GWB: 9-11 changed everything … except weenie excuses

9-11 changed everything. (GWB 09/12/01 and nearly every day since, particularly at all his fundraisers)

But apparently it didn’t change this arcane, cobwebby but unbreakable “rule” that supports his decision to keep his skittish National Security Advisor from having to lie testify under oath and on camera:

John King reports the White House position on why Condi won’t testify publicly:

“It is long a tradition that presidential staffers, senior staffers, and presidents themselves do not testify before congressional bodies. This commission is a creature of Congress, created by the Congress. [Tenet, Rumsfeld, Powell] are all subject to Senate confirmation so the tradition is, they DO testify before such panels. Tradition is, the National Security Advisor does not. The White House says it will stick to that. … The White House said it will not put her out in public.” (CNN 03/24/04)

(BTW, Carter admin and Clinton admin National Security advisors have testified for congressional bodies, publicly, in front of God and everything. Ben-Veniste mentioned it while thanking Berger for appearing.)

And isn’t it just plain shitty to flip flop on the “9/11 changed everything” excuse he’s used for everything from tax cuts to WH dirty tricks … to duck public scrutiny of his, Cheney’s and Condi’s testimony for the 9-11 Commission?


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I totaly disagree with with the meme that is seeping out of this. “Bush was bad but it was Clinton’s fault too”.

If I remember correctly Clinton stopped a terrorist attack on US soil. His administration also attempted to get the new administration to follow up on on plans to roll back Bin Laden’s network, only to have the projects shelved because the explosions would not have be big enough (Rummy: “not enough targets”, Bush “swatting at flies. Saddam. Iraq. Find it!.”

The Bush administration showed a shocking level of complacency, and hurbis, and the fact that the Clinton administration is being drug down to thier level in this show trail makes me sick.


How anyone can vote Republican ever again after BushCo is beyond me. I used to respect a few ‘Pugs, but not after watching the entire party enable a gang of garbage worse than Nixon’s: lying, spying, bribing, smearing, bullying, corrupt, incompetent. Now the GOP scum on the panel are knocking the legs out from under the 9-11 investigation because it might knock the worst administration ever out of office. Jeebus.

The Dems on the panel aren’t holding back regardless of party affiliation — look at what a pit bull Kerrey was grilling fellow Dem S’Berger.


Clarke vs Cheney-Frist/Rove-Bush

Ok, ignore the title of this post. I’ve got some inchoate thoughts on the next election and the last three years’ administration that can only be expressed enigmatically. The fact is that I’m going to talk more about the Republican…


I just stumbled upon this message board by accident but decided to read some. I can understand people who do and don’t care for Bush. What I don’t understand is people like many of you who seem to think the world is ending because he is president. Take a look at your life, has your life ever been dramatically effected by the party controlling the presidency. Don’t give me the “well no but other people…” Someone is always better and worse off each year and it usually has little to nothing to do with the president. Vote for Kerry or Bush, whatever you want, but most importantly, LIGHTEN UP!


Well i totally disagree with all bush’s things in the last 4 years. First of all bush is a lier. And i dont know how anyone can vote for him again when he got us into a 44.5 billion dollar defisit by messing uphorribly. And he would even be sending us to war today if he knew then what he knew know because it was supposably “the right thing to do”. And that whole haliburton thing is so stupid i mean why on earth would you make the troops over in iraq have a cold meat sandwitch everyday if they risk there lives everyday for a free iraq and america. And Bush will definitely not turn the world around he lied in 2000 to get elected and what makes u think he wont lie again. I am only 14 but if i were u i would vote for kerry and edwards for 8 years because they dont lie like president bush. So for a way better stronger and more together america vote kerry edwards 2004 thats all i got to say. halliluya!!!!!!!!!!!


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