FBI identifies radio voice as that of evildoer al Franqen

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Tuesday (03/30/04) on the Daily Show, truth Jedi Richard Clarke, who has been pilloried by the Bush attack machine for writing and flogging a book drops by to wreak more havoc.

Wednesday, Jon Stewart meets imperial chin-wiper Karen Hughes, there to flog her new book before returning to her old role at court, checking the First Closet for gay monsters before the Emperor goes sleepy-boo and removing stray spinach from the First Teeth at photo-ops.

Air America kicks off at noon tomorrow (03/31/04) with an inaugural program lineup that promises a breathable alternative to the oppressive odor of hypocrisy streaming from the vents of hatewing radio. Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of the Daily Show, is on the network’s creative team and will co-host the morning show with rapper Chuck D, ex-Public Enemy. Evildoer al Franqen goes up against Big PharmBoy Limbaugh in drivetime and Garofalo has the evening slot. Air America will be coming to you live, on satellite and on the web (bookmark it!)

  • New York: WLIB 1190 AM
  • Los Angeles: KBLA 1580 AM
  • Chicago: WNTD 950 AM
  • Portland OR: KPOJ 620 AM
  • Island Empire CA: KCAA 1050AM
  • San Francisco: Coming Soon
  • XM Satellite Radio: Channel 167 (national)

In the meantime, you can check out MSNBC’s article on al Franqen and hear an audio interview with the evildoer and Java-Jump to audio links for the O’Franken Factor and Air America from there tomorrow. Grandma Times also profiled al Franqen recently.

Apparently, he was a collegiate wrestler (like fellow lefty terrier Howard Dean.) This explains their successful strategy in taking down big hulking lummoxes from the powerful hatewing of the right. Sure, a warrior of destiny like the Jedi Dick Clarke can train in secret for thirty years before taking one shot at the jugular and his aim be pure and true, but if you’re a fireplug without a high end light saber, you gotta go for the nutlock, even with — perhaps especially with — the likes of stAnn Coulter. Then stand back and watch goony blubber like a big girl’s blouse.

Update: A reader posts that Atrios will be a guest on Garofalo’s opener, definitely a harbinger of change from the unremitting crapfest that’s the Worst Administration Ever. I’m wonder who the vaunted Grey Turtleneck of Justice takes down first. (Thanks, Aaron!)


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Atrios is, apparently, going to be a guest on the Janeane Garofalo show.


Take back the media

Just go read it. Good stuff hitting the airwaves tonight and tomorrow.


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