Why We Love Dr. BLT

Dr. BLT has written an AWESOME nu song called “You’re Not the Kind of Ho (That Santa Had in Mind).” Please check it out and give the good doctor your love.


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Holy crap.

That goes right on the Big Christmas Poop Shoot mp3 extravaganza and Soiree Starter playlist I’m making, right between Mojo Nixon’s “Head Crushing Yule Tide Sing-A-Long” and “Shouldn’t Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas” by Wall Of Voodoo.


I’m deeply humbled, honored, and grateful for this recognition. The best part is that I can now take a break from pimping my own songs. It is really a humiliating job that only a maschochist would accept.


Awesome doesn’t begin to describe this.


PS: Though I won’t be back for quite some time, I love you back, and I’ve got your back.


He’s gotten rid of his crappy GarageBand loops and replaced them with a crappy “real” drummer. That would count as slight progress, I suppose. Perhaps on his next opus he will actually tune his guitar.


That was priceless.

It really was…I’ve had a really long and not so good day, and the sheer goofy tunelessness of that – whatever it was – gave me my first laugh all day.


Fuck Seahawks!


Oh, great! BLT doesn’t have to hawk his crap. Who’ll take over my role of making fun of him? Anyone? Bueller?


Love the lyrics, love the composition, love the voice (sexay), love the humour, and the message. Good job, BLT.


Christmas funny with chops: Christmas Rhapsody


Please check out my blog and Comment’s

Please make sure you read the last 2 comment’s. There will be more to follow. It’s UNRREAL……..



The OJ Simpson Case


Godammit Mario, the last 2 comment’s WHAT??



The Ötzi the Iceman Murder Case


Props where props is due.
Good work, Doc.


To add, kind of Beck-ish. In the best way.



READ, the last 2 comment’s.

“IT’S” legally “COMING OWN,” FINALLY……………….

The OJ Simpson Case


I’ve distributed this song via my East-Coast-Welfare-Millionaire-Communtastic-File-Sharing Network (ECWMCFSN™). I expect reimbursement for exposing you to my tax and spend peoples.


Hi Gentlewoman,

Hi Marita,

Hi Candy,

OH, and Hi Mikey>>>>>>>LOL

The OJ Simpson Case


Mikey, I am not Proof-reading, YOUR FAULT>>>>>LOL,

READ, the last 2 comment’s.

“IT’S� legally “COMING DOWN,� FINALLY……………….

The OJ Simpson Case





What REALLY Happened to King Leonidas in 480 BC?


By the way, if any of you haven’t been voting in the weblog awards for Best Educational Blog, Bérubé is neck and neck with some troublesome homeschoolers. We can’t have that now, can we? Head on over and give him some support.

(God help me on those accents, without the preview button)


Mikey – I couldn’t figure out which comments he was referring to either.

Hi Mario!

Hi Marita!

Dr. Sammy – Love the song. Big hugs!


Hi Marita (Back At you)

PHD??????????? OK. I hope for you, if that’s what you want, you will get it.

Must be Mikey leading you on>>>>>LOL.

Hey Marita,

No Patterico? (AKA Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey) CLUCk, CLUCK, CLUCK. Perhaps he’s Illegally Data-Basing for———-Whoever?????????

Just wait until I get him (Mr Frey) on The Witness Stand in a legal Court of Law. I Promise everyone, I Will legally put Patrick Frey (AKA PATTERICO) on The Witness Stand in a a Legal Court of law.

The OJ Simpson Case


Hi Maddie,

The OJ Simpson Case


PHD??????????? OK. I hope for you, if that’s what you want, you will get it.

Thanks, Mario! I did! Today!


Heya Mario! Glad things are finally coming together for you, but, no, I’m not going to read the comments on your blog. My War Against Christmas wish is for you to get your day in court with Pattycakes! Wheeeeeee! And a pony!

Marita! Is it finished?? Congratulations! I am glad I made the offerings to the Remover of Obstacles (I gave him some milk) on your behalf.

Funny, that’s the first Doc Sammich song I’ve ever listened to (about 15 seconds of). He sounds younger than I had imagined him, if he is, in fact the ‘singer.’

But, Doc, JK47 is correct. The drumming sucks. There are other issues, but I can actually help you with the drumming part.

Blogwhoring for Brother:


He’s done novelty songs for Nashville demos, he can certainly help you (not to get Nashville demos, just help the drumming not to suck). So cough up some bucks, and get ‘er done right, dude.

Maybe I’ll get better xmas pressies if you do.

Neko Case






The OJ Simpson Case


Almost forgot: Hi Maddie!

GW – I defended today. Good thing you made that milk offering. I think it helped.

Thanks for the cheer, Mario!


No Prob Gentlewoman,

Patrick Frey (AKA Patterico), in all reality, “CANNOT” face me Man-to-Man in a court of law.

When/and, or if I start asking him (Frey) questions (Of course me being on the floor, and he, Patrick Frey–being in-the-box), as I think I told a friend here on Sadly No, with words to the effect, Mr. Frey will either answer truly ( He Can’t), or take the 5th Amendment (And that’s fine). If he LIES, I will arrest him (ON THE SPOT), according to California Law, per a citizens Arrest. And if ANYONE doesn’t think I will???? Legally, TRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

The OJ Simpson Case


HNah! WhaASH!


ifthethunderdontgetya vs. driving home from Detroit in the dark while lost


Mario, you’re a good guy. Hard to understand sometimes, but despite it all, you’re always pleasant to anyone who isn’t patterico. Considering your quest and the nature of the net, that’s a real achievement. I’m certainly not that nice.
The Furies vs. Orestes


Glenn (the good one) is schooling wingnuts tonight.

Doesn’t he need a union card for that? I mean, does he want to put all the Sadly, No!sians out on the street, unable to care for their families?

It’s time to send a message!!!!

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

Offerings? Where?
Mehitabel vs. the catnip mouse


” Disease can spread as fast as Christmas cheer.”
(Laughs hysterically)
These lyrics don’t need me. They make fun of themselves.


Delurking to say hi to you, Mario! Glad things are going well. You go get him!

Hi to everyone. I’ve had a really busy week, and a really bad day – not every day one gets blamed for screwing up to the tune of $200,000. (Didn’t turn out to be quite that bad once it all shook out – well, won’t know just how bad until trades settle – but it wasn’t good.) Haven’t even had the time to look in here this week, just trying to catch up on the threads. I’ve got the day off tomorrow so I’m going to crash, get up early, and do my part to buy lots of secular humanist stuff for the holiday season.

So this is the legendary BLT. Cool to finally see the Troll King.

Linton vs. Heathcliff



a different brad,


The OJ Simpson Case


Hey Candy,


The OJ Simpson Case


Hey Mario George, I think you’re an addition to the comments, too.

(As opposed to certain subtractions, who shall remain anonymous.)


Bérubé vs. teh defunkt homie schoolers



Oh, my adored one, I regret to say that the offerings of sweetie milk have all been consumed. In return, I have graciously Removed All Obstacles between Marita and her PhD.

I am willing to share the pool of turkey and giblets vomit that my sister just yacked up underneath the wing chair, though.

Come on, before the handmaiden comes to clean it up! It’s still warm!

Then, we can do the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance!

Ren vs. Stimpy


Well Thanks,


You know, I just had a thought. What about a “SIDE BAR” Comment section. Could get interesting……………….I’ll bet Brad just “LOVE’s” me for that Thought>>>>LOL

The OJ Simpson Case


No, Mario, I don’t think you’ll get that sidebar….

But if you’re annoying enough, you’ll get your own post!!


Marita – CONGRATS!

Now while I was smart enough to avoid any grad school program that required me to write long research papers, I was foolish enough to take a job that requires me to write long reports. But my writing partner and I just finidhed a big one today (on global warming mitigation), so Hooray!

Ganesh –

I’m sure my Sammycat or Gingerdog will happily eat up the turkey and giblets vomit your sister just yakked up. They are very willing, kind souls when it comes to yakked up turkey. (Sammycat will eat anything,)

I got nuthin’.


Side Bar TC.

Think of the possibilities. Brad will just “LOVE” me…………….


The OJ Simpson Case


DR. M!



That was the best ever BLT song. For as much as that’s worth.

Manimal vs. Beastmaster


Hey Marita – WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats! (I helped a friend with his PhD. which took something like 20 years to complete – looooooong story – and when he successfully defended it he asked that we not call him “Dr. T____” but “Dr. Fucking T____”. So I went out and got him a desk plaque with that on it just for him – He loved it, needless to say!) Anyway, I know what hard work that is, so give yourself a big pat on the back, you deserve it!

Hey Mario! Go get ’em tiger!

Oh, and I guess the Big Sandwich is back sigh*. Well, a better class of troll at the very least…

Pinky vs. The Brain


Major congratulations, Marita!

And I am sooooooo loving the Very Trollie Brown Christmas vibe we have going here – I’m going to go hack a limb off the town’s Christmas tree down the street and hang a single red ball ornament on it. Then we can all sing!

Herr Doktor Bimler

Doktorating is hard work. Big props Marita.
The Makropoulos Case


Thanks everyone!!!11!!eleven!!1!

Jillian, be sure to get the nastiest, scraggliest branch you can find. Because only then will we have the sincerest Christmas tree in all the land.

Oh wait, I’m mixing up Charlie Brown specials again. Argh.


Thanks celticgirl,

I’m Legally trying………..

The OJ Simpson Case


Wow Marita. Big congratulations. I know I’m a bit behind, but I’m just now sneaking on at work. (Don’t tell anyone) Thanks to Ganesh for the sweetie milk sacrifice, too. PhD in what, may I ask?

And mikey, that Otzi was an accident.

The brief case


“Fuck Seahawks!”

I was listening to the game while stuck in traffic because of the storm…at 116th Avenue and I-405 there was four feet of water on the road…I was happy to see a H3 stuck because the car in front and behind were flooded with water.


MarioGeorgeNitrini111, your comments most often make no sense.
And I think (but don’t know for sure ’cause you’re incoherent) you called me out for my praise to the doctor of tasty sammiches.
I’ve given the Doc a lickin’ many times for his views, but that song was entertaining, at least to me. Opinions may differ, but I found it funny.
If you can post something everyone can understand as to why I’m wrong, I will read with an open mind.
But Christ on a cracker, your syntax is Swankian.


Hi punkinsmom,

Sorry for the slow reply – I’ve been catching up on sleep. And on watching trashy tv. I study biochemistry and biophysics type stuff (my thesis involved DNA structural changes).

Back to napping…


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