Nooo, You Don’t Say!

Glenn Greenwald catches bATshit-LASs Pammy Oshry calling for a St. Diplomat’s Day Massacre:

Pam Atlas, spawn of Little Green Footballs, personal blogger to Bush nominee/U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, hard-core Lieberman supporter, and general good friend to the right-wing blogosphere, yesterday called for the State Department to be bombed and for American diplomats to be murdered…

What a surprise, huh?! I mean, no one could have seen that coming, what with Pamela Gellar Oshry’s total hatred of diplomacy, bizarre hatred of that “sell-out” Condi Rice, and links to — and outright sympathy with — terrorist websites.

Pammy has always been batshit-insane, but lately she’s outdone herself (her Judaic jihad against Halloween being the most sad/hilarious example until now); and as Bush crumbles and populism-forced diplomacy begins to end her beloved racist-sectarian crusade against the filthy wogs, she’ll only get worse. Suddenly, I see Pammy’s future.. a visit from the FBI, a straightjacket and a ticket to a padded cell. Perhaps before Christmas, there truly shall be peace over Long Island, and her children’s and neighbors’ eardrums might begin to mend.


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Hey, we have been celebrating Halloween for years, and the War on Terror isn’t over yet. Think about it.


It’s Deb Frisch Week for our right-wing friends & neighbors! Except they’re completely silent about the loons in their midst (except poor hapless Rick Moran, who can’t help embarassing himself over & over) while reminding us that we need to police our fever swamp.

Was it the elections? The impending holidays? The phase of the moon? Whatever it is, get set for Wingnut Mayhem as one bonzo after another comes unglued!


Man, that picture. It scares me. 🙁


Caption to scary picture: “Pam on a plane.”


You all are just jealous ’cause she’s got mad photoshopping skills.


That’s not Pam, that’s Iggy Pop.
Pam is beautiful and her breasts are real and you can’t sometimes see the facelift scars.
Hello, I’m John Bolton, and it looks like I need a job. Anyone for mustache rides?

(She’s so bizarre the only response I have left is jv level crazy.)


That was taken right before she lost her laptop on the way to Vegas. If you look closely, you can see the traces of the rohypnol she just chewed up stuck to the corners of her lips.


That’s not Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop’s a much cuter chick than Pam.


Iggy Pop’s a much cuter chick than Pam

Mick Jagger apparently agrees. Or was it David Bowie?


2 minutes of being stuck on a plane with that and I’d be head-butting
the escape hatch



Man, she’s quite simply the most shrill, bugfuck insane person I’ve ever seen. She makes Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin look absolutely sedated by comparison.

herr doktor bimler

Isn’t that picture a still from Ring 2?


No-one beats my Debbie on the batshitinsaneometer


Only Debbie would have the courage to call the father of a kidnapped Israel soldier a terrorist

Top that Pammy!


Truly horrifying, but not as bad as this.


There shall never be peace and quiet over Long island. Just sayin’.


Suddenly, I see Pammy’s future.. a visit from the FBI, a straightjacket and a ticket to a padded cell.

I don’t know, I suspect the G-men are too worried about reeeeeal crazies, like environmental activists and nuns who protest at missle silos, to go after Pam. Of course she still might get a visit from the men with the butterfly net and the straight-waistcoat.


I just had an interesting, if useless thought. Had the votes been counted in 2000 and GDub and Dickless had been sent back into their respective holes, would Right Blogistan have developed nontheless into this swamp of hatred, war-loving racist xenophobes and eliminationist nutjobs? Remember, 9/11 would still have happened, and something in afghanistan too. But no iraq, no axis of stupid, diplomacy and allies would still be part of the landscape, and something approximating peace would reign. Would there still be a place for the likes of pam, coulter, the malkin thing and it’s ilk? Hmmmmm….


Famous Soviet Athlete

Sonic, did you happen to click on Debbie’s link to her fan club?

“Attorney, Columnist, and Hip, Conservative Info-Babe Commentator, Debbie Schlussel is the VRWC’s latest and greatest sexy, blonde, and beautiful commentator.”

The rest of the text is just there to reconfirm Debbie’s blondeness.


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


Actually, in that picture, Pam looks just like “Fleshy”, the hairless cat in the Monty cartoon…




She looks like the Salt Creature in an early Star Trek episode. You know, the one who could look like anyone, and was pretending to be McCoy’s old lover, but was really a salt mad monster.

Pammy, advancing: “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

Gah! No, Pammy! Get away from me! Don’t suck my salt! Arrrgh!


Whar’s up with that “Breastfed on Blood” thing on her site now? Is that… is that for her or the terra-ists?
I enjoy her rational against any minimum wage at all. Apparently, if the darn gum’ment would stop interfearing, businesses and employees would come to sensible wage agreements.
Cause if there’s one thing that can be said about Corporate America, it’s that they put their bottom rung employees first.
The national average poverty line for a full time employee is something like $13.00/hour. Genious-Girl McMiddleclass seriously thinks that employers are going to give potential employees a fair wage if their not forced to?

“Just what we need, a drunk, rich, fat, boy murderer that never worked a day in his whole life tinkering with our economy.”
As opposed to a drunk, rich, rapidly-drying up trophy wife that’s never worked a day in her life* tinkering with our economy?

*I”m guessing, but come on. Look at her.


To go with that lovely picture above…

Song for Pammy


Er, make that Song for Pammy


mikey, in your scenario I think that Right Blogistan woul dhave lurched from its ooze in any case.

Remember the frothing hatred that coalesced around Clinton. No need for the Intertubes to feed that, the Crazy was all ready to go, and Rush did just fine to stoke it.

Remember the videos ‘proving’ that Clinton was smuggling drugs? Vince Foster conspiracies formed a whole subgroup.

No, the Crazy was out there, just waiting for its tools. It was fed by 20 some years of perceived oppression and stifled white-guy entitlement.

Cripes, if Gore was President, can you imagine how crazy Pammy would be by now? Screaming about the Internet being a conspiracy, that global warming was obviously a hoax because the actions taken by America would have averted the catastrophe, that the financial prosperity being experienced at all levels of American society was a communist conspiracy to weaken America, I mean, you name it, they could find the Crazy.


Mikey, don’t you remember the 90s?


Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Work hard, be happy, make a liberal crazy”. Seriously, do these people seem happy? Even before the election? I guess they can’t be happy unless someone else is suffering.


How much do you have to be in your own little bubble of crazy to think that would annoy liberals?

Smiling Mortician

Hmm. I dunno. Certainly the ratfucking in right blogistan would still exist had the votes been counted in 2000. But I’m not convinced it would have reached the same fever pitch by this point were we in the second term of a Gore presidency — after all, the Coulters and O’Reillys and all their glorious spawn have clearly been encouraged by the administration to spew their rabies at will. A more sane White House might not have any direct effect on AnnieBilly, but it might have kept the general population a bit more grounded in reason, therefore decreasing the appetite for such shit.

Also, mikey, I’m not trying to start a whole 20-20 hindsight, grass-is-greener magillah here, but . . . I’m not absolutely certain that 9/11 would have happened on Gore’s watch. It certainly might have. It’s fair to say that it probably would have. But because I tend to believe guys like Dick Clarke when they say that listening to the al Qaeda chatter was a huge priority for the Clintonites and was ignored by the Bushies primarily out of hubris and spite, I suspect that it might not have gone down in the alternate universe where the SCOTUS doesn’t pick its favorite president.

Not much point thinking about that now, of course . . .


I propose a game be made. Something about combining Katamari Damacy with wingnuts…. i’m not sure how’ll it work… but it will be awesome.

The Bubble People

It helps if you live in a tiny little hermetically-sealed bubble with no fresh air and your breath fogs up the bubble (what with all the righteously indignant huffing and puffing) so that you can’t really see out which is OK because you don’t want to see out since if you don’t see anything outside the bubble you can still picture all those things Reagan described for you like Welfare Queens and Sour Masculine Feminists and Poor Confused Homosexuals and that’s how you know that liberals don’t want to work hard or be happy. La la la. Where’s my tax cut?


Some Guy, they are all about teh bubble…


“Iggy Pop’s a much cuter chick than Pam”

Mick Jagger apparently agrees. Or was it David Bowie?

Bowie. All aboard for Fun Town!

(Mick slept with Bowie’s wife – see “Angie”)


I propose a game be made. Something about combining Katamari Damacy with wingnuts…. i’m not sure how’ll it work… but it will be awesome.

Hee! “You just rolled up some shrieking thing! Oh, it’s just Pammy. Stop getting in the way!”

Though I must say that Katamari Damacy is really too spiffy to contaminate with wingnuts, so.


That’s gotta be a still from Alien V: The Stupiding.


It surprises me that this hasn’t hurt her car and truck dealership. Usually people who own private companies try to project a more benign image.


That photo looks like the pic before “The Scream”


If the Japanese director of The Ring needs to advance his freak character to middle age, Pammy’s his girl.


I was struck by this comment in the Schlussel… piece:

Noam Shalit, father, of Gilad Shalit–the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists, this summer, and still held hostage by them–has morally equivocated innocent Israelis with Palestinian terrorists.

To trot out the tired old Inigo Montoya reference, “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”


INTRANSITIVE VERB: Inflected forms: e·quiv·o·cat·ed, e·quiv·o·cat·ing, e·quiv·o·cates
1. To use equivocal language intentionally. 2. To avoid making an explicit statement. See synonyms at lie(2).

OTHER FORMS: e·quivo·cator —NOUN


Samara from The Ring … it all makes sense now. She is trying to project her terrifying delusions into our heads. “I don’t want to hurt people. But I do.” You have 7 days from watching a Pam video to mock it on the internet or else your head will explode. Or be forced to vote republican. Or something.

Smiling Mortician

Re: Pam on a plane.

Scroll up and look at that picture again. I know it hurts, but do it. Now picture Samuel L. Jackson entering the frame. Imagining what comes next is one of the things that make life worth living.

Samuel L. Jackson

“I have had it with these motherfucking wingnuts on this motherfucking plane!”

Samuel L. Jackson

“I’ve had it with these motherfucking wingnuts in this motherfucking country!”


The Oshry’s are pretty damned rich, though they inherited it. The elder Oshry was a car salesman in Queens, and you know, those types tend to get pretty rich. Not sure what happened to Oshry’s first wife, but she must have been god-awful if he dumped her for this thing.


Maybe he’s gay. What self-respecting man would have sex with that harpy?


I dunno. That still of the shrieking harpy reminds me of stills from the original Evil Dead. “Jooooooooin us!!1!”


This is precisely why one should wear night vision goggles, garlic and always book an aisle seat on a long flight. Does air marshal training include a course on defense against the undead?

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Don’t diss the pciture of Pammy. She looks just like a movie star.


I actually emailed Pam once to ask her about that “Breastfed On Blood” slogan. I told her I didn’t understand what it meant, and thus found it intensely creepifying.

She responded promptly and politely. She means for it to refer to the Islamic terrorists, saying that they are raised from infancy with the ideology of killing, and the approval and extolling of suicide bombing. That’s what she means by “Breastfed on Blood”.

(I had suspected she meant that citizen soldiers and citizen journalists are so damned tough and unstoppable that they do stuff like eat nails for breakfast and squash moonbats with one paw-swipe, and it’s all because they start out tougher by breastfeeding blood. Ow. I was wrong. And yet I am not comforted. Does that seem right to you? asked Jubal Early.)

I emailed her on another matter, once. It was that time when she was so appalled that her young daughter had been questioned by airport authorities. I pointed out that children could be used by adults to carry bombs, and I also wondered if she wasn’t unnecessarily upsetting her daughter with all the ruckus. Pam was remarkably affable and pleasant. She said she agreed with me, and that the main point of her ire had been that while they were questioning her daughter, they were also allowing some group to tour the security facilities (I forget the name of the group and am too lazy at the moment to check) and she claimed that group was chockfull of terrorist sympathizers.

I could not disagree with her more on just about every subject. But I can’t hate her. It’s my fundamental liberal wimpitude talkin’, I’m sure.

::Pammy, if you are reading this: Hi! And slow down. Just slow down.::


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