She’s Not Amused

Seb has emailed me, from his hospital bed, to inform me that Amber wishes it to be known that she does so have a boyfriend. So, I guess her remarks about men who use evolution as an excuse to seek out younger, hotter babes is not derived from personal experience but from Darwin’s writings. (And I guess this means our matchmaking efforts were not needed, and we can get back to finding a man for Condi Rice.)

Per Seb, Amber also wants us to be more timely in our distortion and mocking of her columns. She has a new one up at Men’sNewsDaily [it’s about Iranian Youth], and she suggests that we get to it more quickly this time.

But you know, I just don’t feel like it. Sure, it contains good bits, like “the rioting students might eek out the truth,” and “The PC left can?t admit that radical Islam is oppressing a population that wants a distinctly secular government,” but it just doesn’t inspire me today. But if you want to check it out, first read this other piece at Men’sNewsDaily (by an actualy Iranian, albeit one living in London), so you’ll be able to sorta follow what she’s talking about.

And if you don’t want to go to all the bother, here are a couple of paragraphs to give you the flavor of her latest ouevre:

The Western media, professors, etc., identify with the Palestinians and such, because the Palestinians are driven by hatred ? the only ?freedom? they want is the freedom to blow up their neighbors. But the Iranians genuinely want freedom ? the freedom to think and produce and progress. Leftists cannot intellectually sympathize with people who want this kind of freedom. To leftists, the only kind of ?freedom? they can understand is the right to smoke marijuana or swear on the radio.

Anyone who has an ounce of a love for life and a desire to see good things happen cannot helped but be romanced by the Iranian youth. The Iranian culture is one that is undeniably beautiful ? grounded in secularism, reason, and prosperity. You would have to be completely heartless to talk to an Iranian ? to see how bright and accomplished they are, how much good their culture has brought to the world ? and not be whisked away, desiring freedom for them.

And now, my Amber obligations fulfilled, I’m going to go smoke some marijuana and swear on the radio. Or at it. Same thing.


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“the rioting students might eek out the truth,”

ROTFL! Well, you can’t expect them to be silent (or a mouse) when rioting.


I’m confused. Is Amber against the right to “smoke marijuana or swear on the radio”? Since objectivism includes libertarianism, you’d think she’d be in favor of eliminating laws against these things, particularly obscenity laws, which necessitate a massive bureaucracy.

Between this and the evolution thing, I think Amber might be going soft on us.


So now leftists want to support the Iranian theocracy (while presumably wanting to prevent one at home)? Which leftist is this by the way? (Please, please don’t make me read it myself!)
Does Amber realize her talking points are still being written on a Cold War era boiler plate? Just change communist/Soviet to Islamic, while keeping the rest of it the same.
Also is she aware that some of those students support communism? Probably not, her head would explode then.


A secular government? Could we have one, too?

The Mind Bomber

Okay, just off the top o’my head…the CIA had a hand in overthrowing Mossadegh in 1953, replacing him with the Shah. 26 years later and a whole lotta resentment at us for installing and backing the brutal sumbitch, and we have ourselves a radical theocracy. I guess this airhead is suggesting that should we interfere again, we’d be sure to do it right this time?

Arrogance? Or ignorance? Or both?


Congratulations, Amber, on your incisive analysis of the Iranian situation. We could use a few intelligent, committed young people like yourself here at the SeeEye Agency, a non-profit public service organization.

Like you, our mission is to help the Iranian people achieve a democratic form of government, and to that end, our organization is backing a fine candidate who comes from a proven pro-US and pro-democracy family, Mr. Shah.

So, Amber, please contact us at:

The “SeeEye” Agency
PO Box 1953
Langley, VA
(ATTN: Ms. Valerie Plame)


Liberals only want the freedom to smoke pot and swear on the radio? Come on, now… since we identify with the Palestinians, we also want the freedom to blow-up our neighbors…


Amber, hypothetically, let’s admit that young liberals ARE guilty of smoking pot and swearing on the radio too much.

But let’s just check the news, shall we, and see what young conservatives have been up to lately?

Down in Georgia, ikt appears that they have been beating up and robbing Latino farm laborers.

How do we know that these kids aren’t liberals?

Well, they all seem to come from wealthy southern families (not noted for their liberal tendencies) and, interestingly, one of kids charged was named Ben Cagle, whose “grandparents are founding members of the local Republican Party…”


And Amber, just in case you think I made up the final sentence about the kids’ grandparents being founding members of the local Republican party, please check the following link:


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