Somebody’s Day By Day Remix Entry

One of the two main contestants in teh Day By Day Remix Contest has submitted this entry.


(See original here.)

Update: Pinko adds sound effects.

Either site might be working in the left-wing idiom or the right-wing idiom for any given remix, so there are no clues to be found in the jokes (if any) or subject matter (if any). There is only suckage or rulingness.


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Hmmm. That’s pretty good, I suppose. It seems just like a normal Day by Day strip. Was that the goal?


Is that a toothpaste tube in Damon’s hand?

Because if it isn’t, then I’m going to have to sue somebody for the permanent mental scars I’m going to be suffering.


Good satire–effective use of “scare quotes,” bold and italics combined with the “hey, there’s no actual joke here” Muir trademark.

Plus the dude abusing himself.


I went looking for the original to compare the two to determine the relative suckiness of the photoshop work and couldn’t find it. Anybody got a link or a date?



Nearly anything done to a Day By Day strip is a vast improvement in quality over what Muir is doing. I think his drawings are fine–and I’m sure as heck not complaining about the curly-haired gal who walks around in her underwear–but the whole thing is one big non sequitur: the things that people say and do in one frame often have (seemingly) little or nothing to do with what has been said or done in a previous frame.


The Lizzie Borden Case


All of the art has to be adapted from Day By Day strips, but the panels don’t all have to be from the same strip. The last panel is from the past week or so.


Oh yeah, the toothpaste tube. Now I get it. Maybe he’s looking at a picture from Britney Spears’ recent night out. And notice the strategically placed towel. Not bad! 😉

The sound effects kinda threw me. I’m not familiar with “frumma” and “pocketa.”


If you’re looking for a Thurber allusion, it should be, “Ta-pocketa, Pocketa, POCKETAAAH!!1!!1!”.

Total rulitude, Gavin. A Walter Mitty-like sense of decency dictates giving them at least a chance to surrender, now that a “shot” has been fired, so to speak. Only carnage will come of this.


I’m not familiar with “frumma� and “pocketa.�

Mayhaps they have something to do with the Pocketa website?


Do you people even know what you’re talking about? Or is it all just pretend?


Shoelimpyâ„¢, I think in order to be a proper troll you have to actually engage with the content in some way, if only to derail it onto some craaaaaazy tangent.



Big 10 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s not Shoelimpy.


I looked at this strip for awhile and think I’ve figured it out. The contributer is a Repug, since the modified strip is not funny and makes no sense. Plus, black male sexuality is being demonized. So, that part is obvious. It could even be Muir himself being all self-referential on us.

As for the ‘story’ here, the woman has been beaten-down by years of dealing with her boyfriend’s mental illness. She’d leave, but she is the ideal Repug woman and stands by her man until he serves divorce papers on her in the hospital or takes up with a manicurist or something. Plus, the horrible deformity of her back makes it hard for her to find decent guys.

So, she hears him talking having sex with his imaginary friend in the bathroom. The unconventional masturbation sound startles her at first (it should be ‘fap fap fap fap’), but then she realizes that it’s just him being crazy again. Nothing new here, so she turns back to her laptop.

He, on the other hand, is so extremely turned on by the thought of another ‘fauxtography’-type scandal to distract his attention from the actual scandals of the war that he pulls down his boxers and goes to it with his friend in the mirror, who is similarly turned on by possible scandal.

Is that it? I have to admit that it was tougher than figuring out the significance of the sign in OSC “Empire”.


I don’t get it. But I do like pie.


Damon’s wanking is the “objective-correlative” of right-wing bloggers wanking over fake-news-scandals. Did I win? I think it’s VERY funny!!!


Gavin, did somebody run this past the crack Sadly, No legal counsel’s office? Just wondering. But yeah, I’d have to concur with bubba – pie is good – really good….


Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

JillK, that’s the most hilarious bit of writing I’ve seen all week: truly a satisfying gutbuster.


YIKERS. That’s pretty good, because it seems so Day-by-Day. Perhaps there needs to be so some Cheetos Jergens, to really seal the deal? Box of kleenex?


yeah; what JillK said


I would totally read the actual Day by Day if JillK would do explications like that for it.

Otherwise…Sadly, No!

I am completely unable to participate in the Photoshopping judging, as my PS skillz = 0.


Mince pie….. mmmmmmm……………

Yeah, I don’t know a thing about PS either. Plus, I have the flu, or something like it, so my vision is blurry and there is a high humming in my ears. I’m gonna have to go back to bed soon.


Oh, Candy, flu sucks. I hope you don’t have it. Do you get a flu shot? My doctors make me get one every year, because if I get a fever it’s really bad for me.

I’m actually dling the trial version of PS, I have some vrml images I need to do some stuff with. I don’t even know if you can do vrml stuff on PS, but if you can’t, then I guess I’ll just mess around with it and see what happens.


I don’t know for sure, Gentlewoman, but I’ve got the scratchy throat, achey joints, and fever thing going on. The fact that I’m not actually flat down in bed at the moment gives me hope, though. We were offered free flu shots at work but I didn’t take advantage of it.


The remix isn’t funny. So that’s a ‘no’ vote from me, if we’re voting.


Pie is overrated, but that Muir cat…
Comedy gold.


Well, there can’t be any actual voting until the other contestant submits an entry.


maybe I just don’t read enough dbd to get the humor at all, but that one just left me scratching my head.


And he’s waxing the dolphin, isn’t he?
Crowning the king?
Interrogating the witness?
Pulling the goalie?
Master of his domain?


Note: Added a link to the original strip.


Note: Added a link to the original strip.

I don’t get that either. But the belly shadow matches the removed arm shadow.


I think I know who did that, but regardless, it is somewhat secretly awesome. It is Day by Day, it cannot be fun no matter what, but the juxtaposition of the usual female objectification and the new critique of what people that read the thing must usual be doing while reading it- it is just TOO good.


Seriously, is that the real Day by Day? Is he actually casting doubt on violence in Iraq?

Why oh why won’t the MSM show the freshly painted schools?

Lookit The Happy Monkey

I swear, Day By Day is some sort of elaborate code to an alien civilization, pointing out the weaknesses in our defenses. The ony way Day by Day will ever be funny is if it were in Braille.


Is he actually casting doubt on violence in Iraq?

Oh hell yeah. Haven’t you heard? The media isn’t interested in actually reporting, you know, doing their jobs, maybe winning an award. They’re not interested in supporting the parent organization’s goals for revenue by doing the best job of reporting the news they can with the budget they get allocated. Oh, no. They are only interested in helping the terrorists win, and humiliating that paragon of governance, GW Bush. ‘Cause you know, the networks are based in new york and as a result really don’t have a sense of the harm terrorists can do…



I’m thinking this is a brilliant parody of Chris Muir’s suckage, and as such, it has much rulingness. Nicely done.


Seriously, everything I would have ripped on it for is in the Muir original. I think this artist went for too much of teh subtle. I think it is genius.



IM. MEDIATE. LY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#@


Sorry, PP, not in the loop. But you really need to relax. Go get a massage….



Mikey, I’m working the angles here, all just to get you to laugh. Check the update.




My point exactly. Masturbation doesn’t sound like ‘frumma frumma frumma’ nor ‘pocketa pocketa pocketa’! The guy is crazy!!

And thanks to all for their compliments. I’d take the ‘Day By Day’ explication gig but that means I’d have to, you know, actually read ‘Day By Day’. My psyche is fragile enough as it is!

You can check out my seasonal blog, though. You may find it amusing in its own small way.


Check the update.

I just could not come if I heard that coming from weenie-al area.


Sadly, I don’t get the remix.

I do like pie as well, though.


Update: Pinko adds sound effects.

So there’s a duck running through mud? Now I’m really confused.


oh my, the sound effects change eveything.


You had me with the sound fx

Frumma frumma and pocketa pocketa pocketa

shades of Don Martin.


I think the sound effect is somebody messing with their cheek, but it seems, and how would I really know, to have a certain…accuracy?


I think the sound effect is somebody messing with their cheek

For those who want to try this at home or work: Open your mouth slightly. Grab your cheeks with the index finger and thumb. Pull your cheeks outward off the teeth and gums. Return them to their normal position without releasing your hold. Repeat.


I am really glad we are doing the remixes anonymously.

I liked the sublty of this one, and the underlying wanking joke.

I found the sound effects disturbing.

Can’t wait to see the other entry(ies).


Thing is, the original of this strip makes no more sense than the parody. Am I getting really old, or does “Day by Day” frequently make no sense whatsoever? I mean, I actually did not understand, on a simple semantic level, this strip. The original, that is. What was that shit about Democrats and the UN agreeing? Agreeing…with what? That mosques are or aren’t burning, that Iraq is a civil war…analogous to WMDs…Bush… I’m sorry, this no longer means anything, man.


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