’ve been through a lot and, honestly, I think they can make it to the Super Bowl since the NFC completely sucks eggs.

Teams most likely to win the Super Bowl, in this order:


No other team really has a shot. Whomever wins the AFC Championship game will likely win it all.

Karatist Preacher

I’d read that Merriman couldn’t practice but it looks like it was just a ‘headache’ – wish I could get out of work for that.


Jay Cutler is Denver’s starter, Brad, so Plummer’s irrelevant.

Pats play the Chiefs if the Niners hang on.

And come one, Miami, how ’bout a miracle?


Eagles likely to win the Super BOWL? U are insane Brad R (of course I have convinced myself the Cowboys did not lose today but rather took a very long time out and we we will win the game any minute now………*sigh*)


Rest easy, Bradrocket, as my lowly forty niners disregarded your disregard and sent denver home for another year. So raise a glass west tonite,ok?



Here’s the thing about the Lions’ win. 1st pick, 2nd pick, 15th pick, as long as Matt Millian is doing the picking it won’t really matter. Better to have the good feeling today then the dread that the fans would feel for the next couple of months wondering how the organization would fuck up the #1 pick…


Mikey – the Niners have to be the early (like, comically early) favorites to win the NFC West next season. Hope they can pick up a top-tier wideout and some defensive backfield help in the offseason.



Why is John Madden sucking Bret Farvre’s dick again?


Now poor Brady Quinn will get stuck in Oakland, which has one of the very worst offensive lines I have ever seen.

Why is there all this love for a quarterback who has never beaten a team that finished the year in the top 25? A quarterback who disappears every time he faces a decent defense? A quarterback who has never led Notre Dame…

…Notre Dame. I think I just answered my own question.


Spring Training is only 6 weeks away!!!! (well, the Bungals are out it so I don’t care anymore).


This has not been a bad season at all for a 49ers fan. First, I was dreaming of 8 and 8, but hoping for, like, 4 and 12. Now we end up with 7 and 9, and amid the several blowouts, there were some close games. And mostly, they never stopped trying, right down to a long overtime in the cold, at altitude.

Which reminds me of a question I’ve wanted to ask: isn’t it really hard to play in Denver? I mean, the Broncos would have somewhat of an advantage, in that they play there more often, and train there. But it’s not like they all grew up there, or even live in the area in the off-season.

Do players in Denver (home and away teams) depend on extra oxygen on the sidelines? Are most professional athletes fit enough to only be slightly impaired by the altitude? Am I the biggest baby of all time for having to pace myself whenever I visit Denver? I’m pretty fit, in a middle-aged, unprofessional way, but I wimp out quickly when I’m running around while I’m a mile up.

And do people who’ve become totally acclimated to living at high altitude get supercharged at sea level? Or is the advantage offset by the smothering humidity?

This is an important question, so that’s why I’m not out partying. Yis.


Sharon – check in with ESPN in 2036 for “The Neverending Brett Favre Hagiography: The Adult Diaper Years”.

Chris Berman, Jr.: Brett Favre may have missed the toilet for the third time today, but you can’t help but think this magnificent human being still has the willpower to dig down deep and guide just one more bomb into the porcelain to prove that on a chilly day in December, Brett Favre is still the Brett Favre who Brett Favred the Brett Favre Bowl, lo those many Brett Favres ago …

Michael Irvin IV: I don’t care what the hatas say! The old man still got it!

Mort9G-88: Bleeep*bzzt*bee-doobooboop*andlet’sfaceitchris. brettfavreisworkingwithbelowaveragetoiletbowls. hetriestodoitallhimselfandsometimes*bleep*spprkkt*bloop*itjustdoesn’tworkout.


You’re mad at Detroit? Try being a Dallas fan. You get no pity from me.


Did you really expect the Lions to do anything else? Pick the worst outcome, and drive straight for it. As far as Millen, the Lions have sucked for 50 YEARS. No, really. You could look it up.


Get Ready…………

Hi everyone!!!!!

The OJ Simpson Case


Hi, Mario, happy new year, you fucking nut.

The Leopold and Loeb Case


Happy New Year, People.

Dick Cheney vs. Teh World Case


and good wishes to all

The Lindbergh Baby Case


If I’m not mistaken, the Lions have won one playoff game in my lifetime (I was born in 1962, for the record). I don’t know how to quit them. Millen sucks, yes, but if a team can’t do crap for 45 years, I think it’s time to blame the owners. The Fords have destroyed their car company and their football team. They should be put down in Guantanamo. No trial is necessary.


I’m not watching the games but wanted to wish the S,N! crew and all the readers a Happy New Year. (Yes, even Ruppert – you sorry, loveable bastard, you!)

Here’s to ’07, kids! Much love and great fortune!!

Rip –


Problem with that, steve exex, is that the Lions have so much training in choking, they’re practically waterboard-resistant.


As as all-my-life Bengals fan, I would really, really like to be disappointed/angry/upset by the collapse that reached its conclusion today.

But I’m also a fan of karma, and, at least for the Bengals, karma beat the spread today. Especially after KC won and Denver didn’t.

(And hey, I won my fantasy league LAST week, on the backs of Peyton, Gore, and Westbrook, so today was like an anticlimax for me.)

Happy Freaking New Year, y’all!


I”m pretty well convinced that Madden is actually kept in cold storage in-between games and video game voice-over recordings. After every post game, they tranq him down and lock him back up. On cold nights, if you listen closely, you can hear his wails for the sweet release of death that he knows will never be allowed unto him.


Silly Bradrocket.

The Raiders suxx0ring their way to a first-round pick doen’t mean that they will snag Quinn. It means they will negotiate away the 1st-round pick in exchange for 6 has-been geezers who are looking to retire to the coast to milk the last few paychecks from their autumn years.

Not that I’m bitter, or anything…


the Niners have to be the early (like, comically early) favorites to win the NFC West next season.

Say hello to your NFC West Champions for the 4th consecutive season…The Seattle Seahawks!1!!!1


BradR, I got Chargers, Pats, Ravens at the top o’ my list.

I always root for the ‘Aints anyhow.


Lions pick one or two, they’ll blow it regardless.
I’m really hoping they trade down for a couple extra picks, and start building the lines back up.
But they’re the Lions, so they’ll take Troy Smith and ruin his career.


[…] Rest easy, Bradrocket, as my lowly forty niners disregarded your disregard and sent denver home for another year. So raise a glass west tonite,ok? mikey. – More – […]


[…] I ve never known why Patriot fans have such a hang-up about Indy act like you ve been there before – you have. – More – […]


[…] Jay Cutler is Denver s starter, Brad, so Plummer s irrelevant. Pats play the Chiefs if the Niners hang on. And come one, Miami, how bout a miracle? – More – […]


The Broncos’ Darrent Williams was murdered in a drive-by last night. A fucking shame. is saying that the Jets will travel to Foxboro for a second time this season. Could we see a repeat of the last trip? I can’t deny I’d love to see Belicheck have to shake Mangini’s hand after a playoff loss (although I would have preferred to face the Colts. They really aren’t very good.)

However, since the playoffs are gravy on a surprising season, I’d settle for a respectable loss and still feel very good about my team.


Eris, that is unwelcome and truly sad news. It’s not like yesterday wasn’t a terrible day already for us Broncos fans, but I hate to reminded this way that there are more important things than the playoffs. That’s a honest-to-god shame.

And it’s still 46 days or so until Matsuzaka reports to Ft. Myers. These are going to be long days….


eris, that’s horrible news about Darrent Williams. God, that sucks. Not that I want to interfere with anyone’s God-given right to own umpty-five zillion automatic weapons, but damn, the carnage is just so…everywhere. How utterly awesome it is that we ever even imagined deliberately stopping life, time back way back. I mean, physically, we are so amazing: all this neat skin to hold in the veins and arteries that hold in the blood; the clever way our gigantic skulls are attached to our remarkable spines. And opposable thumbs! Pretty package, but we are a spiritually deformed little species, aren’t we.


Why the hating on Favre?

When one of your teams has a Hall of Fame shoe-in who’s started in over 200 consecutive games, you can whine.

Unless, of course, you’re just blarting on Madden. In which case, I am all over that.

Speaking of re-animated flesh, did anybody HEAR Dick Clark last night? For dog’s sake, get that Bub some brains! what, did somebody break his portrait, and the aging caught up all at once? Take the rod out of his ass and let the creature be.


First, there was a long snap that ruined Christmas Eve for Bengals fans. Then came a missed field goal that ruined New Year’s Eve for Bengals fans.

Kansas City wins, Denver loses. As the Cincinnati Enquirer put it, the chips fell in place, but the Bengals just fell.

At least we’ve still got the Buckeys.


“But hey, I’m sure Matt Millen can draft another wide receiver for Jon Kitna to throw to.”

Knowing Millen, I highly doubt it…


Got that right on the Jets. For once it seesm like things are going in the right direction. Better then herm edwards. Past the url and ya’ll know what i mean.

My score, Jets-24 Pats-21 Win it with a Nugent frild goal 🙂


RE: Dick Clark: Jesus, TC, the man had a stroke couple years back. It’s great to see him up and around at all.

And I’m pretty sure that it’s okay to hate on any player who can’t even pronounce his own last name. Fah-v-re, not Farve. I know, I know, but I had to live there and endure that name every five seconds some years back. Got worse when he started his ill-fated line of steak shacks. is saying that the Jets will travel to Foxboro for a second time this season.

Both the Jets and Giants have playoff games in stadia where they won this season.

(Y’all can say anything you want about Eli Manning — the Giants are in the postseason for the second consecutive year. E-Man is only the second QB to do that for them since 1963. Hell, Fran Tarkenton and Craig Morton, with five Super Bowl starts between them elsewhere, couldn’t get Big Blue into the dance even once.)


Fah-v-re, not Farve.

Right. Soon you’ll tell me that the co-star of “Swingers” isn’t “Jon Farvo.”


Imagine my surprise, as a lifelong Chiefs fan, to wake up this morning and realize that the Chiefs’ backing into a playoffs spot was actually real, and not just beautiful sweet drunk talk from New Year’s Eve.


As a Raiders fan, I was tickled to see them get stomped by the Jets. Now there’s no doubt we’re the worst team in the NFL. The 2006 Raiders were awesomely bad. They had easily the worst offense I have ever seen. They didn’t even come close to cracking 200 points. They scored 168 points for the whole season. Most teams in the league scored DOUBLE that number or more. The Chargers scored almost three times as many points.

I thought the Norv Turner era was bad. Art Shell absolutely redefined the words “shitty coach” in 2006. The first thing Shell did was kick the Raiders’ most productive wide receiver, Jerry Porter, off the team. This left us with a disinterested Randy Moss starting aside the immortal Alvis Whitted at WR. Moss sleepwalked his way to 42 catches and 553 yards. The team’s most productive receiver was Ronald Curry, who had one touchdown catch.

The quarterbacks were impossibly awful. Andrew Walter was the starter for much of the season. He put up this stat line: 3 TD, 13 INT, 55.8 rating, 46 sacks. The man was sacked 46 times in ten games. The Raiders were 29th in rushing yards and 31st in passing yards. They were a league worst minus-20 in turnovers.

The best part of watching this train wreck, however, was observing Art Shell on the sidelines during the games. Every time something bad happened, which was sickeningly often, the camera would pan to Shell, who would stand there like a mummy with a completely expressionless look on his face, just staring out into space. You’d see this blank stare on average about 10 times per game.

I was watching the last game of the season at my folks’ house down in Florida. They’re all big Jets fans. True to form, the Raiders scored three points and got their asses kicked all over the field. I was so proud of the way the Raiders sucked in that last game, allowing the Jets their well-earned playoff appearance and handing the Raiders the first overall pick in the draft. It would have been very disappointing if the Raiders had ended up as anything other than the very worst team in the NFL.


Alright, my bad on the Dick Clark. I wasn’t aware he had a stroke.

But the second part goes even stronger; could we let the man retire rather than propping him up through yet another NYE?


And in a country where half of the building trades pronounce it ‘mason-ary’ as well as The President refusing to learn the proper pronunciation of nuclear, we’re pretty much obligated to let the Favre family decide HOW they want to pronounce their name.

The steak shacks were a bizarre idea.


The realator drove her Saturun to the jewelery store, but wrecked her car in a freak accident with some new masonary construction, causing a noise that sounded like a nucular explosion.

When asked about the incident, she said, “I don’t have no comment.”

(A little game we play, where we make a sentence or two combining as many annoying mispronunciations as possible. )Thanks TC for ‘masonary’.)


Um, the punctuation boo boo could have been prevented by judicious use of the preview button…

I was so long without it, I forget it’s there.


The fact is that the Democrat Left’s celebration of soldiers dying in Iraq is something that is truely appalling.


As the Democrat Left says about their wild parties on the occasion of 3000 American soldier deaths in Iraq: “We’re not pretending to appropriately honor those who have died,”

But the left has definately went forward with their rituals to cheer for more deaths in Iraq.

They’re not Anti-War, they’re on the other side.


What the hell are you talking about, Gary? Have you been drinking? We’re the ones who are trying to get the soldiers out of this stinking mess, so that they don’t die. It’s the damned neocons who have condemned our soldiers to needless death.

Here’s hoping that some of those neocons will become neoconvicts for these warcrimes sometime in the not-too-distant future.


But the left Joe Lieberman has definately went forward with their neocon rituals to cheer for more deaths in Iraq.

There ya go, Gary (or fake Gary, as the case may be). Your grammar still sux, but at least your statement now has some affirmative relationship with reality.


Fellas like Gary take advantage of the humanist nature of we Lefties and seek to make us recoil with crude and barbaric scenaria. Kinda like G. Gordon Liddy naming his shootin’ targets “Bill” and “Hillary.” Somebody should have asked him if he would explain why while hooked up to a lie detector; he did it just to horrify people, as all fascists do. Like Gary.


Gary, you fucking piece of shit, you cannot measure the value/outcome of a conflict, especially a conflict of CHOICE without measuring the cost. I am heartbroken at every american hurt or killed, but they should not be fighting that war in the first place. You need to stop trying to hide the human cost and recognize that it is YOUR policies that are taking these lives….



…and that if he truly felt the statement “put your money where your mouth is’ he’d be part of the fighting force, not a weasel with a keyboard.

Sorry to step on your rant, mikey.

But I come here for the preview button and the free pie.

Speaking of which, did anybody else see this:

It seems like Angel and The Limp have been up to mischief.


God, it must suck to be Gary Ruppert. Can you imagine what it’s like to be looking out from his eyes? Better luck next time, dude.

Meanwhile, go Trojans. I am housesitting where they have cool cable embellishments like HDTV. Is it my imagination, or does the sound that accompanies HDTV viewage often get wonky, like off-balance, louder crowd noise than commentator noise? But sometimes no noise at all, so you have to switch back to NoHDTV? Unless you’re already sick of the commentary and you have the Mute on. I am not complaining, since I have teh viewage, which I don’t have back in my own rustic dwelling-place.


…not that anyone ever LISTENS TO ME or responds to me or acknowledges my pathetic existence, thank you very much, y’all…

Oh, it’s okay, I’m not mad.


wow this left football pretty quick. gawd I hate the trojans (the football team)


Eh? What was that, larkspur?


C’mon, it’s a lonely world, dude, it’s up to you to create value. Don’t come looking for validation, do something worthy of validation, and if you don’t find approval, at least you’ll get respect – or respect yourself…



4.) The Colts are going to get positively smoked in the playoffs. If they make it to play the Chargers, then L.T. will roll over their pathetic run defense

My friend and I like the Colts. However, he started a pool, how many yards will Larry Johnson get next Saturday? I paid in $10 and said 255 (the NFL playoff record is 248 by Eric Dickerson in 1985).

Drinks on me next Saturday night when I win that pool.

Hahahahahaha, Michigan, suck it Big 10. But USC — how on earth did they lose to UCLA? WTF?

Herr Doktor Bimler

wow this left football pretty quick.
We come to snark with the comment thread we have, not the comment thread we would like to have.


This is…football, right?


What an end to the Oklahoma v. Boise State game, what balls to do a 2-pointer. Great play too. The Boise State QB kind of went off on a “we got no respect from you media guys” rant in his interview, which was pretty cool.


Hahaha. Ohh al Ruppert, you zany monkey. Who else could take “Number 3000 has died. Can we stop this now, please?” and read, “Booyah! In your FACE, American military pigdog! Where are your American Values NOW?!” Reality vs. Tailored Perception

It’s insane how many right wingers are perfect charactures of themselves.


[…] Something is seriously wrong with them, Some Guy. – More – […]


But USC — how on earth did they lose to UCLA? WTF?

Any Patriots fan can explain this in two words: Pete Carrol.

Smiling Mortician

Two days into the new year and still with the football thread? *sigh*


Happy new year! You rocked it on Sunday. ROCKED IT, I say!

Principal Blackman

I don’t wish to alarm anyone, but it seems that Mark Noonan’s New Year’s resolution is to be even crazier than he was last year.

Just two highlights:

“From now forward, I’m personally going to get a lot more stringent in my pro-life position. All of those liberal/left people out there who claim they want social justice: well, you can’t even begin to have social justice if you don’t protect the unborn.”

“We are engaged in a war to the death with our enemies…if we fail and fall, then not only will the old Judeo-Christian civilization of Europe be gone, but all Judeo-Christian civilzation everywhere.”

Sweet sassy molassy, that is some good wingnuttin’!


If you don’t have habeas corpus, you don’t have any rights at all.


if we fail and fall, then not only will the old Judeo-Christian civilization of Europe be gone, but all Judeo-Christian civilzation everywhere

He says that like it’s a *bad* thing.


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