Roy Erdoso Edroso* is gobshite hilarious. He’s the only person with the skillz to make Dr. Mrs. Ole Perfesser entertaining. God bless ‘im.

*I hate it when I suck. Forgive me, Roy!


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I think burning my tie would make my face hurt, unless it was Friday.


“Fuck liberals”

Only if we get pecker choice.


Flat slobs just don’t stay nailed to the cross the way the skinny guys do.


aahhhh, THERE’S that legendary Limpy debating skill!


Speaking of fat slobs, here’s one getting banned.

You know what I’m sayin’. You do.


Ask not what pecker choice can do for you … ask what you can do for pecker choice.


Ha, my girlfriend new him when he was a Reverb Motherfucker. Apparently they rocked somewhat.


Shoelimpy makes me miss Gary Pupperto.


Dr. Mrs. Old Perfesser is an angrier, more focused Ann Althouse. Which is weird, because one assumes she is getting laid, unlike Althouse. Maybe… well, it would be impolite to speculate.

And Limpy old buddy, it’s like you’re not even trying any more. Are you just setting up Annie to look comparatively coherent?


Shoe is Annie with the strap-on…

Herr Doktor Bimler

KR II, you must be using the updated Cluedo set.
AA, in the basement, with the strap-on…


Annie with the Caring Apparatus, you mean.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Dr BLT, in the music-room. with the Fleshlight.

Herr Doktor Bimler

And just for the sake of completeness —
Shlimp, in the kitchen, with the apple pie.


Pastor Swank, at Jesus Camp, with a saxophone alto global!


I lurves me some Pecker Choice! When I choose a new pecker or three, I choose them through Pecker Choice®! Choosy peckers choose peckers through Pecker Choice! [is it true that when you visit Hawaii that they put a lay around your neck?] (/stupidity)Peeeeeeeckerrrrrrrrr Chhhhoiiiiiiiccccee! (hmm… that “stupid” tag seems to be stuck… I needs me muh titanium pry bar! but it’s in the car, and dad has the car. that means I’ll never see it agin’!! oh, noes!!! well, it’s off to stupid land, where, in the mornings, we clean out the cat, using a tooth brush. next, it’s dental hygiene time!) Dur! Yarf!


Can’t help you with the titanium pry bar, Marq, but I found they have titanium sporks for sale at ThinkGeek. I couldn’t help myself, pretty much everybody I know is getting one for christmas. I mean, for the ultimate in twenty first century post moder survival tools, a titanium spork is pretty hard to beat…




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