Out, Damned Spot!

Michelle has picked up an odd new habit:

Another GOP Maalox moment
By Michelle Malkin · November 15, 2006 12:28 PM




How the Democrats “clean house”
By Michelle Malkin · November 15, 2006 10:02 AM





Perhaps this is a desparate attempt to communicate about something involving…



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Her choice of a household cleaner including the word “spic” in its name was unfortunate, in a Freudian sort of way.


Unfortunate…or intentional? A little subliminal hatemongering could go a long way with her crowd.


It’s just one of life’s little coincidences, I’m sure, Hubris.

Boy, the GOP really needs to polish out all the chinks in their armor, for next election. Maybe clean all the gook out of their closet. So long as they promise to be more niggardly with their money, too. Macaca.

See? Not so hard to play your game, Malkin.

herr doktor bimler

Wikipedia: “The phrase “to poke borax at”, also “to poke borack at”, is an Australasian idiom of declining usage meaning “to ridicule”.”


man, i am so glad you picked ‘dyson’ to represent vacuum cleaners. those vacuums kick major houshold dirt ass! great colors, easy to use, great attachments, and a lifetime warranty! i am so stoked that you guys know vacuum quality!

my post has no point other than, for some reason, i think i should crow about being able to identify a dyson vacuum cleaner by sight…

Smiling Mortician

Now let’s be fair. The first post does include the phrase “crappy Republican leadership.” Credit where it’s due.


Michelle Malkin is a lot like life: nasty, brutish and short.


That’s a queer way of putting it, Some Guy.


Malkin is clearly withholding comment until the truth comes out, which is that this Chad guy changed his name from Faisal Al-Killiya as part of an attempt by the jihadis to discredit the real patriots.
I mean, come on, a fan of Ann Coulter but misogynistic? Gotta be fake.


Herr Doktor, it must be iniclining usage, as I was born in Australia in the early eighties, I’ve never been out of the country, and yet I’ve never ever heard the expression in my life.


er, that should read ‘it must be in declining usage’.


Spic & Span, Wow! that takes me back. The powder smells so good and looks so pretty; I ate some when I was little*. Fortunately, when I held the tea party with bleach, I gave my teddy-bear the first drink.

It’s not like it didn’t run in the family. My baby brother burned his mouth on drain cleaner. (Should have given his teddy-bear dibs.)

*I was going to say that safety-standards were different in the ’60s. But once I started adding things up I realized that my mother just took the Darwinian approach to child-rearing.


Sorry to be so off-topic. You were saying something about Malkin?


random guy probably a hollywood concoction, how many americans address their doctor mister doctor.


Maybe Malkin is just looking to the future … when Republican handouts for “journalists” are sparser than they are today. A kind word here, an endorsement there and suddenly corporations have access to a market that will buy just about anything.

The Mercury Theater of Hot Air? Little Green Footballs brought to you by Kleenex? Michelle Malkin, sponsored by W.A.S.T.E. (We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire) and Yoyodyne?

Brave new worlds of marketing!


Isn’t the Spic Span the name of the bridge we’re building from Mexicojihadistan to Crawford?


Nownow, Colonel. Don’t link Radiohead’s merchandising arm to Malkin.


Isn’t the Spic Span the name of the bridge we’re building from Mexicojihadistan to Crawford

Give that man/woman/person/mineral a cigar!


I just figured she’s now taking payment for product placement.



Ooooo, I have that vacuum cleaner. Dyson. Very good for cleaning house.

Herr Doktor Ruppert

The fact is that the “Dyson” is not really a vacuum cleaner… it’s actually a Dalek in drag. One by one they infiltrate our home, waiting for the signal from the home planet for the invasion to begin. Yes, really.


Daleks are one of those “oddly terrorizing aliens that barly classify as mobile” things. Like, the bad alien (dude ina suit) could barely move, I was never really clear on how they were supposed conquer anything. Just put a steep incline in their path, they’ll never make it up that.
Much as I enjoy Doctor Who, daleks were pretty lame. Never fear anything slower then a lawn tractor.

Freshly Squeezed Cynic

Dude, didn’t you hear, they can go up stairs now.

But yeah, always thought the Daleks were lame. Now the Cybermen, they were damn scary. Like the Borg, but they didn’t suck.


ahh, Dysons & Daleks! Me luvs my Dyson. It’s amazing what fine particles it’ll pick up. When you are writing letters & spill the Borax in the basement or get too many Cheetos & Taco Bell crumbs stuck in the keyboard, you want a Dyson in your corner.

I thought the Daleks were pretty lame. Shorter British sci fi: stories are just as crappy as Yanks’ sci fi, but sets & costumes are at a kindergarten level!


Yes, the Daleks are scary again. They’ve been able to go up stairs on-camera since 1988 or so, but they were recently upgraded with a bullet-deflecting forcefield and the ability to move through space.

Sci Fi is showing the second series of the new Doctor Who Fridays at 8 (sorry, all you Olbermann junkies!). The Daleks haven’t shown up yet, but both the Daleks and the Cybermen are featured in the two-part story at the end of this series. I highly recommend that you try to watch from this point on. The Compleat DVD set of the first series is in stores now; the second is coming out January 16th. Well worth the money, I think.

I’m sorry, now I’ve dribbled nerd all over myself. Excuse me . . . .


I’m sorry, I just noticed you can get Maalox from Amazon.com (?) (!!)


I actually made it through her entire post – does that mean I’m eligible now for the Showcase Showdown?


dyson may be a good stock pick, if these comments are any indication


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