Mirengoff Destroys Space/Time Continuum

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Can AP’s credibility be restored?

You should keep hounding them to make a correction on the all-important Jamil Hussein story, Paul. The MSM’s inability to self-correct is what separates them from the rising tide of citizen-journalists who… Uh, because Rathergate, with the…

Is it cold in here? I think the entire universe just nulled out in some kind of meta-cosmic antimatter event.



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As part of clicking around on this AP blogswarm, I found out that the “Green Helmet Guy”, the right’s last big ‘AP is lying to us’ squall, was produced by AP and the wingnuts charges totally disproved.

Did you see the Powerline http://powerlineblog.com/archives/014992.php correction on that?

Or any of the wingnuts http://strata-sphere.com/blog/index.php/archives/2266 apologize for lying about the AP?

I didn’t think so.




The right wing does not need to correct itself. They are always objectively correct. It is their surrounding reality matrix which is subjective, and therefore, occasionally or often, erroneous. But THEY are always entirely truthful, and accurate, and righteous. GOD tells them so. Or Dubya does. Whatever.


What is it with lawyers and law professors? Reynolds, powerline, Althouse, Volohk & contributors- are they just overrepresented in blogoland in general and so more of teh stupids in wingnuttia are lawyers, or do lawyers have an extra helping of stupid?


On the contrary: I’m pretty sure that the right is trying to recapitulate Crisis On Infinite Earths, so a little universe-destruction is just part of the plan.


Lawyers are trained to ignore any facts that might harm their client’s case. Therefore they are perfectly suited for the nut-sphere.

If any normal person is asked about the thousands being killed in Iraq every month they think how terrible. A good lawyer however tries to get the jury to concentrate on one tiny inconsistancy in one story to somehow deflect the overwhelming truth.


heh heh, good lawyer


Honestly, I think it has to do with privilege. Being a lawyer is a very privileged position in our society, and what I get from the law bloggers is that they feel privileged. I at least can’t read something from Althouse or Reynolds or Powertools without feeling their sense of entitlement drip through the screen. And having that sense allows them to believe what they want without reflection.


OK, I be a lawyer, and I don’t be feelin’ all this yummy privilege. I’m believin’ Althouse, Reynolds et al. have another source. There’s also every chance they were jerks before they found law school. Or I wasn’t invited to the right lawyer club; that’s kinda a recurring life theme.


Some lawyers like to think that normal people just are not clever enough to handle the law. It is pretty pathetic, but is especially pronounced in Law Profs who had prestigious clerkships. Once the get the thrill of hanging out at the USSC they just know the are the smartiest smarties, and the rest of the profession are just dolts.

Considering the withering contempt they display to weak law students, they must consider normal folks to be retarded.


I have quite a few lawyer friends, and what irks the hell out of me is their smugness about being right in the sense of winning a case Vs. being right in the normal sense of having facts and logic on one’s side.

Jeezus H Kee Reist

Duh, it’s all about people named ‘Hussein.’

And the AP was/is a notorious Hussein backer, so….

Traitors and WMDs and math.



It’s like when you quote statute or constitution to cops. Pisses ’em off, like you’re not supposed to have access to that stuff…


Smiling Mortician

The right wing does not need to correct itself. They are always objectively correct.

Well, I guess that’s why they’re . . . y’know . . . the Right. Am I really the first one to say that on this thread?


That’s exactly why I always refer to the “Religious Wrong”. Ain’t nuttin’ right about ’em.


It’s a fallacy that lawyers are necessarily smart. My father’s a lawyer and he’s told me that a moderately intelligent chimpanzee could pass the bar. (He also doesn’t think that the Powerline boys are practicing trial lawyers)


Mikey – I’ve found out that, for our local Sheriff, asking the Deputy why he wants to see my license is ‘Refusal to Show ID’.

Luckily it didn’t effect me. But I’m down as a scofflaw–along with all the information on my DL.


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