Always start off with your best argument

When trying to prove that the economy is doing extremely well, it’s important, as Nathan Tabor reminds us, to start off with your best argument. Say, for example, that you wanted to argue this point:

It’s hard to argue with statistics, though, and the statistics this Christmas season indicate that the economy couldn’t possibly be in the dire straits that the liberals would have us believe.

Statistics, Nathan?:

For instance, the National Retail Federation estimates that the average consumer will spend $30 on Christmas cards and postage this year.

Well, no further debate is needed. And now here it is, your moment of Nathan:

While it’s obviously wrong to turn Christmas into some sort of materialistic ritual…

Sweet, sweet wingnuttery.


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Was watching Faux News last Saturday for shits and giggles and the British/Aussie economic analyst said that American wages are “way up” and that not only is unemployment so “low,” but there is a labor shortage! I about spit coffee everywhere. Way to analyze through administration talking points.


I remember, back when I became a teacher lo these many years ago, hearing about the “teacher shortage” that made it almost impossible for me to find my first job. After that, every time I tried to change jobs or move to a new town, I found myself up against the same “teacher shortage” of 50 applicants for each position.

I think that this phrase “labor shortage” does not mean what they think it means.


Didn’t Mark Noonan already write this stupid effing column?
30 dollars on xmas cards 30 dollars on xmas cards, wow.
What if that includes a dozen mega rich fucks buying each other a 3 million dollar diamond studded printed in the royal queen’s own blood on pressed golf leaf xmas card? That’d throw off the average.
*Clicks preview for the hell of it*


Oh grow up. Get to Church and pray for a brain.


There’s no church of the subgenius around here, princess, so i can’t. Any other ideas?


Get to Church and pray for a brain.

And how’s that been working out for you?


I remember that there was once discussion along these lines, but was any consensus ever reached about whether annieangel is a parody or the actual real deal of whatever it is she’s supposed to be?


Merry Christmas, differentbrad!


Mmmm. My dad makes the most duh-licious pie called something like “Kentucky 2-Pie Frozen Dessert.” Here’s what’s in it: cream cheese, condensed milk, pecans and shredded coconut sauteed together, and Cool Whip–poured into a pie crust and then frozen. It’s like a heart attack wrapped in a diabetic coma.


I don’t like pie! (Except key lime.)
Merry festivus n solstice, princess.


I just made yummy gingerbread, using coffee and coffee-liquer (Starbucks) for the liquid. Ummmm. Now I’m working on sugar cookies. The secret ingredient is nutmeg Asked my 9-year old would you like to lick the bowl? “Oh, no thank you,” she replied. Kids these days! But I peeked in her room and saw her playing with- Paper Dolls! Best xmas gift ever.


TIme for the feats of strength!!!

Festivus isn’t over until Gavin bans me!!!!!


Heh, Kathy, on the flip, my daughter watches me pour batter for pumpkin bread into the loaf pans and whines, “Hey, leave some in the bowl for me to lick!”

Will she eat it once it’s baked? Heck, no!

Oooooh. Preview button.
( clicks it twice, just for fun )


Preview button!

At last! I can prevent those embarrassing misteaks!

Whoops… oh, fuck it.


I love misteaks, preferably slightly rare.
I engaged the dear Nathan in an e-mail debate about a year ago. He was polite, but not too bright. I think he thought he put me in my place, but my innner Swayze pretty much kicked his rhetorical ass.
He’s one of those smarmy cons who are so convinced of their position they feel little need to back up their assertions with solid argumentation – he’s just right by default, and to think anything else is just silliness.
Unfortunately, Road House Rules Render Repubs Ridiculous, Reeling – Right Remains Resisitant.
Reaganites Retain Reasons for Rationale.


R for Rhetorical

Satan luvvs Repugs

I think that this phrase “labor shortage� does not mean what they think it means.

Well, apparantly there’s been a huge and ongoing stupidity shortage, because in spite of the best efforts of Fox News to supply massive amounts of the stuff, Tabor and many other admin shills are still in sufficient demand to get air-time.


Meanwhile, back here on the planet where people don’t go all swirly-eyes at the phrase “gift cards,” we just had a disappointing retail holiday season.

I just love it when the hacks get out their paper hats and play economist.


Thirty bucks for Sex-mess cards and postage‽‽ What is that, like one box? Ummmm… OK. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig deal. Of course, I helped throw that average off, since I spent 0$ on that stuff. Not a dime. Zilch, zippo, zero. Nada. Bupkis.


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