Fry Dick! Exploit Martha!


In Iraq, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and other big Bush campaign donors:

  • charged taxpayers for nearly three times the meals actually served
  • served troops rotten vegetables and decaying meat, prepared in filthy kitchens
  • cheated two countries’ citizens by euphemizing as “rebuilt” ramshackle schools and other facilities that received a half-assed coat of paint, if that
  • failed to properly maintain and equip transportation, resulting in troops driving in unsafe vehicles with balding tires and other hazards
  • gouged taxpayers for bringing oil to Iraq. Iraq.
  • (Iraqi exiles) jobbed contracts to incompetent or unqualified relatives and pals, who didn’t complete the work.
  • grossly padded every aspect of already-generous sweetheart no-bid deals.

Martha Stewart:

  • greedily went for a stock tip involving a small sum.
  • provides durable, cheery, affordable housewares and linens, easily coordinated by a wide diversity of lifestyles.

It could be Martha’s community service for being a first-time menace to society. Cheney and the other professional scumbags should be sent to a facility maintained and catered by their own corporations.

Will the Bush administration take this sound fiscal advice? Sadly, No!


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A classic, Peanut! Congrats! I’ve already e-mailed my copies on to friends and relatives worldwide.

I know that Seb will be glowing (red) with pride,
s.z. will be green with jealousy, and as for Amber, well, she will be amber with indignation.


Yes, an excellent piece, which I will certainly reference at BeatBushBlog. You and S.Z. are really doing stellar work in Seb’s absence.


I also have a piece at my blog quoting Joe Conason’s column comparing the relative culpability of Martha and Dubya (when he was making big bucks using inside information to sell before the bottom fell out at Harken), and also referring to the kid-gloves treatment given to big GOP contributor Koch Industries, which knowingly belched 90 metric tons of carcinogenic benzene into the atmosphere, then covered it up:


Yes, great job, Peanut. And it has pictures too, which I haven’t been able to figure out how to do with MoveableType. I am indeed green with envy, but in a GOOD way.


Thanks for the kudos, guys — they’re delicious!

s.z., I uploaded some blog-friendly images to the site, which any of my fellow/chickly S,N! site-sitters are welcome to use. If you’ll email our patron at at his undisclosed location for my undisclosed email location, I’ll then email the HTML and file listings to you at your undisclosed location.

Dr. No!’s place really has the feel of a supervillain hideaway, doesn’t it?


Brilliant, Peanut! I’m going to steal half of it (Martha Stewart’s punishment) on behalf of the Attorney General, if you don’t mind? (Some people do — the Attorney General is, err, somewhat crude, if also sometimes funny).


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