Friday Clash-O’-Civilizations Theatre

This is totally a metaphor. Is teh boy’s name ‘Bill Clinton?’

Bringing teh fight to the enemy.

Stupid Daffy! Western Civilization must stand as one.

The liberal MSM scoffs at the good news from Iraq.

We yet face many challenges.


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Civilization sucks. I hope we all get eaten by squirrels.


(I don’t really have anything to add, I just wanted to use my interrobang code)

(desperately need sleep)


That Popeye toon differs from the PNACer’s/neo-con’s invasion plan only in its greater sophistication and realism.


2000 years in the bottle and the genie’s toenails are still well clipped. gross and warped and leathery, but clipped. Maybe this the metaphor for civilization we all need to keep in mind as we crush the little ones.


bah! Cut off my posts, will you forum machine!?

Pammy? Either she has her own gym (cough needs to be taxed more cough) or she brought her cam with her to the gym, incase the.. i dunno.. musk and testosterone inspired a new pro-bloodshed rant.

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That was hands-down the best Pam evar! I especially liked when the phone and the dog conspired to try to shut her up.


Dude, check her neck veins out. That’s Dr. Cox scary. Someone get her a sandwhich or something. There’s no way that level of boning and sinew is healthy.


Wow. That Pam lady is teh whackjob, huh?


Good Ford, she said Bolton has “too much class.” Whadda maroon!


“We don’t have access to the media,” she complains, as Fox News blares in the background.

Pam has big ears.


Pammy: “Every one of us that voted for Bush is behind him”

Except for the 40% of Bush voters presumably that no longer support him, that is.


That Pammy video clip of Jews being chased out of a town with a little girl yelling “goodbye Jews” taught me something.

Who knew that little girls in Germany in the 1930’s spoke English?


Folks, you have to forward to about 4:15. I know that making it beyond 15 seconds is a real feat but you’ve got to see this. Too comical for words…..

Then at 5:00…. go watch it, I promise it is teh funny (though not the ha ha funny)


Oy, that Pammycakes rant is 12 kinds of crazy; where do you start?

She declares Baker– the Bush family fixer– an enemy? Does she not realize that without Jimmy The Knife, Bush would never have been president in the first place?


Poor kids. Poor dog.

Smiling Mortician

It’s awfully early on a Saturday morning for both my eyes and my ears to be bleeding, but there you have it. Oh — and who lets the phone ring 12 times like that? I say bill collector.


Holy cacophony, Batman!

P.S. Simon Hoggart at the Guardian. For those interested in a more realistic description than teh shrieking harpy‘s.


That was hands-down the best Pam evar! I especially liked when the phone and the dog conspired to try to shut her up.

Maybe not the best ever (I’m a “Shrieks on a Plane” fan, myself), but excellent nonetheless. It’s just not a Pammy vid unless the room descends into chaos, matching her “logic.”


Oh dear… that song… Shouldn’t something like that be considered child abuse? I fear for those girls. Their therapy bills are going to be sky high.

Although I did like the “Cheney’s next” lyric. From your lips to God’s ears, little Atlasling.


“Look how fast things have spun out of control… and the Dems aren’t even in office yet!”

Fucking priceless that.


oh, the last one… oh it burns


Nope. Still not gonna do it. Just wouldn’t be prudent. You guys have to be aware that by merely watching pammy run on, you’re doing genuine long-term damage to your health. And not just your psychic health, oh no, I’m pretty sure that she’s at least a carcinogen, if not a toxic substance. In fact, I believe there are nations that have declared her a weapon of mass destruction…



“We don’t have access to the leftwing jihad media.”


Is it only by subscription ???

Do you have to get one of those 9 foot satellite dishes in your side yard?


I love the phone ringing and dogs barking. All it needs is a couple of Ah-Oogah!’s and a giant ladybug marching around with one of those paper blowout noisemakers you get at birthday parties.


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Bérubé 542
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Good to see people voting No!, let’s not forget .


Receding hair Pam’s the funniest looney tune. Phone ringing, dog barking, the gym equipment backdrop, and kids playing Kumbaya Cheney’s gone, the sad dog. Priceless.


Can anyone identify the guitar her daughter’s playing?


Looks like an ordinary medium-market classical guitar to me, but I don’t have an eye for non-electrics. Is it something interesting?


“she’s at least a carcinogen”

I don’t know about that, but her voice creates a sensation similar to wiping your ass with an orbital sander.


Not that I, personally, uh . . . I guess I’ll be leaving now.


I dunno man, some people take a perfectly admirable concept like, say, personal hygiene and just go too far with it…



It scares me to see Pam.


You guys have to be aware that by merely watching pammy run on, you’re doing genuine long-term damage to your health. And not just your psychic health, oh no, I’m pretty sure that she’s at least a carcinogen, if not a toxic substance.

To paraphrase the old saying, sure Pammy kills brain cells, but only the weak ones.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I think I’ve been exposed to second-hand Pammy.


Looks like an ordinary medium-market classical guitar to me, but I don’t have an eye for non-electrics. Is it something interesting?

Thanks. I don’t think there’s anything particularly interesting. I thought the top might be laminated, and this got me wondering what kind of guitar a woman who has a gym in her home and access to John Bolton would buy for her kid.


One thing I’ll say of Pam: she knows how to grow a much better mustache than i do.


Good to see people voting No!, let’s not forget .

Thanks for the reminder. I just shot over there and voted again. Update: Sadly, No! 1284, ScrappleWhozitz 936, IMAO 614

In other news, I’m bummed to have to choose between Jesus General and Digby for best liberal blog, and paradoxically remain disappointed that neither Tbogg nor Driftglass was included.

Also, does anyone know how the WebbieOverlords decide what constitutes a “community”? It seems a perfect definition for FDL, and I would have thought they’d be on the list . . .

Anyway, I’m going to be in a zero-technology zone for a couple of weeks (huzzah!) but if I happen across an internet cafe between now and the 15th . . . well, I promise I’ll vote before checking my email.


And you say that tehy can’t do comedy!!???!! This is gold. No. Platinum.


Someone needs to tell Bush that he still has supporters? Isn’t that what his staff is for? Is Rove going into the Oval office every moring and saying” Yo, Dubya, we all hate you!”??? Gad woman, eat some fish, grow a brain!


It’s, um, crystal clear that Pam’s a tweaker, but that doesn’t even begin to explain her skewed perception of reality.

Bolton = class
Baker = enemy of Bush
lefty jihadist media with Faux blaring in the background.
Dog barking, phone blaring, crazy Pammy just soldiers on. What a little trooper she is!

How could any woman find Bolton sexy? How is that possible?

Terribly sad about the kids.


I doubt Pam is on straight up meth, Candy, more likely a personal cocktail prescribed to help her cope with menopause. She’s on some kind of speed, but from my extremely limited personal experience of tweakers she actually, sadly, comes off as a little too calm and composed. Pam is just a ditzy wannabe starfucker who thinks Bolton is a star somehow, and loves him for letting her rant at him.
N don’t worry about the kids. Any parent trying that hard is sure to push them into reacting very strongly against her come puberty. Also, their father, judging from his lack of mention of any kind, probably ran off to marry a muslim man in France or summin, so they’ll have him to run to when it comes time to rebel.


Man, the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy is soooo 1998, and yet one of the most vaunted conservative rags on the internets is still pimping it.


Sadly, Brad, I have extensive knowledge of tweakers, and I can tell you most of them are a lot more sane than Pam. In fact, most meth users don’t really stand out. It’s after someone’s been up a few days that teh crazy starts popping out at you. Her skinniness, the dead-giveaway hand gestures, the wide open, starey eyes and the peculiar blinking… all very familiar.


Ah, yes. I was thinking of tweaker in the sense of goes on week long sleepless benders. That’s the only kind I’ve known, fortunately only on a couple occasions. Everyday meth users probably do escape my notice, yer right.


I sleep easier at night knowing that when Atlas Juggs’ daughter grows up, she’ll rebel against her mother’s insane politics and wind up as lefty as the come.


No. Still, no. No Atlas Shags (or whatever it’s called) YouTubes. Even looking at the still photo makes me feel queasy. You guys got me to click on one once. The little of it I watched makes me tend to agree with Candy. Pam certainly acts like a tweaker, but I’m not Dr. Frist, so I would not care to say more.

Does she not realize that without Jimmy The Knife, Bush would never have been president in the first place?

A compiled and published list of things that this unfortunate woman does not realize would be longer than the OED (and I don’t mean the abridged edition, either).


I tried to resist. Nothing good can come from it. But as a true SME, I simply could NOT resist weighing in. I’ll try to keep this brief, but we can explore it as deeply as anyone wants. From 1974 to 1994 I was at the core of the biker/crank culture. I’ve hinted at my past, but there you have it, in a red phosporus nutshell. I’ve run labs, and I’ve managed distribution, and I’ve collected debts. Charley Cherry’s outfit in the eighties is what the california orgcrime task force was talking about when they invented the term “crankster gangster” in about ’84. That’s my bona fides, for what their worth on the intert00bz.

Now, there are people who use speed, and there are tweakers. Tweakers do not sleep, and do not eat. They go on runs of up to twelve days. (It is believed I hold the US indoor record for 17 days, but obviously there are problems getting these results certified). If a tweaker can control the face picking and repetitive motions that result in open sores, after about day three they tend to be hard to spot. The only reliable tell is the knee-jiggle on a barstool, but that tends to be early in a run also. Manifestations also are quite dependent on method of usage, slammers tend to show fewer physical tics, but are more prone to the face picking and such. It’s hard to see, but the truest tell is due to AP, Amphetimine psychosis, and it’s accompanying paranoia. On day three, I might carry a magnum revolver, and a knife. By day ten it would take two hours to get out the door due to trying to figure out how to carry the weapons load at some level of concealment. What you’re looking for is a bunch of bags, backpacks, fanny packs, pockets, etc. A tweaker buddy once called me to come help him out, there was something wrong with his short-barrelled 12 guage. I got over there, he’d taken the damn thing in the shower with him and it rusted up.

The point here is if you want to attribute pam’s physical manifestations to speed, then she’s a “casual user” who gets high a couple times a week. If this is the case, you will be able to quite clearly see a decline as she becomes more and more dependent.

Umm, I’ll just leave that there…



Dammit, mikey, but what about the years spent hunting sharks in the florida keys? The time you were president of Antigua for a week? Quit holding out.


I have (had, I guess, I haven’t seen them in years) high school friends that later circled in the orbit mikey’s talking about. He nailed it.

Yes she’s (probably) a user and yes she’s a suburban “chipper”. I hope she gets out. That shit is Bad Craziness.


I dunno, I quite liked that entry in the series. Makes being a leftard feel pretty good.


I dunno. I think Pammy’s just plain batshit fucking insane. I would like to attribute the whole thing to drugs, but somehow that seems too easy. As if no one could be that hateful, that paranoid, that deranged, without some sort of drug use. Sadly, I’m not sure that’s the case here.

She strikes me as just a hyper, type-A, bitter, angry, unhappy person, full of bloodlust and revenge fantasies that I’m certain stem from her own personal experiences rather than current world events. She is the very walking definition of Freudian projection. I can never decide whether I find her funny, sad, or simply detestable (generally, I find her to ba all three).

In any case, she is, without question, a train wreck of a human being. The worst part of it is how she forces her kids to participate in her hatred (as if 7-10-yr old girls really need to be brought into the world of politics). I truly feel sorry for her kids. One of them, without question, will rebel harshly. Hopefully this will lead to something productive in his/her life, and he/she will be able to lead the rest of the siblings out of the wilderness. But that’s not always how it happens, and I suspect those kids are in for a tough road.



“I find her to be all three.”

Comeback preview button, comeback…all is forgiven…we miss you


If Dr. Bronner got possessed by the ghost of Richard Nixon and then bitten by a rabid dog, he’s probably sound like Pammypoo.


Or that time you won the Nobel Peace Prize for building the Sub-Sahara African Orphans that Palace of Chocolate?

You know, one of these days, she’ll finally releases her “Heaven’s Gate” inspired rants. Then they’ll find her and her family and the dog, all wearing the same Nike sneakers (yes, the dog too), and it will be very sad, yet not suprising at all.


are you sure she’s not just insane??


Pamela’s vlog is currently frontpage news at Pajamas Media. The reviews so far are mostly positive. Here’s one that’s more than positive:

john jay :


you are a beacon of hope.

this isg business leaves me even more downcast than the mid-term election results. the “blueprint” for the demo deconstruction of “w’s” efforts these past 6 years.

we are so close to achieving the ends we seek, just a little more perseverance and effort, and it is ours. and then this “study group” nonsense comes out, with its asinine views of diplomacy with iran and syria, and gives the enemy heart and conviction that it has us whipped, if they can stay the course.

and the betrayal of israel.

it has just left me heartbroken.

yet, you hang in there, you keep punching and urging us to fight the good fight, … , you are indomitable. i just admire your grit.

thank you.

and your children. sweetness, personified. the apples, of course, do not fall far from the trees.

good vlog, pamela.

john jay

Dec 8, 2006 04:41 PM

That’s right. Democrats are gonna get all Derrida on Bush’s 6-year-old failed text.

There are some self-appointed vlog critics in the audience however:

Webutante :

Love your work, deary. It’s the best. And love the home atmosphere and the realism of dogs, kids and body-nazi equipment. However, there were too many distractions in this one–barking dogs, ringing phones–to be effective. You’ve got such an important message, so don’t let it be drowned out by too much domestic chaos cuteness.

And keep up the great work, Pamela.

Dec 9, 2006 04:44 AM

WJ :

Agree with your vblog, but one critique. Can you please record your content in a location where a dog won’t bark in the background and a phone is ringing??

Dec 9, 2006 05:09 AM

Don’t listen to them, Pamela. Don’t let the haters cramp your style!

Herr Doktor Bimler

Divine, in Female Trouble, has the same eyebrows and the same hairline:
Admittedly they differ slightly in body type, but I’m beginning to suspect some kind of family connection. Don’t be surprised if John Waters is behind Pam’s vlog.


“Oh yes, please deary, sweetness, cuteness. Don’t let your message get drowned out by your “annoying” home life. We have a very limited tolerance for stay-at-home mommies.”

Dear God! I suddenly feel the need to stick up for Pammy on basic feminist principles. Not that she would ever notice.

For the second night in a row, I must leave S,N! to go make myself a VERY STRONG drink. I might even need some lithium (old school!) to deal with this shit.

This is totally f**ked up!

[shuffles away…”huh? wha?”…grumble grumble…]


Please note: In the first paragaoh of the abovev comment to my fest post,post in my first paragraph of the above coment, I’m mocking her wingnut crazy supporters (specifically, john jay and webutante


It takes some mighty powerful intelleksul powers to look at the 06 election results and conclude that “everyone who voted for Bush is behind him.”

Reality? I’m a wingnut! Reality is whatever the little purple dwarves hiding in my closet tell me it is! Hey.. get away.. not the thorazine… Nooooo…


Hey Mikey-
You forgot about the tweakers inability to refrain from explaining everything and talking incessently about the people out to get them. I remember once when I had to convince (or I tried to at least) someone that there were not agents climbing up the side of the building with giant suckers attatched to their hands and feet. Oh, memories. Flooding back now.


The following is juvenile as hell, but hey, it’s Pammy we’re talking about.

Fire up the YouTube link and let it load. Leave the sound off, go do something else for as long as needed. When it’s done, use your mouse to grab the cursor and slide it erratically back and forth. Watch SlamMastaPam whip out mad gangsta sign! Whee!


I’ve seen references to Pam over at Jesus’ General but this was my first time to see her speak.

Did she do any preparation whatsoever for her “monologue”? It struck me as amateurish (to say the least). Why was she doing it in a gym? why didn’t she turn off her phone?

If she thinks we need to show our support for Bush in his war, why doesn’t she offer her services to the military? I think that would be the most emphatic way of showing support. Rambling on YouTube about “leftards” and “demoncrats” sure isn’t accomplishing much – look at Iraq! Her comments were just ridiculous and stupid. Perhaps we could call them “hot air”?

if it weren’t for her looks, she’d be selling used cars. I guess we’ll have to put up with her and Coulter for another 10 years or so. After that, it’ll be onto more traditional freakshows – at the circus.


Well, I don’t know from meth, but I do know that I got Leftard Dhimmicrat Lieberal Media Sunday Ticket free for three months when I got my satellite service. If Pam can afford a home gym like that, certainly she can shell out a little for Direct TV.


Fire up the YouTube link and let it load. Leave the sound off, go do something else for as long as needed. When it’s done, use your mouse to grab the cursor and slide it erratically back and forth. Watch SlamMastaPam whip out mad gangsta sign! Whee!

Yeah, I was gonna make a movie of that, but I figured it’d take longer than 10 minutes.


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