This is the single worst way to lose a football game. Travis, give all of Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky my sympathies.

Travis adds: Thanks for the sympathy, Brad, but tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.


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Odd, at my house the game had a PERFECT ending! Now if Notre Dame can just win that Bowl game all will be well.


That’s bad, but sitting through the NY Giants game was just as tragic..


Not as bad as blowing a 900+ point salary cap fantasy football lead going into today’s games and ending the evening down by almost 100 points.

Which is what happened to me today.


John- Eli passed for 74 YARDS THE WHOLE GAME. Wow. Aren’t you guys glad you traded Philip Rivers and Shawn Meriman for for him?


at least it wasn’t the kicker’s fault!


I miss the days when all the kickers were from MittelEurope and Mesoamerica.


and that is why the extra point exists.


Thank god I’m a Lions fan. Desperation and no hope are a given, in fact I was hoping we would lose today to keep our draft position.
Chicago’s tight, and I was not disappointed (sadly, no).


John- Eli passed for 74 YARDS THE WHOLE GAME. Wow. Aren’t you guys glad you traded Philip Rivers and Shawn Meriman for for him?

And 55 of them were on his second throw. And that was the only time they got past midfield.

Oh well, at least they’re not teasing us anymore. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve officially quit.


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer team! How many Bengals were arrested this year? 8?

Now all that’s left is for the Lions to ruin their chance at the #1 pick with a meaningless victory next week.


Exactly, Notorious. You know they will. It’s what they do.


That Giants game was beautiful. I’ve been telling people they are bums all season (since Seattle manhandled them in week 2) and they are making me look like I knew what I was talking about.

The sports radio industry must love a team like that – they have enough talent that they became a fashionable pre-season pick to win the division, even the Super Bowl, but they proved to be better at running their mouths than getting their arses on the field and winning football games. (nice drop by Shockey on 4th and 2, as a case in point.)

I would be annoyed that my team, which is surprisingly respectable this season, has gotten so little press, except the Giants train wreck is just too enjoyable.


Teh fortywhiners got rid of jeff garcia and now they have this amazing talent alex smith. When does spring training start?



Belatedly: since we were getting three points, the bettors were happier losing this way than they would have been if the game had been decided in OT.

I’ll take Alex Smith’s next seven years over Jeff Garcia’s any day, mikey.

If Eli makes the playoffs, is betting against two Mannings in one weekend considered a parley or a layup?


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