Flying Imams Terrorize Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport
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OK Gavin M., I’ll take up your photoshop duel challenge–if you mess with one of my street ‘ho’s, you mess with me.

Your challenge is to come up with a funnier take on the “flying imams” story than the one above. After you fail, you get to pick the next topic, create a photoshop, and I will try to best you, and so on and so forth. No points will be given for technical acumen

Hey wait. I almost missed that, so happy was I to join the challenge.

Let’s back up a bit.

No points will be given for technical acumen

Huh. I can only think of one reason why someone would attempt to make such a stipulation in a fair contest: It’s a special equal-opportunity clause to enable sucktastic suckiness and an inability to not suck.

so feel free to use whatever crappy photo editing software you desire.


Above: what are these ‘warez’ of which you speak?

Choose a particular picture, a phrase, a theme, a person–I don’t care. Let’s see what you’ve got . . .

First, I challenge the unilateral suckiness stipulation. Call me biased against sucking, but I think it becomes necessary at this point to ask for a vote. Otherwise we could each just draw something with crayon on an old pizza box and declare ourselves the ‘winner.’

I mean, not to be unfair here or anything. We’re the squishy liberals, after all, while you guys are supposed to be the steely-nosed right-wingers…


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Deduct points for gratuitous and awkward use of dated slang.

Gavin gets points deducted for use of good photo editing software on a crappy OS.


Imama! Get it? It’s like “yo mama” but it’s…well just fuck off.


I still think you should withold a response until you are presented with something worth, say, the pixels it is emulated upon.


No points for technical acumen? You might as well use Paint then (with a broken mouse too).


MacDraw, circa 1984.


A million points to whomever uses GIMP


I wanna see someone do something in Logo Turtle.


Mario Paint. On the SNES. The picture gets on the internet by way of a cell phone camera. THAT’S hardcore, yo.


My booze-affected evaluation of the first offering: positive points for concept (flying imams, flying nun – I’m with you so far), negative points for execution (or technical acumen, if you prefer – out of proportion, the imams are on a collision course, inconsistent shadows – Jim Garrison would totally own your asses). Overall, an acceptable opening salvo if your goal is merely to find your range, not inflict damage on the enemy’s lines.


Alright, here’s my entry. I may have broken a few of the ground rules.


I vote that technical acumen should be worth points, as it’s a photoshop duel.


Hey~ still gotta give props–they made me chuckle. and the use of the Flying Nun kinda makes me suspect their conservative creds…imo.


If you want to handicap the contest you can stipulate every thing be done in MS Paint.

No mad photoshop skilz…but that might require some talent on loan from god.

note bene: check out the link above to see what can be done w/ Paint.


Sure, funny should be a criterion, but not the only one. Verisimilitude should count for something, for example.


God damn it! Did you not get my e-mail about lazer eyes????? And Michelle Malkin, terrified? It is Minneapolis, Minnesota could not Powerline have been involved?????


That’s like having a duel with swords and saying, “no points will be given for actual swordsmanship.”

Or a losing footbal coach saying, “well, we played better, even though the other team scored more points.”

The whole point of photoshopping is to make a REALISTIC image out of a fake.

My judgment: The first round is forfeit. Point to Gavin.


So that stands for Adobe Photoshop Crappy Software 2? I never knew.


Actually RobW, when you have a duel with swords, no points are given for swordsmanship. The point is your opponent’s guts strewn across the pavement. Thank God for Photoshop that provides a fitting field of honor for our combattants!
I’m mystified by the Flying Nun. Is there some deeper symbolism that I’ve not been initiated into? Is she a ‘liberal’?


Well it’s a huge step up from Tickle-Me-Hugo and the nun is a nicely surreal touch, unless she’s supposed to be the air defence system in which case she’s flying in the wrong direction. So by the universal standards of liberal v conservative clashes, first established in the presidential debates of 2000, Cadet Happy wins by virtue of not being a dribbling wreck.


“No points will be given for technical acumen”?

Sheesh….looking at the example you posted, it’s not hard to see why. That’s just fucking awful. That reminds me of my days working on my high school newspaper in 1986 in the rural hinterlands of Pennsylvania: we used to save text and graphics to a 5.25″ floppy, drive down to the local newspaper’s production facilities, print out the material, run it through a machine that sprayed a fine layer of wax on the paper, cut it out by hand, and use a lightboard and blue grid to position it on markup paper – also by hand.

Thanks for the pleasant little saunter through the memories of youth.


I only stipulated to MS Paint, because I assumed that was what you were using based on your prior efforts : )

In any event, I have a fondness for purposefully terrible MS Paint “photoshops”.

Crayon on a pizza box, WILL be a challenge not to far down the line here–I like it.

And, please link to my posts rather than host my pictures (which I do appreciate) — if you hadn’t already noticed from the NASCAR like GUI over at imao, Frank J. loves the ad revenue — besides, I think of this as an opportunity for leftist moonbats and right wingnuts to cross-polinate


And, yes, the painted imam = teh suk, so I fixed it . . . and then declared victory — you should know from Florida, conservatives don’t fight fair . . .


The varying perspectives are reminiscent of Bil Keane.

Technical? no, That’s just a lousy eye for proper proportions.

The composition is top heavy and the Imams do not coordinate.

A fondness for purposefully terrible photoshops? Tripping over your shoelace and saying “I meant to do that”? Claiming you suck on purpose is not a defense of lousy technique. Picasso was a master of realistic techinques before he pioneered cubism.

definitely a Sadly win.


Since I’ve never seen a case of a right-winger being too “highbrow” to understand, could someone please clue me in to the use of the Flying Nun?

BTW, I don’t think those are Muslim Imams, they look much more like magi (e.g., the 3 wise men) who existed before the advent of Islam, so points off for historical and visual inaccuracy.

Minus a million points for sad, sad photoshopping and then acting like he did it on purpose.


Don’t you get it? The Imams are chasing the nun away, thus paralleling the flight of the Right and Good Catholicism from Europe at the head of the Swarthy Horde.


so feel free to use whatever crappy photo editing software you desire.

More importantly, he’ll feel free use whatever dirtbag expired-shareware photo editing program he had to resort to using because he doesn’t know anyone who can afford Photoshop and he’s too dum to figure out how to pirate it off the internets.

A big NO on the suckiness stipulation. In fact, Points off for sucking, in fact. This is not some communist day care center. You can’t just crap your pants and expect us to aplaud.


points off for sucking. Amen. but we knew this wasn’t going to be a fair fight anyway.


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