The Empire strikes ‘bacc!

chewbacca_south_park_sm.jpgThe more brainiac visitors may want to read Dr. Seb No!‘s seminal work on the pathology of the Chewbacca Defense, outlined here. Meatball-eyed hoops fans anxious not to waste the break between Arizona-Seton Hall quarters will probably want to forge ahead and get back to their March Madness.

The neo-con plan to militarily give the Middle East an extreme makeover, starting with Iraq, squandered a valuable post-9/11 window to work with moderate Arabs and Muslims in the region. Instead, BushCo buffooned forward from one ill-planned disaster to the next, flaunting some pretty outrageous double-standards about democracy along the way.

Naturally, the so-called Arab Street’s hostility towards the US is at an all-time high, as revealed in a new Pew Research poll. These findings will join data to be archived at the massive No Shit Sherlock Library to be built across from the outhouse-sized GW Bush Presidential Library housing WMD intelligence the President actually read.

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo discusses crooked liar Richard Perle’s half-assed dismissal of the findings. Appearing on Hardbawl, Perle went to the Wookie Playbook and ran the basic Chewbacca Defense to explain:

MATTHEWS: But you said last year, [that after] 2001, right after 9/11, that if we go in, the idea that it is going to damage us in the Arab world is nonsense. You think that our going into Iraq has not stimulated a higher level of hostility to us that would support this kind of horrible attitude toward our deaths?

PERLE: Because the Arab world was on Saddam’s side? What is the logic of that? That they object to the fact that we’ve liberated 25 million Iraqis?

chewbacca_perle.jpgThey couldn’t possibly be angry. Probably a few caught an awful falafel or something, as an illegal invasion and occupation of an Arab country with no WMDs couldn’t possibly bother anyone.

In a related forehead-smacker, crooked liar Paully Wolf’nutz revealed on PBS Newshour that WMDs weren’t the reason for going to war at all! Honestly, wherever did people get that idea? (Jim Lehrer’s expression was priceless.)

See, the war was actually over technical interpretations of UN Resolution 1441 (which apparently eluded the Security Council and most of the UN, which explains why they preferred head-scratching over going to war about it.) If Hans Blix is bitching it’s because he couldn’t find the WMDs that are sincerely there. Wolfie revealed the Dr. Germ playing card up his sleeve: once that baby started squealing, then we’d see some WMD finding, you bet.

We know the damn things are there because it’s what people always knew before French-roast demitasse-swilling elitists tried to use fancy “facts” and the “Cartesian” investigatory approach to smear the First Gut’s flawless intuition at sensing international threats to down home security.

Should anyone attack Mr. Perle’s logic, the GOP is prepared to release damning antique comical etchings of a French John Kerry ancestor cavorting with a certain Frenchman known as Ren? Descartes, the father of Cartesian method. (I knew you’d be shocked.)

For those keeping score, French-descended Richard Perle joins musketeers Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney and Marc Racicot in the mounting pile of ignored French-descended Francophobes in the GOP. Perle is the French word for a piece of oyster-crap that bored, bottom-feeding marine life cover with a hard, light-deflecting nacreous substance and later paraded in public by rich people hoping to divert attention from their shortcomings. There’s post about media in there somewhere but the teams are back and squeaking up the floor.


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For those keeping score, French-descended Richard Perle joins musketeers Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney and Marc Racicot in the mounting pile of ignored French-descended Francophobes in the GOP.

A fun memory circa 1999: former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien is seated at a Washington banquet table as Tom Delay loudly introduces him to the audience as follows:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the President of Canada, Mr. John Cur-tayne, !”


I think at this point, real, important journalistic type people should just respond to Bush Administration people with “Are you on crack? No, really, cause if you are, can I have some of it?”


Perle before swine puts Descartes before Der Horst!?


I’ve always been a fan of Descartes, and it still makes me smile to remember an early band I was in (and provided the name for):

“Rene and the Coordinates”


“Naturally, the so-called Arab Street’s hostility towards the US is at an all-time high, as revealed in a new Pew Research poll.”

…Survey says:

“Vast majorities in predominantly Muslim countries continue to hold unfavorable opinions of the U.S, though the intensity of anti-American views has moderated.” -Pew Poll

Anti-American views in Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, and Morocco have all decreased from May 2003.

Way to go, Sherlock.


Sorry Mr. Perle, you and the MisLeader can’t photo-op away the fact there’s a further radicalizing of moderates, eg, people now supporting suicide bombing as a tactic, in Arab states that are friendlier towards the US. BushCo might insist otherwise, but they’ve lied about virtually everything else so I doubt they’re coming clean on the rose petals in the streets thing.

the results of the new Pew poll which appears to show a rising tide of anti-Americanism in Arab states that are at least nominally allied with the United States. Most daunting, the public in those states is apparently increasingly supportive of suicide bombings. (TPM)

Osama bin Laden, however, is viewed favorably by large percentages in Pakistan (65%), Jordan (55%) and Morocco (45%). Even in Turkey, where bin Laden is highly unpopular, as many as 31% say that suicide attacks against Americans and other Westerners in Iraq are justifiable. Majorities in all four Muslim nations surveyed doubt the sincerity of the war on terrorism. Instead, most say it is an effort to control Mideast oil and to dominate the world.

In the four predominantly Muslim countries surveyed, opposition to the war remains nearly universal. Moreover, while large majorities in Western European countries opposed to the war say Saddam Hussein?s ouster will improve the lot of the Iraqi people, those in Muslim countries are less confident. In Jordan, no less than 70% of survey respondents think the Iraqis will be worse off with Hussein gone.


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