Is it too late to call do-over?

Shorter Peggy Noonan: Our ruling class is made up of prep-school elitists such as George W. Bush, so it would be nice to be governed for a change by some genuine, salt-of-earth evangelicals.

Above: Even the most powerful bullshit detectors are largely ineffective for self-examinations.


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I haven’t even told my father I’m not gonna get that scholarship. I’m gonna end up working in a lumberyard the rest of my life..

Oops, wrong Noonan. Sorry.


Noonan: “We’re going to need grace. We are going to need a great outbreak of grace to navigate the next difficult months.”

Hurry up, Grace.


What is needed is grace–sensitivity, mercy, generosity of spirit, a courtesy so deep it amounts to beauty. We will have to summon it. And the dreadful thing is you can’t really fake it.

She’s writing about Abu Ghraib, right?


That column is one of the stupidest stupids that ever stupided.


How is it that fantasists can run rampant on the WSJ editorial page and yet the rest of the paper is darn good?


How is it that fantasists can run rampant on the WSJ editorial page and yet the rest of the paper is darn good?

Journalistic redistricting. They’ve gerrymandered all the nutjobs into a single, concentrated Op-Ed district, thereby guaranteeing that the rest of the paper is blessedly free of their wild-eyed fantasies and pants-pissing paranoias.

Pants-pissing paranoias. Great, I’ve officially become Spiro Agnew.


“genuine, salt-of-earth evangelicals”

Like Ted Haggard and Ralph Reed!


I love that screencap. I’ll bet that, in her daze, Hannity’s head turned into a giant Xanax (you know, like when somebody’s really hungry in a cartoon and they look at somebody and their head turns into a turkey).


I must have this Noonan woman. I’ve heard of her being a grilf, but finally having seen her, I’m convinced. I will seduce her, first attracting her attention by driving the streets of upper Manhattan playing over loudspeaker the collected testimony of Ronald Reagan before the House Un-American Activities committee as read by Gordon Liddy. As she comes down, titillated, to investigate, I’ll seal the deal by walking to the curb, elbows-out, wearing a crotch-strapped flyboy jumpsuit set off by cowboy boots with spurs jangling. With a tip of my flight headset, I’ll address her as ‘missy,’ and after she melts, together we’ll listen to some Steve Forbes karaoke recordings I found at a garage sale a few years back and laugh over an old favorite Cardinal Ratzinger story about some ancient, schismatic musselmen. Oh, I will have her, yes I will.


Ah, what we need is not some spoiled, silver-spoon son of privlege like GWB. I see. What the Repubs will respect and honor is someone who lifted himself up by his own bootstraps. uh huh.

How about someone born to a troubled family in a tiny town of a rural state? A bright kid who, though he had no family connections whatsoever, through his own hard gained access to the very schools that GWB attended by virtue of his family name. But our hard-working small-town kid’s performance and mind are such he didn’t need money, he won the prestigious Rhoades scholarship on his own merits. And then goes on to a successful political career as Governor of his own state, say Arkansas, rather than an East Coast elite playing pretend cowboy like GWB.

Then the young Governor of Arkansas runs for President and through his charm, affability, and track record wins the office! Wow! It is THE American dream, proving that we do indeed live in a country were even the most humble can win our highest office. How inspirational.

What Peggy Nooner is telling us is that a person like that is someone the Repubs could respect and work with. They would never sic a series of special prosecutors on him while he’s in office, spend tens of millions of dollars on investigations into allegations of minor offenses that turn out, time and again to disappear under close scrutiny. They would never put this young (did I mention young? one of our youngest Presidents ever, like JFK or TR!) President under oath and ask him about his sex life, for example. And then attempt to impeach him on the basis of his answers.

That is what they would NOT do because he is EXACTLY the kind of person Nooners claims Washington really needs. But what we got is the exact opposite right now.

Glad she cleared that up and I totally believe her when she says that.


“They [Americans] want to help where they can, and feel called to support the poor and the sick wherever they are.” That explains our universal health insurance and the new housing for NOLA 9th Ward residents…


Oh, and despite what the screen shot says, she’s not a fox…

Smiling Mortician

Tell it to djangone, Dr. BDH.


“a courtesy so deep it amounts to beauty.”

Gag. I swear, this woman edits her pieces by reading them aloud to herself while looking in the mirror. “Again, Peg. This time, no slouching! Yes. Better!”


“Read my soft, sultry, sensuous lips…”

Herr Doktor Bimler

What is needed is grace–sensitivity, mercy, generosity of spirit, a courtesy so deep it amounts to beauty.
I think I achieved that state last night, somewhere between the third and the fifth beer. Then it was replaced by aerosolised sadness when the akvavit kicked in.


I finally figured out who the Nooner reminds me of – it’s the wife of the department store manager in “Miracle on 34th Street,” who gets all tanked up and invites Santa to stay in the spare room. Martini glass in hand, twiddling her pearls, rubbing her stocking feet in her husbands face while she croons “Hellllloooooooooo!” into the wrong end of the telephone receiver…once such women were the object of ridicule, now they appear on television and in our nation’s editorial pages as “thought leaders.” We’re doomed.


Herr Dok – you need to stay away from that weaponized Akavit. Don’t they have a non-lethal version?


Herr Doktor Bimler

The Danes are only allowed to export it for civilian applications, but it’s a dual-use technology.


“through his own hard gained access to the very schools that GWB attended “
So your saying, it was Bill’s package that got him into the Ivy League. Sort of a reverse ‘casting couch.’ Who knew?


I’ve heard of her being a grilf,

The hell is that?

Smiling Mortician

I wondered about that too, Matt T. The last three letters are easy, but the first two flummoxed me. Greedy Republican I’d Like to Fuck? Girlfriend of Reagan I’d Like to Fuck? It remains a mystery to me.


Dude, I dated a Greedy Republican once. Back in college, actually during the whole run-up to the impeachment hearings. She even described herself as a “greedy Republican”, because she was more about tax and tort reform and easing restrictions on corporations dumping toxic ugliness into rivers in the name of “increased profits”. This was just before the wedding between the GOP and the Flaming Nutball Wing of Conservative Christianity became irevokable. Funny thing is she loathed libertarians. Called ’em “silly little boys easily fooled by bad writing”. She had kind of a P.J. O’Rourke outlook on things, convinced the road to hell was blacktopped with donations to Doctors Without Borders, social justice programs and protest rallies. The only self-described Republican I have ever, ever I tell you, thought the ACLU wasn’t the Earthly arm of the law offices of Satan, Beezlebub, Shrum-Gortha, & O’Brian.

I don’t remember why we broke up, but it wasn’t over political differences. I wish I could say for sure she didn’t go nuts on 9/11 like far too many reasonable conservatives did, but you really can’t tell sometimes, can you.


Grandmother, bro, grandmother.


“weaponized Akavit”

You know, I spent a winter in Norway once. Weaponized is right. Those fuckers are crazy.

Herr Doktor Bimler

And it’s hard for an ethnic Dane to admit, but those Norwegians do make the best akvavit. I’m thinking of the Linie stuff. You could almost describe it as smooth, and mellow (for sufficiently harsh values of ‘mellow’). Unfortunately it’s pricier than the Danish versions, and since half my akvavit seems to end up on the monitor after being aerosolised out my nose at someone else’s snark, I’ll stick to the cheap stuff.


The sheer inanity of this “we need more grace” shows that it is indeed Noonan that we all love and cherish. Even so, she almost boldly criticises Bush for being a frat boy and a boor, and then she kind of criticises the boorishness of the likes of Hannity and O’Reily.

For a hack, not a good effort.


i remember the gas wars of the seventy’s. we had a president then, yes a rebublican who loved his country more than dollar. what has happened to this man is the love of a dollar worth the down fall of his country. everybody has the bible to use for their what they say is their beleives, but the bible also says it is easier for a rich man to go thru the eye of a needle than to enter the gates of heaven(if you do not know what a needle is, it is a whole in a barn wall for the head of a horse to stick out).you wonder what direction our president is taking……….


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