Upper-Class Twit of the Year Award

While scouting for wingnuttery at the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page yesterday, I found this astounding letter to the editor that was so special that I just had to scan it and share:


Here is the text:

When the Democrats say they want to narrow the wealth gap, what they’re really saying is that they want to limit success.

“The rich have been very successful at evading taxes for the past six years, and now the Democrats want to stop them. For shame!”

In the ideology of the Democrats, it is unfair for one person to rise above others.

Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever discussed that idea with my Democratic comrades, but I’ll be sure to bring it up at our next cell meeting. (Ironically, the last time I went to Drinking Liberally, I spent a lot of the time talking with this dude Tim about bond prices and treasury yields.)

It is their philosophy that the tide should lift all boats the same amount.

And it is the Republican philosophy that the tide should only lift the big boats, while the little ones should be let to sink.

The successful minimum eage earners…

Nothin’ says success like earnin’ minimum wage! Nothin’!

…at Burger King aren’t waiting around for the government to give them a raise. They are working to become assistant managers, then managers, then owners of their stores and finally owners of several stores.

True fact: 130% of people who work hard at Burger King go on to own several of their own stores. Really, I read it in the Journal’s editorial page.

They have increased their own wages working within our capitalistic system. This is called success and the Democrats are against it, because successful people don’t require the Democrat Party to supply their every need.

No, successful people rely on the Republican Party to supply them with all sorts of subsidies, tax loopholes and other goodies to keep their boats rising higher than everyone else’s.

Wal-Mart is disliked by Democrats (and unions) because it is a success story.

And Terrell Owens is disliked by Eagles fans because he’s so good at catching passes.

Starting with one store, Wal-Mart has grown to thousands of stores. The workers are free to advance themselves- if they wish- without government or union interference. If the increase in the minimum wage is passed, some workers may wait around for the next raise rather than seek success.

Yes, the Wal-Mart workers will be so fat and happy living off of $7.25 an hour that they will never have any ambition to make more money ever.

Of couse, the amount of the minimum wage increase will be determined by the government, not the marketplace.

That tends to be how the minimum wage works, yes.

Neil Houston
St. Augustine, Fla.

I picture Neil looking something like this:

“A-haw-haw-haw! Daddy’s trust fund has made me rich! Rich!”

UPDATE: Thank God for YouTube. This is one of teh funniest scenes from one of teh funniest shows evar:


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I have a Porsche.


Paul M.- very astute. I’m glad I’m not the only Lord Snot fan out there.


Some of us are old enough to remember when MTV showed The Young Ones AND crappy new wave videos.


You mean… MTV used to be good??!! (I was born in ’79, I started watching just as it started to suck… Headbanger’s Ball was pretty kewl for a while though…)


Are we sure this guy doesn’t their editorials and got tired of not getting his name in print?


Neil deserves a pat on the head for reciting the tenets of Republicanism so well. Good boy. Now, sit.


But I thought Neil was the hippy….


I spotted a typo:

The workers are free to advance themselves – if they wish – without government or union interference.

How about this:

The workers are free to advance themselves – if they move – without government or union interference.


Crud! I can identify Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, and I’ve got a couple good guesses as to some others, but the fourth high-class twit looks like David Tennant and I know that’s not right: Tennant’s a lot younger than Laurie or Fry.

Great. Now I’m more concerned with the YouTube than the Republican wankery. Oh well, it was old talking points anyway.


Emma Thompson is the chick, y’know.


You missed Emma Thompson.

Best. Young Ones. Episode. Ever.

(World’s biggest bottom-burp?)


Damn you, brad!


I’m going to wish for a six-figure income right now. No one interfere or you’ll screw up my plan!

Does anyone know why we (commenters here, not necessarily part of any group, but still liberal) are able to understand how they (wingnuts, devotees to the Republican Party, junior brownshirts) think, but they don’t understand how we think? They ascribe some pretty bizarre beliefs to basically anyone who is not a fascist. We joke around about their beliefs, but they seem dead serious. They describe things backwards. Not just a little off, but completely wrong. How did they get like this? Is the answer any more complex than they are just stupid? Do we always have to fall back on psychological explanations for their delusions?


These people just don’t get it… or they do and choose to be decietful. I am a liberal, a disabled vet and I have a BA in Business. We KNOW that it takes capital to create jobs… we KNOW that a person should be worth what they bring to the table… we KNOW that there will be different levels available to each according to his ambition, talents and dedication.

What we object to is the UNWARRANTED wealth that sucks from all our pockets to line the few… THOSE WHO DON’T EARN IT by mutually determining the compensation (boards and executives) those who get paid $400 million to retire on! Yes, we do have a right to complain about those things.. on a number of capitalistic points!!!!!

1) Publicly owned companies are supposed to the benefical to the shareholders (the owners). Paying $millions that aren’t warranted takes from our earnings, weakens the company, steals from the ability to increase our business.

2) The market place is where, in a capitalistic society, the winners and losers are determined. Those who are the most productive, meet the needs of the consumer best and continue to develop products win the customers business. Supply-side economics is like COMMUNISM where each company is GIVEN ACCORDING TO ITS NEEDS. The tax savings should go to the consumer and let them determine the winners. This has multiple advantages that Repubicans and Conservatives will refuse to look at!
2a) Yes, it will increase the cost of products because the increased tax burden will be passed on.
2b) Only the customers buying THAT product or service will pay the tax, not everyone.
2c) The best companies will try to minimize the cost being passed on in a truely competitive market.

3) Executive salaries would be seen as having more of an impact on the bottom line (those $millions start to add up) and the boards will have to demand that executives bring to the table something to justify their compensation.

4) Those who whine about burger flippers moving up to managers being “cheated” from their opportunity are just plain decptive and they know it… How many times has a plant been closed down because it was “not making enough profit” or “too costly to upgrade”? How many could have been saved, for the overall health of the company in the long run if so much of the profits weren’t being sucked off by the upper tier?

So, to all those people screaming COMMUNISTS… just shut up. Your arguements are childish, immature, would be returned for major rewriting by a 3 grade teacher for lack of evidence, logic and conclusions.


Is the 4th twit Tony Robinson?


I have a cunning cameo…

Hate Encrusted Eyes

How did they get like this? Is the answer any more complex than they are just stupid? Do we always have to fall back on psychological explanations for their delusions?

Anti communist inflation.
You see after 1917 a segment of America’s leaders developed a homey simplistic ideology of free market freedom to spread among the under educated and politically uninvolved in order to innoculate them from possible red ideas.

The problems started when certain unscrupulous academics, politicians and journalists kept blurring the lines between violent revolutionary communists and anyone else they didn’t like. Soon anything that they didn’t like was being called communist. First socialists were demonized and forced out of the public discussion. Then unions. Then social organizations that help the poor. Finally we have reached the absurdist situation of today where the ideas that the Founding Fathers looked to to build the Republic – Liberalism – are depicted as communist totalitarian evil.

Communist inflation has literally demented a large segment of the voting American public. They can not see reality. They only see what their free-market-freedom ideology dictates, which increasing is whatever conservative bobble heads on TV say it is (reason and fact not necessary). If the holy baby jesus came back and said that Congress raising the minimum wage was a good thing, these ideologues would shoot the risen Christ rather than change their mind.

What can be done?
Ridicule. Education. Persistence. Generational change


That’s still hilarious. Also, gah, what an amazing guest cast – Robbie Coltrane, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, and Mel Smith. In the same episode.


Yeah, that’s EXACTLY why we hate T.O.

That reference alone makes me love you, Bradrocket


Darren – a union steward quoted in a recent Malcolm Gladwell piece (about how the lack of universal health care is killing American big business) has nailed it: the corporate elites have such class consciousness that they are willing to see their companies collapse before getting branded as Bolsheviks down at the country club.


This is totally off topic, but I thought I would give a heads up about the silly trolling happening at WoC! It seems that those Xmas Saviors –The Marley Bros–have discovered SZ ‘s blog and have been well…..scrambling to make it seem like they are the most brave and most holy people because they want to force others to say “Merry Christmas” to them and….well, you have to see:



The fourth posh kid is played by Ben Elton, the co-creator/co-writer of the series.

The More You Know.


Oh, come on. We all know Neil is right! Each & every worker at Burger King can become a manager, then an owner, then a franchiser. I am going to write Neil about investing in my plan. I have 5 names, each sends me $100. Then they each get 5 others…


Why don’t we just raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour and then everyone will be happy?


Why don’t we just raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour and then everyone will be happy?

Glad to see you on board, limpo.


Man I love that show.

Is that Hugh Laurie from Black Adder playing Lord Monty?


Just think about it. If we raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour, then everyone making minimum wage now will suddenly be earning FOUR TIMES AS MUCH! Then they will be really happy and everyone will do a happy dance and there will be no more wars.

Who says we can’t end poverty?! I can’t believe the secret has been lying here right under our noses all this time! Why didn’t someone think of this a long time ago?


Poor limpy, he thinks he grasps something, then he turns and runs with it.

Unfortunately, it takes him a LONG time to figure out his hands are as empty as his mind.


When I started reading that letter I coulda sworn it was our own Kevin of Photoshop from a few threads down…I am more and more convinced about the faxed weekly Republicunt talking points. If only we could get Brad R. or Gavmo on that list…


The fact is exasperated hyperbole wins every debate. Every time.


It is their philosophy that the tide should lift all boats the same amount.

I thought it was Reagan who said that a rising tide lifts all boats? So now not even Reagan is acceptable to the right-wing? Do they actually believe in anything?


ACK!!!! Please somebody close that blinky tag – I want NO association with anything to do with “Mustache Ride” Bolton…


There’s fuckin’ room to move as a fry cook. I could be manager in two years. King. God.


Is that Hugh Laurie from Black Adder playing Lord Monty?
Why yes, it is. And that’s Emma Thompaon as Ms. Moni Sterling.


When I started reading that letter I coulda sworn it was our own Kevin of Photoshop from a few threads down…

You know, I had the very same thought. Hey, let’s go ask him if he did write that letter, since the poor kid is STILL commenting in that thread from Friday night.


Who’da thunk Lord Monty would grow up to be a surly, misanthropic crippled American doctor?

This was probably the best episode of a great series, although my favorite line was from “Bomb”:

Rick: “What are you doing, Neil?”
Neil: “I’m painting myself white to deflect the blast.”

And it’s been so long since I’d seen it, that I had no idea that all those people were guest stars, since when I watched it back in the early eighties, they weren’t famous here yet.

Thanks for this. You guys are the shit.



*sniff* They don’t make ’em like that anymore…


Shoelumpy, your logic is as flawed as Mr. Rumsfeld’s.
And you see what his version of reality got him.
Every, EVERY time the subject of minimum wage increase comes up, the far righties exclaim “It will kill job creation!!”
And every time they’ve been wrong.
Every. Time.
Will you learn, or be doomed to The Dustbin….
I can’t do it.


Putting more money in the hands of working-class people is bound to hurt the economy somehow.


Someday I will make it there…

I’ve signed up for the DL mailing list, since I obvioulsy can’t count on that dirty commie BradR, to remind his brothers of their duty to their fellow man. He also refuses to keep my appointment calendar for me – typical dirty hippie.


off topic, gavin, but but congrats to sadly, no! for being nominated as a finalist in the 2006 weblog awards.

it’s an honor to be singled out, and any blog that gets to the finals should be very, very proud.

we know that skippy sure is!




It’s starting to seep out!




geez skippy.

Okay, everyone put their pants back on. We wouldn’t want to wreck this for the proprietors, now would we?


The workers are free to advance themselves- if they wish- without government or union interference.

Victories of the U.S. Labor Movement:

1648 – Boston shoemakers and coopers form guilds.
1827 – The first citywide labor council forms in Philadelphia.
1837 – Andrew Jackson declares a 10-hour workday in Philadelphia Navy Yard.
1868 – The first (limited) federal 8-hour day takes effect.
1874 – The union label is used for the first time by the Cigar Makers International Union.
1882 – First Labor Day Celebration takes place in New York City.
1885 – The Foran Act bans immigration of laborers brought in under contract to break strikes.
1886 – The American Federation of Labor forms with Samuel Gompers as its first president.
1906 – The International Typographical Union successfully strikes for an 8-hour day.
1935 – The Social Security act is approved.
1936 – The Walsh-Healey Act sets safety standards, minimum wage, overtime pay and child labor provisions on all federal contracts.
1938 – A federal minimum wage law takes effect.
1955 – The AFL and CIO reunite.
1964 – The Civil Rights Act prohibits employment discrimination.
1993 – The Family and Medical Leave Act is passed.
2006 – Wal-Mart liberates employees from union interference.

It all makes sense now!


Personal favorite Y.O. exchange, and I do not know why:

Mike: It’s nice to have a front door.
Vyvyan: We had a front door at the last house.
Rick: Yes, Vyvyan, but it was nailed to the ceiling in the living room.


Ah, the poor poor pitiful rich. 2% of ’em own half the world’s wealth. They’d be grateful if only they could own a little bit more.

The Goodies is periodically available for downloading on UKNova.

For those fortunate enough to have access to the BBC, Absolute Power is another worthy show that got its start on radio and evolved into an outstanding television show starring Stephen Fry and John Bird.

Steve Coogan – famous for Coogan’s Run and the Alan Partridge series which are highly recommended, has concocted a new character, Tommy Saxondale; an aging ex-roadie turned suburban pest controller with an anger management problem. YouTube has several samples of the show.

Another addictive show that ran for two seasons is Bodies.


The poor poor pitiful rich. 2% of ’em own half the world’s wealth. They’d be grateful if only they could own a little bit more.

The Goodies is periodically available for downloading on UKNova.

For those fortunate enough to have access to the BBC, Absolute Power is another worthy show that got its start on radio and evolved into an outstanding href=”http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/guide/articles/a/absolutepower_999031110.shtml”>television show starring Stephen Fry and John Bird.

Steve Coogan – famous for Coogan’s Run and the Alan Partridge series which are highly recommended, has concocted a new character, Tommy Saxondale; an aging ex-roadie turned suburban pest controller with an anger management problem. YouTube has several samples of the show.

Another addictive show that ran for two seasons is Bodies


lemonheads, I believe you misunderstand me. I think that raising the minimum wage is the greatest idea since sliced bread. People who only make minimum wage can’t make enough to live on. That is bad. I feel that raising the minimum wage will actually increase job creation as well as providing living wages for those who are currently either on the brink of poverty or about to fall under it. Let’s face it: raising the minimum wage will halt poverty in its tracks forever. It is the most ingenius strategy in my opinion that has ever been conceived. I wish I had thought of it.


And it is the Republican philosophy that the tide should only lift the big boats, while the little ones should be let to sink.

Nonsense. Some of the little boats should be saved, so that they can be used as markers in yacht racing courses.

And then perhaps for firing practice.


In British Columbia, the benevolent *cough* liberal *hack* premier established a special lower minimum wage of $6.00/hr for new entrants to the labour market. For their wage to creep up to the $8.00 minimum, they have to work 500 hours. Even before the labour shortage hit, surveyed employers said they wouldn’t lower wages for new workers.

The minimum daily pay regulations used to stipulate that a worker had to be paid for at least 4 hours even if the employee worked less than four. That’s been reduced to two.


lemonheads? how atypically pedantic of you.


A little OT perhaps, but definately adds another nail in the coffin of Conservative Economic Truthiness



How long do you have to work at Burger King before you are crowned “The Burger King” and all your loyal subjects must do your bidding with their partially hydrogenated goodness?

And when will YouTube post the video of Karl Rove making Neil fetch a stick?


Shorter shrub: Would you terrorfasciliberalhomolamunists stop the partisan namecalling and embrace my call for bipartisanship on Iraq?


jpj – imagine how much richer Paris Hilton would be if she had spent a few years flipping burgers at Wendy’s? It’s perplexing how many people pass up on the fast track to billionaire status that is the minimum wage job.


What are you doing, Neil?
To make a meal, Neil? – it’s surreal –
From totalitarian vegetables.
How much does it cost, Neil?

Combining Young Ones and Python references in the same post, you sure know how to please the crowds.


OT, but Orson Scott Card, author of “EMPIRE” was on the Thom Hartmann show today. I believe you can hear it at whiterosesociety.org , which archives Thom’s shows.


Forgot to add, OSC was on at the top of the third hour. Of the December 6 show.

Did I forget anything else?


If it wasn’t for my friend Rick here, I would be giving executive relief to woodland creatures to this very day – Bambi



No offense Mr. Limpy, but I thought the greatest idea ever was invading Iraq? How’d that turn out anyway?


Suddenly, I have a hankering for lentils…

Also, I seem to recall Motorhead doing “Ace of Spades” on the YO house party episode. Good times…


This letter gets run about once a week in either the Athens paper or the Atlanta rag. Always the same condescending tone, always the same broad strokes and simplistic coneptualizations, always the same disconnect with anything close to reality, and always – always – the implicit sneering glee at the thought of someone worse off financially and, thus, an inferior human being.

And then, usually there’s a letter railing about how awful the rest of the country is compared to us honorable, moral, nicer-than-everyone-else Southerners, and I have to wander off for a little peace and quiet.


Invading Iraq wasn’t an “idea.” It was a necessity.


Meanwhile, here’s an unsurprising piece of news.

Sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location




Unnamed sources in the Islamist Hamas terror organization, currently holding power in the Palestinian Authority, said today that a Hamas delegation met with senior members of the American Democratic party. According to the Hamas sources, the meeting took place in a third party country that is unwilling to be identified at this stage.

Hamas spokespersons have said that the Democratic party victory in the recent US mid-term congressional elections indicate a change in the US policy towards the Hamas-led PA.


Oh Gary, you are so adorable.


So, I wonder if Mr. Murtha, Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Clyburn, Mr. Reid, and Mr. Durbin enjoyed their stay in Jordan to recieve their marching orders from their allies in the Axis of Evil.


“Invading Iraq wasn’t an “idea.â€? It was a necessity”

And the color of the sky in your world is?

A country that had been broken by sacntions, run by an aging dictator who’s only remaning ambition was to die in bed, a country with no stocks of chemical weapons, with UN weapons inspectors crawling all over it, a goverment with no links to Ossam Ben Laden, this we needed to invade? This was a necessity?

it wasn’t a necessity, it was a choice, actually it was a mistake – the worst mistake this country has made since the end of WW2 made by vain and shallow men living in a fact free bubble of their own making. It could be comical if people weren’t dying every day.


Gary, you are so pre-election. Shoelimpy is teh new uber-troll. May I suggest a little internecine discussion at RNC Trolls-R-Us? Don’t bother to let us know how it turns out.


Here’s a service made for blogging neocons and other losers.

Internet loners seeking online popularity, take note: You can now be a luminary without the burden of having real friends.

A new service is capitalizing on the rush for cyber-eminence by offering attractive models to pose as friends on MySpace and Facebook, the two most populated social networks.

For 99 cents US a month, a model of your choice will add him or herself to your online profile and leave two comments a week — that you write yourself — making you seem quite the tomcat.


I’ve never met such a blatantly unsubtle troll. Have I been looking under the wrong bridges?


obTriv: Fry, Laurie and Thompson all went to Cambridge (and were in the Footlights).


See, in Gary’s world TALKING is bad. War, killing, blowing up neighborhoods and dropping bombs on children, that’s fine. But if you TALK to people, especially people you don’t agree with, that’s unforgivable. Jeez, Gary, I know I’ve said it before, but you need to spend a little time in a war zone. I guaranatee you’ll come out with a whole new appreciation for talking…



Gary Ruppert = Brad and Gavin, Ashplant. Haven’t you been around?


How do you do it, Gary? Is it really just a matter of maintaining focus on the equation “DEMOCRATS = EVIL”? Is that what allows you to assume the trustworthiness of an “unnamed source” within Hamas, a terrorist organization? Tell me, if the unnamed Hamas source had said that Condi Rice had met with Hamas leaders in an undisclosed third country on her last trip to the region, would you assume it was true? Or is it only true because it conforms to your presuppositions?


no no, Brad and Gavin = Wondertwins.

haven’t you seen their matching lockets?


What the heck was that show? Funny, just wondering what it was….


yes, that makes Travis into “Gleek”, and Seb into Space Ghost.

also not a far stretch.


Wonder Twins = Superfriends


crap. Space ghost wasn’t on that show. still…. and Retardo as himself.


int thefactis(void);


The current U.S. national minimum wage is $5.15 per hour of work. Since this rate was set in 1996, inflation has overtaken the gains provided by this 10-year-old increase.

Washington State’s minimum wage is increasing from $7.63 to $7.93 as of January 1, 2007. And it will be tied to the inflation rate moving forward. For reference, our unemployment rate is 5.1%.


at 0:09, Thomas Vazzano said,
What the heck was that show? Funny, just wondering what it was….

It’s a clip from The Young Ones, a show that ran for two seasons on BBC in the early 80s. Written by Ben Elton, Rik Mayall & Lisa Mayer, and starring Rik Mayall (PRick, the anarchist), Adrian Edmundson (Vyvyan, the metal head), Nigel Planer (Neil, the hippie), Chistopher Ryan (Mike, the self-described cool person) and Alexei Sayle (the Balowski family) – oh, and Special Patrol Group, Vyvyan’s Glaswegian hamster.

It’s the sort of show you’d be doing yourself a favour to seek out, anarchic, violent and stupidly funny. Much the same could be said about Bottom, btw., an early 90s show featuring Rik Mayall as Rick and Ade Edmundson as Eddie Elizabeth Hitler.


Gremlins are afoot at Sadly, No, Annie. You better watch out.


Gremlins? That sounds Satanistic.

How are things?


Things are things, as usual. Did you see that story about Andy Dick?

I hear he’s going to be the next Kramer.


iamcoyote said,

December 6, 2006 at 22:49

Suddenly, I have a hankering for lentils…

Also, I seem to recall Motorhead doing “Ace of Spades� on the YO house party episode. Good times…

Mike: Music!


That’s hilarious. I don’t think he should have to apologize to anyone. He was just mocking current events. 🙂

I wonder when he’ll be going on Letterman, with David Foley. 😉


Oh look, Shoelimpy is having a conversation with his not-so-secret identity, annieangel. Or is it the other way around?

In any event, by any name, a true idiot.


It is their philosophy that the tide should lift all boats the same amount.

No, it’s our philosophy that people not lucky enough to own boats do not deserve to drown in your proverbial rising tide.


Well, NewsRadio wasn’t exactly Seinfeld. Probably the best he will get is the Adam Corolla Show.

And BTW, this just in: Democrats Have Ties to Terrorists


Oh. My. God.

This is unsane!!! I wonder when they are meeting with Osama himself, secretly of course.

Thanks, Shoe. 🙂 I liked News Radio better than Seinfeld.


And BTW, this just in: Democrats Have Ties to Terrorists

**Makes wanking motion**

Yawn. Hamas was the political party that won the last PA democratically run elections. We may not like it, but dialog with the people who run the PA is actually necessary when dealing with Israel and the Palestinians.

Besides, US energy companies and the Bush state department were wining and dining Taliban “officials” IN DC, right up until 9/11, hoping to get persmission for oil and nat. gas pipes through Afghanistan. What say you to that?


I hear Nancy Pelosi has Osama on speed dial.

News Radio was funnier than Seinfeld, I agree, but it didn’t quite reach the pop culture status.


I didn’t really think Seinfeld was funny.

What was the big deal about it being about nothing?? That’s not original, Cheers was way more about nothing than Seinfeld.

And it had better quotes, too.


George made me laugh once.


George is the only funny character on the show.

I need to go out for a bit, baby. I’ll be back soon. 🙂


Aren’t annie and limpy cute? It’s like if Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were internet trolls.


In other news, Republicans have Communist ties

At the height of the cold war, embroiled in Vietnam, the President of the United States of America went to China to meet with communists?

The fact is that the Republicans wanted the US to lose the cold war. They’re not just the opposition, they’re on the other side.


Man, there’s a whole lotta pie-liking goin’ on in here.


I think i prefer BLT


And really – who doesn’t like pie?


I haveta admit, it’s awfully funny to see a whole string of shoelimpy and annie posts exclaiming how much they like pie. It brings a smile to my face in a way that having to read their posts normally doesn’t..


Motorhead plays “Ace of Spades” in this episode of “Young Ones”, which was called “Bambi”. Here’s the whole script if you like.

My favorite bit:

[Establishing shot of a Rolls-Royce driving out of Footlights College. SCENE: Back seat, four rich kids: Kendal Mintcake, Miss Money-Sterling, Lord Snot, and Lord Monty.]

All: [singing] Rah, rah, rah, we’re going to smash the oiks! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Lord Monty: You know, it’s a rotten shame. I went to see the Careers Officer in Big College yesterday, and he said all he’d got left is chairman of British Rail! Well, I wanted to be Director General of the BBC.

Lord Snot: Yes, it’s rotten, they gave it to Skapper just because he directed our world tour of “Hamlet” and wrote our hilarious revue, “What Ho, Darkie”. Honestly, chairman of a nationalized industry — I’d rather be a Cabinet Minister!

Kendal Mintcake: Well, I’m alright, ’cause my Daddy’s bought me the Socialist Workers’ Party for my birthday!

Miss Money-Sterling: At least we’re going to smash the oiks at Scumbag College in University Challenge. [The Young Ones]

Lord Snot: We’ve just got time before my balls drop!

[SCENE: Vyv, Neil, Rick, and Mike, covered in mud and hitchhiking at the side of the road.]


[…] prove to be more absurdly funny than anything Will Ferrell could ever do.  Check out the letter to the editor at the Wall Street Journal Sadly, No! has up.  Their dissection is, as usual, exceptional. […]


i gotta go out for a bit baby i’ll brb 🙂


oh ok 🙂


my fave from the YO was:
“Hands up, who likes Neil?” and they all drop their hands on floor… it applies here too

and to stay On Topic: i bet the Neil on the WSJ letters page is an asshole wannabe rich person with a faux italianate/tuscan home on a .25 ac lot in a gated subdivision near the PGA golfcourse (neil u r a dick…)


Y’know, I’m really developing an appreciation for pie I never had before…



I’m back. 🙂


Did you laugh all the way to the bank, and all the way back?

I just love doing that.


Yes I did. 🙂

And I rented Juon 2. I hope it’s scary!


Juon 2? I’ve never heard of Juon 1!


The Grudge. 🙂 It’s part two, but it’s the Japanese one.


The Japanese are scary. I once saw a Japanese commercial where some Japanese girl starts making out with a bear in the middle of the street and then some like milk pops out.


The fact is pie likes me.


The fact is Lou keeps biting my catchphrase.


I saw that too. 🙂 I love that crazy show where the Japanese people do all the crazy stuff. That show rules. 🙂


Wild Extreme Crazy Kids for Japanese go Bonzai Tree?

Something like that?


I think that’s what it’s called. 🙂

Japanese is such an ugly language. I wish this movie was dubbed.


Damn!! I’m full. Aren’t you guys full? That’s a helluva lotta pie…



Normally, my blood pressure right now would be pretty high. Even with all that pie, however, it is surprisingly low.


Hell yeah, John, I’m at piece with pie…



Dub it yourself! Just read along with the subtitles 😉


It’s too scary, I can’t look!

This movie is whacked.


Whackeder than the American Grudge 1?


It’s looks like it’s from the 70’s. But it’s not. I thought Japan was all modern and stuff. It’s all just propaganda. There isn’t one robot in this.


The Japanese are well known liars.


They are also promoting ancsestor worship as protection against grudge monsters!!!! Heathens.


They will all get eaten by the grudge monsters anyway, I am sure.


um…guys, seriously don’t feed the trolls. If you click through to the Jerusalem Post article it mentions a Democratic meeting with Hamas exactly zero times. The other link – the one that was excerpted – is to IsraelNationalNews.com, a far-right-wing propaganda outlet (think Drudge meets Meir Kahane…with lower standards for truth and accuracy), and is a two-graf, non-bylined, anonymously-sourced story.

Yeah. Not so much, annie and shoe.


This movie is going to give me nightmares! I bet only one of them lives.


Ok, Shoe. Go rent this. Double dog dare ya.


Or maybe none. Those Japanese are bloodthirsty heathens.

You shouldn’t watch movies that give you nightmares, Miss Annie.


They all died. Except for the half-grudge monster baby.

There is one scene where she’s giving birth…..waaaaaaaaaaay too much.


I told you they were bloodthirsty heathens, Miss Annie.

Did you avert your eyes during the waaaaaaaay too much scene?


You should watch this, Miss Annie.

It is more peaceful and pleasant 🙂


I left the room but came right back in. 🙂


You should have stayed out of the room. Juon babies are too much for Annie Angels’s!


Well at first she gave birth to the full sized original lady grudge monster. 🙂 That is when I left the room and came right back in. 🙂 It turned into a baby again before she woke up. (she had passed out)


You have an interesting taste in cinema, Miss Annie 🙂


I wonder if I can get “Naked Again” through the library? It doesn’t exist online as far as I can tell. Only the blurb about dude running naked thruogh Cannes to promote it.


I don’t think it exists anywhere, Miss Annie, except for one time in the middle of the nighton some God forsaken TV station. And perhaps in Sweden.


Well, that’s one way to lengthen a post.


Hehehehehehe. You love God forsaken television. 😉 When you’re not blushing and leaving the room and coming right back in. 🙂

Although it would make a good slogan for Showcase.

God forsaken TV. 🙂


I thought that was their slogan?


Television without borders, is their real slogan. Television without morals works too. 🙂


I think Canadians don’t know what morals are.


They know, they just don’t care. They’re too drunk.


And probably watching hockey, or dreaming about watching hockey.


Or playing hockey. Or letting their cars idle in Canadian Tire parking lots. 🙂 If one more person asks me, “is there an American Tire?”, I’m going to start saying “yes, it owns Canadian Tire. ” 🙂


Nothing in Canada is owned by Canadians, they are too drunk to know how to own their own stuff 🙂 Even Tim Horton’s is owned by Wendy’s 🙂


Hehehehe. Yep. And don’t forget Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. :):) Hehehehe.

They do put little maple leafs in all the fast food chain titles, so you know you’re at the Canadian version of the chain. 😀


Is there an American Tire?


The fact is, yes. It own’s Canadian Tire. 🙂


Owns. Sorry about that. 🙁 I’ve been trying to be a better typer and grammar nazi. Failing, though.


It is ok, Miss Annie. I happen to think that apostrophes are fun 🙂


I think shopping is fun. 🙂 I am so happy I’m coming back to Texas for Christmas. Thank you so much for the tickets, baby. 🙂


You are welcome, Miss Annie 🙂 I guess some would think shopping is more fun that apostrophes 😉


Especially shopping in the Holy Land…..Dallas. 😀


Some consider it the Holy Land, Miss Annie 🙂


Yes, I miss Dr. BLT. I feel bad, I called him stupid once, but this current thread made me realize I hadn’t really seen the true depths of stupid.


Can we go to South Padre if I’m a good girl?? 😉


Say, “yes”, not “perhaps!!”


Or yes, perhaps 😉


Perhaps I won’t be a good girl then! 🙂


Who said anything about perhaps?


Could someone get a mop for the fluids?


I guess I have to kill myself now.


My favorite pumpkin pie recipe…

1 1/4 cups pumpkin puree, canned or fresh
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon all-purpose flour
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup evaporated milk, undiluted
2 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 unbaked pastry shell (9-inch)

Combine pumpkin, sugar, salt, spices, and flour in a medium mixing bowl. Add eggs; mix well. Add evaporated milk, water, and vanilla; mix well. Pour into pastry-lined pie pan. Bake at 400° for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 350° and bake about 35 minutes longer, or until center is set.

It’s mighty yummy. My only weakness is that I still haven’t mastered the art of making my own pie crusts. Maybe I’ll work on that over Christmas break. It’s especially good with homemade whipping cream – add just a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla to the cream before you put it in the whipped cream machine.


I just want people to know I’ve moved on since then.


The dude from House and Emma Thompson…how have I never seen this before?


Jillian, I’d add some allspice and nutmeg to that recipe just to spice it up a bit more.

Just curious, however – is anyone besides Mikey, RB and myself using the antitroll script?

If so, can I get a show of hands for eliminating the posts all together rather than just changing them all to “I like pie!”? It might be nice to not even know that they are posting.


So you’re a mensch are you, Shoe? Are you going to dump me for Pamela? 😉

What’s a mensch anyway??? And why are you blushing????


There is no blushing, Miss Annie. I don’t know what a mensch is. I am not going to dump you for Miss Atlas.


“Miss” Atlas???? Just how close are you two????


I barely know the woman, Miss Annie.



And you ARE blushing. I can tell. You said “aw shucks”, that denotes blushing!


There is no need for denotions, Miss Annie. I simply made a statement to a woman who posted on our blog, I was not trying to denote anything. I think you are reading too much into things.


You’re cute when you’re blushing. 🙂


Your whole face turns red, even your ears and up into your hairline. 🙂 And the back of your neck. 🙂

It’s even cuter when you’re blushing and denying it at the same time. You go twice as red. 🙂


Mentchen never blush.


Cutie-pie. 🙂

You’re lucky I’m not the jealous type. If I were, I might think you had a crush on her. 😉


I am glad that you are not the jealous type, Miss Annie.


Sometimes you say things that make me want to smack you.

This is one of those time. 😛


Times. With an “s.”


I don’t remember saying that, Miss Annie.


You are gonna get such a spanking.


I am a good boy, Miss Annie.


Now it’s gonna hurt! 😛

Mensch indeed, don’t try to pun at me, baby!


I wasn’t punning! I am not a punster!


You’re going to be totally impossible today, aren’t you?


I bet you’re grinning. And strutting more than usual.


Only you can blush and strut at the same time.



Who ever said I was blushing? Or strutting, for that matter?


Does the language in the title of that letter bother anyone else? “…by Succeed”?


You always strut. 🙂

It’s part of your charm


So now I am the strutting mensch?


See? You say things like that, and there is really no response that isn’t a smack.


Maybe you’re just in a smacking mood today, Miss Annie 😉



in big red font!!!

The Power of the Ellipsis

Limpannie (TM): I’ve been trying to be a better… nazi.


Hey! That was uncalled for, Mr. Flirtypants!


Hey! I called for it!


salty, it looks like the last three letters of “Succeeding” were cut off (as were the last three letters of “Journal” above it). That’s my guess, anyway.


two hours?

that must be performance art.


hah, this site is weirdooo


heyy guys, what’s up? I hear there’s been some sort of interesting discussion up there. fill me in…=] ok then, or not


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