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John Bolton Resigns as U.S. Ambassador to U.N.

By Peter Baker and William Branigin
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, December 4, 2006

President Bush today accepted the resignation of John R. Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, expressing deep disappointment that “a handful” of senators had blocked his confirmation last year.

Emphasis and ellipses Pam’s (as always):

Bush Accepts Bolton’s Resignation

Speechless …………….. hardly surprising. There is no way a man of John Bolton’s character would be the willing mouthpiece for the terrible foreign policy direction the administration has taken.

There is no way he would lie and put a happy face on something so very bad. What a stunning loss.

What is surprising is how quickly Bush rolled over………………. John Bolton was a loyal Bush stalwart. Clearly he was at odds with recent Bush policy decisions that were chock full of carrots but no sticks for savage bullies, but he never said a cross word. Never. Loyal. No wonder Bush is isolated.

A very bad day for America. The Bush Doctrine RIP.

We’re screwed.

When that third or fourth appletini kicks in, there’s going to be some dishware flying chez Geller.

…If she knows where the dishes are. On second thought, brace yourself for a hail of Dean & Deluca takeout trays and half-eaten containers of Lobster Empanadas Provençal With Peanut-Wasabi Foam (from that funky new place in Massapequa).


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Now he has more time to give mustache rides! Why can’t Pammycakes see the upside?


Celticgirl: You owe me a new mind’s eye!



Y’know, I was all set to ask where this post was.
*Pictures Pam’s kids asking if this means new daddy John won’t be getting them as much for Channukah*
Also, will this lower her chances of being allowed into Israel next time there’s conflict over there?


Now he can devote more time to gittin that goll durn rabbit.


Goo goo g’ joob….


What is surprising is how quickly Bush rolled over

Right, surprising.


The Bush Doctrine RIP.

Was there one of those?


What is surprising is how quickly Bush rolled over

Um, his recess appointment expires with the fighting 109th anyway, so it seems to me they played it our as long as they could…



The bush doctrine:

Lesse, cut some taxes. Start some wars. Throw a bunch of money to dicks friends. Clear some brush. Jack Daniel’s. Oh yeah, talk to god. Better cut some more taxes…



‘s’nowhere near as good as the post next to it (“Bush’s isolation”), wherein she blames Bush for not having enough sycophants and yes-men affirming all of his decisions. As if Bush’s problem in Iraq stems from him not being stubborn enough.


Less taxes = More money to buy Jack Daniel’s! It all makes sense now!


I like the fact that all over Blogtopiaâ„¢ (there ya go, skippy), the first thing people thought about was the screeching harpy.


Welcome to the rest of your term, W. This is going to be about as pleasant for you as a two-year root canal.


I think it’s a sad commentary on my state of mind that when I saw this breaking news was “I wonder how the shreiking harpy is reacting to this.”


so, I know trying to make sense of a Pam post is pointlessly futile, but how can Bolton be both a stalwart Bush loyalist AND be morally refusing to represent Bush’s foreign policies?


Now he can devote more time to gittin that goll durn rabbit.

But it’s duck season!

More fun with ellipses:

What is surprising is …John Bolton was… chock full of carrots.
…Bush is… very bad … for America. … We’re screwed.


Thanks for the correction, punkinsmom. I meant the shrieking harpy, not the screeching harpy.


I propose that Pam be nominated as his replacement…


Kathleen–stop trying to apply logic to anything Atlas types. You will only hurt yourself if you continue.

The real questions Bolton’s resignation raises are many:

Will the fact that the first thought most people had–and the first post many blogs had–upon hearing the news was “Oooooh! Pam is gonna explode!” even register with PammyCakes? (Probably not, since she has neither shame nor the sense to be humiliated.)

Did Bolton resign with Bush’s knowledge or approval? After all, it was obvious even to a dolt like Bolton that he wasn’t going to be confirmed. And he certainly doesn’t care about his country enough to serve without pay (which would have been the case if he’d taken another recess appointment). And his ego would not allow him to take the lower-rung title. So did he just take his mustache and go home?


Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but….


From wonkette’s comments:

Cogito Ergo Bibo says:

I still say that the pornstache must forever be Photoshopped onto Bolton’s replacement. Most especially if it’s a chick.

Looks like a new challange for the battle royale.


I thought all guys wanted to blow their own trumpet


Katherine Harris with Bolton’s mustache for U.N. Ambassador!


Is she still doing (ugh) vlogs? It would be nice to see the madness, after all. I’m atingle waiting for that combo of drunkenness, adenoids, and child abuse.


Now he has more time to give mustache rides!

projectile laughter!


Is she still doing (ugh) vlogs?

She posted an “election analysis” a couple of days ago. It’s as insightful as anything I’ve seen her post so far.


She starts if off by singing: If you’re feeling sad and lonely, there’s a service I can render. Yeah. I bet.


Lobster Empanadas Provençal With Peanut-Wasabi Foam

You forgot a ***** Warning: Top Chef Spoiler *******


Straight from the comments at Atlas Shrugs, I give you Pastorius, before whom sheep tremble:

The pussification of George Bush is discouraging men of intelligence from serving their country.

Posted by: pastorius | Monday, December 04, 2006 at 03:04 PM


Imperial Governors will have direct control over their territories.


thanks for the link Marita – that was awesome!

“you can avoid evil, but you can’t avoiding the consequences of avoiding evil.”

words to live by.


*ahem* I believe that woud be “the regional governors will have direct control over their territories”.

Geek? What??


The thing that offends me most about these wingnuts is the way they equate the ability to kill large numbers of foreigners with national strength. A truly strong nation has no need to kill large numbers of foreigners, indeed, a truly strong nation has substantially more friends than enemies…



I thought all guys wanted to blow their own trumpet.

That’s a good way to put an eye out.


Ah….the mikey gambit!

“The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

Don’t mind me tonight.


Hmmm. All of this blowing of horns, tightening of grips and Day by Day remixes now with 28% more self abuse – it does seem that there is a bit of an obsession around roughing up the usual suspects…



Righteous Bubba said,
The Bush Doctrine RIP.

Was there one of those?

RIP is the Bush Doctrine.

KILL ‘EM ALL!!!!1!!


– it does seem that there is a bit of an obsession around roughing up the usual suspects…

Why does that sound like another euphemism?

‘Scuse me, I’m going to go “rough up my usual suspects.”


‘Scuse me, I’m going to go “rough up my usual suspects.�

Howsabout “fun without Bush”?


“Roughing up the usual suspects” is one of my old faves. Right up there with “Bashing the bishop”…


Herr Doktor Bimler

When you’ve quite finished “extracting a confession”…


Extraordinary bonedition.

Herr Doktor Bimler

…Save it for Jillian’s “Convert the believers with our hot atheist bods” scheme. Stand up strong and firm for the cause.


Hey, I would be more than happy to go to the mat for a good deconversion. I’m truly dedicated to the cause. Just name your poison – if it’ll dissuade you from following your archaic superstitions anymore, you can probably talk me into it.


Maybe not Dean & Deluca … if I had to guess (as a New Yorker), I’m thinking she’s calling up Zabar’s and screaming at them to deliver a deli platter. Seriously – the salami selection alone is to die for.


Why is it that a post about the shreiking harpy has degenerated into euphemisms for mastubation? I think there may be something Freudian going on here. Anyone in touch with their subconscious?


‘Scuse me while I “get in touch with my subconscious….”


So what did happen to the money they were collecting to pay Bolton’s salary if Dubya tried to put him in as a recess appointment?


Why is it that a post about the shreiking harpy has degenerated into euphemisms for mastubation?

I’m fond of “firing the surgeon general”.

Herr Doktor Bimler

And by a great effort of will, I am refraining from any further speculation about the link between shrieking harpies and Blogenfreude’s salami selection.


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