’06 Bakeoff Report


The bake-off competition is heating up, as it were:

[T]he two boys started screeching…

Ahhh! What are these things?! They’re so hot! Ugh!!!!!

They’re good! Very non-traditional, they get points for experimentation with bizarro-world ingredients!

Mom! I have something you can tell your blogging friend. This Pinko Punko! Tell him they’re wank! They’re total wank!

They are not wank!

They are too wank! Pinko Punko is a total wanker! I’m not eating anymore!


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When you have hot chocolate balls, they’re not for everyone.

And check this shit out, I’m going commando- NO PREVEIW BUTTN!


Uh, make sure everyone sees Bill O’Reilly in cookie form.


Good luck, PP. Although I don’t know how you could possibly compete with the Bill O’Reilly War on Christmas cookie.

I’m not sure if that’s actually you in the YouTube video in the BG post, but I’m going to assume it is (and this is how I will forever imagine you). Nice dancin’ — Are you doing the white man’s overbite??


That is not me, but those are my smooth moves represented.


Dood, I woulda thought you’d have done some kind of Pho-based lemon grass rice cookie. Possibly with Emu creme centers. But you’re ever so much more broader than that. Wank or not, Pinko should get points for obfuscation, if not dance…


The kaffir lime was off the porch and I put some habanero in those bad boys. I shoulda gone all out, but you gotta play the judges, in case the French judge sells her vote to the Russians.


The Bill-O cookie made me throw up. A lot. At the thought of putting ANYTHING looking like, or related to, Bill O’Reilly in my mouth…

Look out, I’m gonna do it again…… bleargh.


“Pinko Punko is a total wanker!”



Glue Birl don’t raise no dummies.


Now I’m as confused as I am whenever I read anything over at 3B. Or, moreso, even!


BTW, when did the freaking Preview button return?


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