Exclusive to Sadly, No!, EvilWatch? seeks to keep you updated on the use of the word “evil” in L. Paul Bremer’s speeches to the citizens of Iraq.

Two weeks ago the word evil was used 9 times in Bremer’s address on the eve of Ramadan. And this week? Things seem to have gotten slightly less evil, as the term was used only 7 times.

There is dignity in serving your country under arms to ward off evil … Every person is born with dignity and keeps it until he forfeits it by evil acts … For years the evil one and his henchmen stole your dignity in ways large and small. … the fear that an evil-doer will destroy your family with a car bomb, … the fear that some evil-doer will govern through greed, ignorance and cruelty, … The evil-doers, those who bring suicide bombs to your cities and threats to your schools, will be captured or killed. … Together we shall defeat the evil-doers. … And after you have elected that government, the indignity of occupation will end.

The word of the week was (in)dignity, which appeared 31 times.

Letters, they get letters. In other news, part of the latest letter posted on the CPA web site:

The world should realise that Saddam himself is the WMD, he is the most evil killing machine the world has ever known recently.

The worst the world has ever known recently. That’s something.



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