Lordy Lord Do I Hate Chris Matthews

Did anyone see Chris Matthews’ interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards a couple weeks back? I’m watching it right now and it’s by far the most embarrassing and juvenile performance I have ever seen from a major pundit:

Later on, Matthews asks Mrs. Edwards if John has ever given her “any problems” like Bill gave Hillary.

Way to go, Tweety. I’d suggest that we let John Edwards grill your wife about your sex life, but frankly, no one wants to think about you having sex. Ever.

UPDATE: My Gods, Michelle Malkin is hosting the O’Reilly Factor tonight. This is the most awful and horrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Malkin just asked her guest why Hillary Clinton is polling behind Tom Vilsack among Democrats in Iowa. Her guest replied that it might, just might, have something to do with the fact that Vilsack is governor of Iowa. E. Gad. Stupidest woman alive.


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brad, i agree. matthews is awful…but i have something more pressing on my mind…as i write this, michelle malkin is subbing for bill o’reilly on the o’reilly factor. repeat, she is GUEST HOSTING THE SHOW…i am in shock.


a.j.- I’m watching it right now. Utterly horrifying. I’m sure they’ll have the Dan Reihl/Mark Noonan News Hour on their fall schedule.


Excellent. I suggest we get behind the Malkin Factor 100 percent.

Comedy gold for at least another year, and the shreiking harpy can only damage her own cause.

btw, shouldn’t she be in Baghdad looking for some iraqi police officer?


yes she should. funny about that…


Just…. jebus.
Have I missed the mandatory shocking expose of youtube’s unwillingness to host her racebaiting vids?
From what I’m watching, this is rapidly turning into the old snl skit where the news show turns into a teen girl sleepover.
She just said, “you know what makes me gag”
Like, rilly, you guys. You guys? Come on, seriously.

Not Tweety, fuck him. The whole “only Bush has the manhood to stop these muslims in caves who are pissed at us” meme became his lullaby.


“Not” should read “As for”.


Y’know who should REALLY be hosting the FACTOR? Atlas Pam. I’d watch that shit.

LA Confidential Pantload

Why not a Malkin version of The View? Her, Pammy, Deb, Ann, Laura…good times, indeed.

LA Confidential Pantload

Brad R.,

Synchronicity or conspiracy?


Pammy, Kaye Grogan and Ben Shapiro, who already acts like a 70-year-old woman and would fit right in.


Oh, man.
Pam Atlas with her own tv show would be something I’d have to see live.
That would be amazing.


LOL Olbermann is pretty good tonight. It’s a “best of Oddball” collection. Much more entertaining than Malkin.


Pam Atlas doing a man-on-the-street interview in Baghdad with passers by. That would be a pantheon of hilarity.


Oh, wow. This immigration guy is really pissing michelle off. I love him.


Pam Atlas doing a man-on-the-street interview in Sausalito with passers by. That would be a pantheon of hilarity…



My belle Michelle subbing for Der Falafel? What, isn’t David Duke back from HolocaustDeniersCon yet?


Later on, Matthews asks Mrs. Edwards if John has ever given her “any problems� like Bill gave Hillary.

Maybe Karl Rove told him this was fair game.


Oh, and fuck a bunch of Chris Matthews.

His is the worst kind of context-free, “people are saying”, canape punditry.

Worse, Tweety imagines that because Ye Olde DC Families treat him like “The Help” because his recent ancestors worked for a living that his pathetic man-crushes represent The Average American.



What a friggin’ douchebag. “Where are the Stepford Wives?” “Oh, how P.C.?”

Now, you sniviling little toad, you’re just an asshole and the crowd – apart from your fellow assholes – are calling you on it. So are the Edwards, coz Mr. John sure nuff shot Tweety a go-to-hell look with the “bust your balls” comment.

Hell, maybe Tweety was drunk. Still, douchebag.

LA Confidential Pantload

People, let’s not forget – Tweety’s brother was Lynn Swann’s running mate in the latest election here in Pennsylvania. It’s barely possible he may not be 100% objective politically, shocking as that sounds.


Mikey, as always, I accept the correction. That would make a veritable Mount Olympus of hilarity.

Although, Atlas would have kittens if she came up to my neck of the woods. I remember camping last summer near Toronto. There were many Muslim immigrants taking their kids out of the city to this park at the edge of the concrete jungle. I remember thinking “gee, if I were a wingnut, I’d be pissing my pants with all these people speaking Arabic and wearing Veils and praying 5 times a day.” Instead, we all just enjoyed the sunshine and watched the kids play. Although to be fair, it might have been all part of a homexlamunist plot to lull me into a false sense of security.


And in the end, it’s up to Mrs. E to gracefully rescue Tweety from his own audience. (And she would have done it, too, if he could have just STFU for one nanosecond.)



I caught a bit of the Malkin performance tonight. Loved the “gag me” line when she was cross-talkin’ the Miss Teen whats-its pageant. Like, totally. Combined with her powder blue eyeshadow and 70’s Farrah hair-don’t …I can only assume her styliste and handlers have honed in on her target demo.


Brad R., there’s a rumor you speak wingnut. Any chance you could translate whatever point ace think he’s made?

P.S. A shame he never took your website upgrade advice.


I should be the guest host on the O’Reilly factor. Class the show up a bit.


Shorter Ace: “Liberals just don’t understand religion, do they?”


It’s too bad the factor doesn’t have an audience, princess, cause i’d come into midtown to see that.


How about Shorter Ace: Liberals say wingnut Christians are a bunch of rapture crazed hypocrites (speaking of which, pie, anyone?), BUT look, there’s crazed right wing Jews, too! So Eat It, Libs!11!!


Oh, and Gerald Ford is dead, for those who aren’t reading this thread tomorrow morning at work n already know.


What the hell kind of mating call laugh was that from Tweety at the beginning? In his drunk time-warp he thought he was laughing normally, when really he was sounded like the Penguin at 33 rpm.


Even worse at Ace is this idiocy:
December 26, 2006
Oil Falls $1 Due To Global Warming

If there is such a thing as strong-form melt-the-icecaps global warming, isn’t there a big element of self-correction to it? If burning carbon for heat causes temperatures to rise, rising temperatures cause less carbon to be burned for heat, right?

Anyway, in the Northeast, it’s almost balmy. And wonderful.

Sigh… there are so many things wrong with his statement…


Shorter Ace: Fringe anti-zionism now equals liberalism. And actually, that means you libruls are on our side because we all want to see a day where Israel gets blowed up good and whichever flavor messiah you prefer arrives.

that hurt my brain


My brain has been badly bruised by Ace banter.



I don’t hate myself enough to watch Malkin guest-host O’Reilly. I did watch the clip and note that John Edwards did the only decent thing he could possibly do in such a situation, duels now being illegal.

He said nothing.


Dumb question but…why would anyone agree to be interviewed by this dumbass?


I should be the guest host on the O’Reilly factor. Class the show up a bit.

I agree. I would totally watch the Factor if a Courtney Love impersonator was hosting it…


Two quick things.

1. Yes Chris Matthews is ridiculous. I’m surprised he didn’t ask Mrs. Edwards if she uses a vibrating dildo.

2. Damn you Brad for serving up a link to Malkin without warning us.


Why is Chris Matthew’s so down on marrying his equal? I wouldn’t want to see his inferior, much less marry her.


If I guest hosted for Inside Edition man, they would fire him and hire me in two seconds.

We should start a petition.


Why not a Malkin version of The View? Her, Pammy, Deb, Ann, Laura…good times, indeed.

The Vent

Seriously, didn\’t anyone tell Michelle that a \”Vent\” is a euphemism for a ping pong ball shooting device?


Annie = delusional.

Be a more creative troll, please. It’s getting rote.


Stop talking about me, melonheads.


Back to Matthews…He’s always been a sychophantic back pedaler /***kisser of the worst sort to his frienemies, but I just wonder what side of the bed he got up on that morning that he thought that Elizabeth Edwards [Let alone John!] would put up with that transparently idiotic imitation of a series of frat party jokes.


I really have to fine tune my tivoing of Olberman, so as not to get any Tweety stuck in the digital ether.


Does he always talk like an uptight Master Shake?


matthews is such a vile, idiotic, moronic, radical, ultraliberal, left-wing extremist propagandist jerkoff!!


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