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(Back in a bit.)

Bradrocket adds: So Gavin sent me a whiny weepy e-mail this afternoon begging me to post something here. All I have to say is, “You asked for it, G.”

[Gavin adds: It was not. I’m just a bit hung over, aright?]

This is Kevin Federline’s latest video. I can’t think of anything in the world that has more power to ruin Christmas than K-Fed.

In short: HA, HA, HA, CHRISTMAS!!! I’VE PWN3D U @ LAST!!!!

UPDATE: I don’t think Christmas is quite dead yet. Maybe I can finish it off with a couple of choice scenes from The Turkish Star Wars. In this scene, Luke fights a bunch of Vader’s henchmen, who all look like Furry Convention rejects:

In this scene, Luke and Han learn the ways of the Jedi by strapping rocks to their legs and jumping on trampolines:

And in this scene, Luke saves Leia by fighting with Vader and a bunch more furries. And then Vader blows up the world anyway:

Gavin adds: Oh what fun to ride and sing a Slayer song tonight:

Bradrocket adds: I’ll see your Slayer and raise you a Cannibal Corpse. HAMMER!!!! SMASHED!!!! FAAAAAAAACE!!!!


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I like (leftover) Pie!



Well, that’s it. Xmas is ruined. Pack the gifts back up, we’re heading back to Target in the morning. Take down the tree, burn the decorations. It’s over.

Gary Ruppert's Sombrero

“If vomit were a movie, this would be the soundtrack,” wrote one critic of Cannibal Corpse’s music Indeed.

BTW I never did thank you guys for turning me on to G.G. Allin, plenty of Xmas-death magic in that catalogue


all this and the return of ‘buddha boy” (plus the preview button!!111!!!)-


Teh Preview Button!

*sniff* Thanks gang.

God bless us, everyone!


Pass the cranberry sauce!


Yes your videos are awful, but I’m raising the stakes.


Merry Whathaveya!


First of all, it’s Fed X now, isn’t it?

Second of all, it seems pretty indistinguishable from all that other thumpety-thump hip hop noise. What makes this worse than any of the rest of it?

Finally, get off my lawn, you kids.


and as if he didn’t suck enough, k-fed is sporting a yanks cap. wow is he awful.


K-Fed is really greasy looking.


my eyes and ears are bleeding with the joy that is a k-fed xmas craptacular!


Ninety percent of any genre is crap, and Fed X don’t disappoint. The self delusion, however is off the charts. Heard an interview with him here locally (Detroit area) and he really, truly believes he’s make it af..ter all.
I guess I should admire that kind of swagger on some level, but what a git.


And if he ever sports a Tigers hat I may have to pop a cap in somebody’s ass.


If someone ever invents a script that replaces K-Fed with a large blueberry pie whenever he shows up, on the web, in print, photo, on stage- you’ll be rich.

For the remainder of his fifteen minutes, of course.


What was with the emphasis on the word “Pure” in that video? Is he sponsered by some sort of new, hipper, yet not yet adaquately budgeted bottled water?

All in all, if K-Fed was turning that in for an undergraduate film or communications workshop project, I’d probably give it a B, maybe an A-. Not too terribly creative, but an OK job for someone who obviously lacked time and access to professional resources.


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