Well, They Sure Told Us!

A couple of short things.

First, here’s FrontPageMagazine’s David Yeagley with “WE are Jesus, and YOU are the Pharisees”:

Amazingly, liberals have established an implied association with Christianity. Christian leftists like to think Jesus was a young radical socialist, and that the Pharisees were the old vanguard of tradition and conservatism. Jesus was the hero of social change, and ?progressive? ideology, and the Pharisees were like crusty old Republicans who cherished the tradition of the fathers.

But the Pharisees weren?t conservatives at all. The Pharisees were liberals. Jesus was the conservative.

See, the pharisees were rude and obnoxious, just like liberals are (sure, they’re supposed to nice and kind to everybody, but they wouldn’t even let Ralph Reed win a debate on “Scarborough Country”). And the Pharisees railed at Christ for healing on the Sabbath and shooting the guy who was trying to break into his house, just like how the liberals do.

That?s the righteousness of Liberals. They?re not like Jesus. They?re like Pharisees.

David teaches humanities at the University of Oklahoma, so he must be right about this.

But now let’s hear from Young Conservative (and Ann Coutler wanabee) Amy Gordon, who wishes to make it clear that the President is not an idiot, he just plays one on TV:

Our president is an idiot, or haven?t you heard?

Well, now that you mention it . . .

That?s right, folks. The Left?s lack of good arguments has never been as apparent as when they?re caught screaming about the President and concocting absurd rumors to besmirch his reputation. There are now dozens of books and hundreds of articles filled with vitriol and accusations. And despite their inflamed rhetoric, they are lacking a single substantiated argument.

Well, that argument, backed up by evidence, about him and his Administration not telling the truth about a bunch of stuff is pretty substantial. But that’s apparently not what Amy is talking about — she’s just talking about all the absurd rumors and unsubstantiated arguments, like that Bush was a fighter pilot who flew right up until he left the Guard.

Or how about the oodles of books and calendars and websites devoted to the President?s verbal slip-ups. Could we get a grip? If the biggest thing they can find to actually hold against the President is his oratory, he sounds like a pretty good President to me.

Well, a pretty good inarticulate, unintellectual, shallow President who can’t think on his feet (or anywhere else, as far as we know). But of course, the “Bushisms” aren’t the biggest thing “they” can find to hold against him, young Amy — they are just the stuff of book and calendar. But Ann would be proud of your ability to build a flimsy and unconvincing strawmen, and then tear it down with snippy prose.

So to distract from the fact that he can?t make up his mind on PATRIOT, NAFTA, and Iraq, Kerry has let loose his ballyhoo boys (Or should I say, completely independent and unbiased journalists) to hype up the newest myth that GW was somehow ?AWOL? from Guard duty. OK. Maybe I?m completely wrong here, but I kinda thought it was the policy of the Guard not to pay, and certainly not to honorably discharge ?a deserter,? as Terry McAuliffe would put it. Can we get a grip here?

Amy, Amy, Amy — McAuliffe isn’t a journalist, he’s the chairman of the DNC. And it was Michael Moore who called Bush a “deserter,” not Terry. And Moore (whom nobody has called an unbiased journalist) had nothing to do with the Kerry campaign — he was supporting Clark. Ann can screw up stuff like this, but you’re not in her league yet, so you have to get at least half of your facts straight. And we still haven’t seen any proof to disprove the “myth” that Bush didn’t perform any Guard duties for months at a time — no matter what Guard policy towards the scions of rich, politically-connected families might have been at the time.

So having been stripped of the entire premise of these and other appallingly absurd arguments, the entire left is mobilizing behind that well-reasoned scream of ?Bush is an idiot.? I think that ranks right up there with ?Butthead? as the lamest insult of all time. Honestly, who let these people out of first grade? What?s up next, a chorus of ?Nyah-na, Nyah-na, boo, boo?? Or how about, ?Red Rover, Red Rover, let Estradas come over??

Another strawman Ann would have been proud of (WHO is saying that Bush is an idiot, Any?), and some childish taunting worthy of M. Coulter itself.

In between subverting the Constitution, setting up a judicial oligarchy and a socialist state, murdering babies and persecuting the Bot Scouts, waging war on our culture and supporting NAMBLA, the Democrats have found time to smear the President all over their media, just by using their favorite buzzwords??AWOL,? ?Halliburton!? and ?no WMD.? None of these are arguments, mind you, they?re just pathetic attempts to associate an honest administration with corruption in the minds of the American electorate simply by repeating these catchphrases ad nauseum in conjunction with some mention of the President or his advisers. I?m sorry, but I just don?t buy their nonsense. And neither should you.

But persecuting the Bot Scouts sound so fun! But since you asked so nicely, when I’m not marching for NAMBLA or killing babies, I will make it priority not to malign people.


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Who would have thought that after Barbara Olsen died crashing into the pentagon (oh, the irony!) that TWO pundits with even more idiotic vitriol would take her place? I guess what they say about chopping the head off the hydra…..

I was so disgusted with her utter bulshit and total lack of decency I had to fire off an e-mail to her rebutting other hallucinations in her polemic. I’m sure she’ll listen to reason, right?


Wow – wholesale evasion of arguments against the President without actually responding to any of them, repetition of at least two conservapundit memes (Kerry as a flip-flopper and liberals/Democrats as immature children), and a paragraph-long denunciation of freeper-grade stock liberal beliefs, including a reference to NAMBLA – are we sure Ann didn’t write this to make it appear that she has more supporters than she really does?


Well, actually, Bush is an idiot.


True, he?s not the most eloquent guy in the world, but at least he?s honest?he speaks from his heart.

And when you need an evaluation of heartfelt honesty, who you gonna call? Amy Gordon? Could we get a grip?


Truth is, back at college we did call George Bush an idiot. That was a long time ago, maybe he’s changed. I mean, is anything he’s done recently as idiotic as branding the butts of his fraternity brothers with lit cigarettes? Hey, there’s an idea: ask Rumsfeld and Rice if they would let the 9/11 commission see their backsides.


Amazingly, liberals have established an implied association with Christianity. Christian leftists like to think Jesus was a young radical socialist, …. The Pharisees were liberals. Jesus was the conservative.

This sure sounds like someone who hasn’t read the Sermon on the Mount lately. Or that bit about the camel and the eye of the needle.


But the Pharisees weren?t conservatives at all. The Pharisees were liberals. Jesus was the conservative.

Jesus didn’t wear a beard and long hair, but actually had a buzz-cut. And He drove an SUV-style chariot, with a Confederate flag on the antenna, and a bumper sticker that said “God Hates Fags”.

And those guys whose tables He tipped over down at the temple? They weren’t actually “money-changers”, that’s just a mis-translation; in the original Hebrew, they were referred to as “tax-and-spend liberals”.

You can look it up!


Oh, and did I mention that Jesus was a sword-owner and member of the National Sword Association, a group which zealously protected His Second Commandment rights?


Sweet lordy-gordy, what an airhead. I hope she doesn’t float to close to a ceiling fan.
Are Crow and Tom Servo members of the Bot Scouts?

online bingo mom

I think Bush should not be president and I do not trust Cheney and Rumsfeld. I don’t know about Kerry, but I think i will vote against bush. These people give me a really bad feeling


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