The Waiting Is The Hardest Part…

Garbage in, garbage out
By Michelle Malkin November 14, 2006 12:30 PM

Flashback: US News ,Time magazine, and the smelly fire

Charles Johnson reports on a damning new twist in the ongoing Middle East fauxtography scandal:


Yup. Go read the whole thing. Waiting for all the MSM ethics mavens to weigh in.



Yeah, all that downtime can be a bitch to fill.

Say, Kit-Kat, how’s Michelle doing on the suspected serial fake-anthrax terrorist who claims to ‘worship’ her?

Above: “Not a word yet, guys.”

Fiddlesticks. Anyone for a game of whist to pass the time?

Update: Don’t read the affadavit on a woozy stomach. Interestingly, the one false note in this otherwise meticulous document is in the specification of items to be confiscated from the suspect’s home. The FBI was looking for diaries, mailers, surgical gloves, an assortment of other items including Katherine Harris devotional objects, a bunch of other stuff, and, oddly, ‘left wing hate rhetoric.’

Huh. Because the left wing is so totally like, “I worship Michele Maklin. Die liberal Demoncrat scum!1!!! Suck it Kieth Olberman Bwahaha!1!!!1”


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Fiddlesticks. Anyone for a game of whist to pass the time?

Ping pong?


I just looove that “waiting…waiting…” part.
Do you think she sees anything but a make-up target when she looks into a mirror? She makes chrome plating seem deep by comparison.


This is getting painful. I never would have thought they all would have just gone silent on it. Not after the whole deb frisch thing. I would have predicted an attack – that somewho the whole thing is the fault of left blogistan and teh evil MSM. Even if I didn’t get that, I would have expected excuses, justifications, explanations. It wasn’t really a conservative. It wasn’t really anthrax. It wasn’t terrorism. It wasn’t us…



I can’t decide if I’m going to post about this tonight or not.

I kind of want a hard confirm about the FBI seizing Free Republic’s servers before I really get on this story.

Still. It’s almost too much to resist.


I never would have thought they all would have just gone silent on it.

Why? What’s different about the current round of ignoring the unhinged guy on their side?


According to the affidavit, Castagana, an “average looking” 39-year-old white guy who lives with his parents in Woodland Hills, attempted to send 13 fake anthrax letters to the aforementioned victims starting in September. We say “attempted” because the first letter, which contained the message, “Do you know Alan Berg? You should. Death to demagogues,” and a harmless white powder, was sent to a poor sap on the Upper West Side named Jon Stewart—but not that Jon Stewart. (Alan Berg is the Jewish talk-radio host murdered by white-supremacists in Denver in 1984.)

Not to worry—according to the affidavit, Castagana sent back-up letters to Stewart’s office at Comedy Central and his actual home address. All bore return addresses from left-leaning luminaries like Norman Lear, Susan Estrich and … William Shatner.

One of the Stewart letters featured a “picture of a recently deceased tsunami victim with a condition known as Priapism, an erect penis on a cadaver.” Handwritten on the picture were the words, “Jon Stewart, Fuck Your Wife.”

Niiiiiiiiice. What a charmer.


Hoo boy, this one sounds like his attorney is going to plead out rather than have that come out to a jury.


Attention Ladies! I bet he’s single!!!


He lived in his parents’ basement before he was taken into custody. No word on whether he was covered in Cheeto dust when the police arrived.


Has anyone put the affidavit up yet? It’s not up on PACER.


Gavin, please stop using the same images over and over in your posts. Thanks in advance.


Do they make white cheddar Cheetos? That might explain the white powder…


He lived in his parents’ basement before he was taken into custody

Just to be pedantic, we don’t really have basements in California, though leave it to this creep to buck the trend. With earthquakes, it’s not a great idea to have a space that could be a tomb after the entire house collapses on you.


Thanks, Fucktard.

Heh. Caught because he donated to Katherine Harris. Too good to be true.

I’m now looking for the complaint affidavit (that was the search warrant affidavit.).

Karatist Preacher

I have the feeling that Michelle is busy finding a new hard drive and scrubbing her personal emails to her fans.

Also in constant contact with a lawyer.


Just found an article describing the arraignment. I actually know the FPD assigned to the case. (I remember her fondly as one of the first defense lawyers to curse at me). I’m going to have to leave her a razzing message about this case.


Hey, guys, please stop being logical and accurate all the time and pointing out the hypocrisies and sheer lunacies of the frothing-at-the-mouth right. Thanks in advance. Smiley face! Smiley face! Smiley face!

Smiling Mortician

Thing #5,693 that I love about Sadly, No!: the agreeable, pleasant posting of a message that begins with “Thanks, Fucktard.”


Heh. Caught because he donated to Katherine Harris. Too good to be true.

The Lord was working through her.


If anyone wants to look through marc costanzo’s posts at free republic…


I don’t quite believe the last Gary Message because I’ve never encountered him saying anything that is so specifically elminationist.

But I suppose I will always have a soft spot for Gary Ruppert, because he’s the first human being I’ve ever ‘met’ who really fucking fails the Turing Test.

So, now, we’re expecting empathy from the true believers? Hah.

This would reqire MitchMal to acknowledge that we share moral values.



While I agree with the Smiling Mortician always, I can’t help but note that the proper salutation for a high ranking officer in the General’s Army is

Lieutenant General Fucktard, Sir!


Thank you, Iffy. But Smiling Mortician is right. I posted a one-word answer to Ex-Fed which, besides being the wrong answer, was misspelled. I should have realized I was out of my league when I read “PACER” and thought “AMC”.


Lieutenant General Fucktard, Sir!

I dunno, Thunder. I said the equivalent to an aviation Captain once, and found out what the real exercise of power looked like….



[…] I'll also add Sadly, No is keeping track of the time it takes Malkin to jump on the domestic terrorist sending fauxthrax in her honor.  Explore posts in the same categories: Wingnuts […]


How about a nice game of solitaire? With double-M dressed as the queen of diamonds?


Funny, when I think AMC, I think AMC Hornet ‘sportwagon’, partially rusted out, creeping down I-91 from New Haven to Hartford, for a job interview.

No, I didn’t get the job (just as well, prolly). Thank goodness that was only a couple of decades or so ago. I think I’m almost over it.



Wow. I read that warrant affidavit, and I have to say:

1. Castanaga/Costanza’s actions — assuming they are true as alleged — fit the profile of a true terrorist. If he had had access to real anthrax or worse, he would have had a real reign of terror going.

2. Despite the absolute idiocy at the top of the chain, it is comforting to know that the FBI and the police are actually capable of tracking this kind of thing down and following through to an arrest. The sequence of events in the investigation reads like an episode of one of the police procedurals that clog the airwaves. (If only those shows didn’t focus so much on murders, this thing could be the basis for a good episode.)


So, how long do we get to wait before we’re allowed to conclude that Malkin does, in fact, endorse the sending of biological weapons to political opponents?
We already know that Coulter endorses the practice, but when can we add Michelle/Jesse to the list?

To give her the benefit of the doubt (cause liberals are mean, arrogant bullies and all that stuff. Boohoo) do you suppose it’s possible that she’s part of the investigation someway (not helping the investigators, mind you; just being interviewed or whatnot) and actually can’t comment on Whackjob McUnrequitedlove?

Smiling Mortician

Friends, I’ve just had an epiphany. Seriously. It doesn’t belong on this thread, but whatever. I was just reading Digby’s latest about some idiotic Dems who are arguing that the Way, the Truth and the Light involve co-opting the family values shit from the GOP (giving up abortion rights in favor of . . . some other thing . . . yadda yadda).

Anyway, here’s my revelation:

The reason the Left has had such a hard time gaining purchase in this culture is not simply that the majority of peeps here are stupid, although that doesn’t help. No, the real problem is that we’ve failed to understand the irrefutable, universal conflict between neoclassical (conservative) and romantic (progressive) thinking. We’re busy trying to be both the Enlightenment (rational thinking, anyone?) and the Romantic (a bit of empathy, please?) and end up having the argument amongst ourselves while the brainless, soulless Right walks away with the booty.

Oh . . . what? . . . that’s not a new idea? Well, but it just occurred to me and I . . . carry on . . .


My addition to the waiting for Michelle Malkin drumbeat. (In the comments, I mean. Don’t accuse me of who, bris?, I’m not George Allen.)


The real wait is how long until some right wing blogger brings up Deb Frisch.


Well, read into the article. From what I understand, this particular family (and I think it’s safe to assume they’re no singular in their mindset) they don’t believe in using any for or birth controll at all, even the whole natural cycle thing (ie, I’m ovulating in the next few days, so no nookie). Their stance was, “fuck as much as you want with abandon, and let God decide weither or not you get pregnant.”
These are people you cannot reason with.
They have forfietted their rational thought, or anything resembling free thinking, or free will. Everything that happens, happens because God wants it to, so the only thing we can do is go along with it.
These are the people who think God will help them make that game-winning field goal.
The don’t want to think for themselves, they don’t want to have to make choices. Free will is a scary thing: it means that things can go wrong, and it will be your own fault, and they don’t want to accept that.
To put it another way, Progessive Ideals are to them what Democracy is to the Middle East.
It’s incredibly frustrating, to have a large subsection of your culture not only being mindless sheep to whoever they decide is their spirityual leader, and knowingly and willing being mindless sheep.

In semi-related news, if you haven’t seen this, watch it. It’s effing brilliant.
I think WMP 11 fucked up the browser playback, though.


No word on whether he was covered in Cheeto dust when the police arrived.

Shhh. As citizen journalists, we shouldn’t in any way compromise what will undoubtedly prove to be the key evidence in this case.


How about darts with Ann Coulter’s head as the target?


Hey Annie,
Did you think you were at Drudge or Limpballs or something. The Dems idea is to get our boys back before more people die on both sides. Any objections? Or do you really want to see more of our troops die over a lie? What, are you some kind of terrorist sympathizer?


Last night I found the thread where Castagana’s previous Freeper pseudonym, Costigan, was “zotted” by the admins at Freeperville for an anti-Semitic nickname about New York City in January 2006 and suggesting it would be okay for terrorists to nuke the Big Apple.

Promptly re-registered under the Costanzo name and flew under the radar by not referencing his hatred for Jews, but kept a nickname for New York City as Nuke York City. Hating the blacks and Mexicans and Asians was cool as long as you kept the Jewish stuff on the hush hush at Freeperville. (potential strategy for Malkin’s friend Steve Sailer and vdare going mainstream Republican?)

Up at my blog I’ve also found that Castagana had a fetish of sorts for serial killers and murder/mutilation cases and had suggested on Nov. 2nd taking a pound of flesh from prosecutors checking on mAnn Coulter and her voting problems.


The creepy thing is that they closed comment registration so not only will there be no response from the top but the readership isn’t going to bring it up, either.

How oddly Stalinist. Funny, I thought he was a liberal!


scarshapedstar – there is a Freeper thread hidden away that is discussing Chad. Mostly it’s just patting each other on the back stuff and saying that there are always going to be loonies among all of the commenters there, if it really is a Freeper, but that Freeperville is so much saner than DU.

and where are the rumours about Freeper servers being seized coming from????


I dunno, I like the idea of letting the Iraqi people, to whom Bush has brought democracy, have themselves a little plebiscite on the subject of whether the American troops should stay or go. I understand from Our Only President that the Iraqis are all purple-fingery enthusiastic about voting and stuff.

Frankly, to not let them vote because we don’t think they’ll do the right thing invalidates in our minds any other elections they may have had, and suggests that all those people the President apparently knows who feel that Middle Eastern countries are not capable of or ready for democracy… might actually be right. Assuming they exist, of course. But goodness, this is the sort of thing our beloved leader can declare a priority and make happen, and if he doesn’t, perhaps… perhaps he even *is* one of those people. Again, assuming they exist at all.


The news about this guy is kinda creepy because he lives just down the hill from me. I mean that in a general sense — the actual address is redacted, but the neighborhood is quite near mine. I probably drive by his house on a regular basis.


(I know that was off topic, and I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but seriously, it’s an excellent idea–it didn’t originate with me, and it damned sure didn’t originate with Jonah Goldberg–and we really ought to give it a try.)


Maybe they’ll tone down the wingnut initiation ceremony after this:



Oh, man, I try not to damage my delicate brain cells on Malkin but, yewweh! Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Yes, oddly I ran into the photographer’s discussion of his editor, etc. and I thought, wait, this is being billed as somehow proof of bias? Hmmm, no, I don’t think the photographer saw it that way and documents were kinds interesting because somehow I thought the images were edited/tweaked in a more elaborate fashion and generally, I thought it showed that newsweeklies suck and the photographer was basically okay but not much more. That is equal to the anthrax hoax? Hmmm. Okay. Come to think of it, I think I’ll go back in my shell. I don’t want to hear Malkin talk about her terrorist fans.

But thanks anyway.


alright, let’s see how much waterboarding this worthless scrotum can take. I’ll
be geneourous and give 5 minutes.

As for drumbeat, I still stand with “Achilles Last Stand” or maybe Zeppelin’s “In My Time Of Dying”, Or Rush “YYZ”.


Way, way too generous. You’re guessing five minutes on a little coward like this? The creep would break in thirty seconds.


Ooops, I was screwed up and was thinking Goldberg instead of Malkin. I still think they should both be waterboarded and see how much they like it. Damn, I read too many blogs when I have too many IPA’s. I still stand by my drumbeats.


‘left wing hate rhetoric’

This may be something wingnuts will pick up on to distance themselves from him. The full text of the entry reads as follows:

u. Anti-semitic literature and or left wing hate rhetoric;

Pure speculation, but perhaps the FBI was operating under the assumption that the latter was the source for the former. But I can imagine someone saying, “Hey, the affidavit says ‘left wing,’ so how could he possibly be a right winger? Sounds like this one is on the moonbats.”

Commenters at Free Republic have made the claim that he was a regular at both their site and Democratic Underground. In other words, he’s just as much theirs as ours (see here, for example). Here’s the same assertion made outside the friendly confines of the Free Republic:

Chad Conrad Castagna began posting on Free Republic in February,2006. He was -apparently at the same time- a “frequent flier” on Democratic Underground: the polar opposite of Free Republic.

I took a quick look at some of his FR posts: most were of the “nyaah-yaah !” variety and embodied some reference to anthrax.

Both sites (correction: most sites) seem to attract a certain number of “fringe folk”.

Something to keep an eye on.


[…] I’m sure someone will post a clip. Too juicy. Update: See also these fine blogs — Michelle Malkin Is an Idiot; Sadly, No. […]


Hey, you guys got a mention at Media Matters for having a link that doesn’t work:


When I read the affidavit, I thought “left wing hate rhetoric” was referring to hate rhetoric directed towards the liberals. I think it was just bad phrasing on the part of the agent.

What would “left wing hate rhetoric” even be?


Another potential argument I should’ve mention above, one contained in that fringe folk citation: “He’s not a right-wing kook nor a left-wing kook. He’s just a kook.”

Smiling Mortician

Not exactly, STH. The MM mention is for blogging the Castagana story and providing a link to a Freeper page that has been suspended. The MM piece also points out that the majority of press coverage of the story fails to mention the FBI’s assertion that Castagana claims to be an ardent conservative who always votes Republican and who deliberately targeted people whose “liberal” views he opposes.


So I voted for SadlyNo! for best comedy blog, but I was disheartened to find something called “” as getting several nominations. So I headed on over there to see what was so funny about it.

Goodness. It is a parallel universe SadlyNo!

Instead of poking fun at Coach Dave, they instead try to take down a Michael Moore letter, although they do so in a much more violent manner:

Instead of showing a picture of Demonic Swank next to a picture of Angelic Swank, they compare Murtha to a muppet:

Instead of an obsessive love of Photoshop, there is an obvious love of handguns

Fellas, I think you need to stop picking on low-hanging fruit, and instead roll up your sleeves and start taking down these yay-hoos. I mean, just take a look at Frank J’s “New Agenda for America” (4 parts of fun, no less!):

Smiling Mortician

Jeez, Bubba, and I was having such a lovely morning before I clicked over the the unfunniest place in the webiverse. I was only there for about 20 seconds, but it was enough to drench my monitor in flopsweat. Thanks a lot.


I’m with sohei on the “left wing hate rhetoric” thing. Poorly worded.

When I heard this on Olbermann last night:

“39-year-old white guy who lives with his parents”

I thought to myself, “That is almost a given”.


Hey, guys, you’re missing the true tragedy of S,N links: mariejon’s is DOA.


Bubba and Smiling Mortician: And the IMAO t-shirts. So witty.

Sohei and Spirula: Assuming the affivadit left off the word “anti” from before “left wing” is certainly simpler and more sensible than assuming whoever drafted the document strictly associates anti-semitism with the left.


Amen to Smiling on that Bubba smackdown.


IMAO is the funniest blog ever, and if you don’t think so then you’re just too dumb to get the jokes. Try re-reading the posts. It took me a couple of minutes to get the Murtha/Muppet one.


Jeez, I don’t know why, but I clicked over to that cesspool. While we know irony died in January 2001, hypocrisy is alive an well in the fevered brains and desparate imaginations of the extreme right wing. There are SO many lines just jaw-droppingly stupid in that single Michael Moore is Fat ™ essay, but in the interest of brevity and the prevention of nausea this close to lunch, I’m going to quote only one:

I don’t want a minimum wage! That’s why I went to college!

If I ever saw a statement that perfectly frames the lack of compassion and empathy of these loathsome creatures, this one would be it. The hell with anyone else, the hell with anyone who’s station in life is different than mine, the hell with people who have less opportunity or more dificulties. Y’know, the other day I wrote on these very pages that sometimes it seems that they believe Democrats are a completely different species. Never before have I truly wished it was so…



Wow- After a quick visit with the lovely folks over at imao I need to take a shower. I was having a difficult time separating the supposed sarcasm from the outright hate speech.


Well, for anyone else whose eyes roll back in their heads after less than a minute of IMAO, you might consider going here to second, third, or nth the S,N! nomination for most humorous weblog at the Weblog awards site. It looks like a lot of the IMAO flying monkeys have been there already. We may as well send a smarter breed of flying monkeys on over.


Excuse me guys, but Elections Have Consequences, and November 7th fundamentally proved that Conservatives Aren’t Funny. Let’s not retread a debate that we have already won, please.


I think the “left-wing hate rhetoric” is in reference to materials about left-wingers, not by left-wingers. It is included in a request regarding anti-semetic materials.


umm, I went to the site IMAO people were making fun of a few posts above. What a garbage dump. They have some juvenile story about Bush confronting a raging Rumsfeld as he destroys the Pentagon (wtf? He’s already accomplished that mission). And a picture of Mel Martinez on top of a Mexican flag. I suppose since Mel is Hispanic, he must be pro-illegal immigration and pro-reconquista. He’s Cuban, but I’m sure in their ignorant world every brown person is a Mexican.

I’m not sure that the site is a parody or sarcastic as someone implied above. If it is, they are doing a bad job of it. See Jesus’ General.


Speaking of our boy Chad Castagana, here is a local ABC affiliate reporting on the story. No pictures of the man himself yet, but they do show a bit of his house (including a van parked in the driveway with the words “Death to liberals” written on one of the windows) and interview a neighbor who says he likes to conduct out-loud debates with himself.

Castagana’s a gift that keeps on giving. I hope The Smoking Gun will have a booking photo of him soon.


Re: “Left-Wing Hate Rhetoric”–

Remember, the FBI’s institutional culture is deeply right-wing, and they still haven’t exorcised the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover, who ran COINTELPRO and demonized the Black Panthers while denying that the Mafia existed. They still chase old Panthers–cover story at this week. Note that they’re making big noise over ELF and Alf and Earth First! while ignoring the Army of God and the other Eric Rudolph Appreciation Societies out there.

This is an FBI case. Expect there to be an intentional soft-pedaling of the right-wing blog angle. No paranoia, just a working knowledge of 20th-c. history.

Smiling Mortician

OK but would somebody please, please, please tell me that we haven’t somehow traded Gary for this Frank J. yahoo? I would so prefer to deal with a troll who is illogical, repetitive, dim and sincere than one who’s so aggressively stupid that he actually posted this:

IMAO is the funniest blog ever, and if you don’t think so then you’re just too dumb to get the jokes. Try re-reading the posts. It took me a couple of minutes to get the Murtha/Muppet one.

Christamighty, what is this? Seventh grade? I dunno. Maybe the RNC can no longer afford the upkeep on Garybot and has resorted to paying its trolls in Clearasil multi-packs.


I just suggested to the IMAO crowd this t-shirt slogan:

“There was once a decent Liberal … he killed himself.”

Let’s see if they run with it … despite the origin


I thought Frank was being sarcastic.


Frank J. is listed as one of the regular bloggers at that site.

Smiling Mortician

And sarcasm is likely just a bit beyond his rhetorical abilities.



Got any links? I’m pretty far out of the loop; but I’m thinking any song entitled “Achille’s Last Stand” has to have an interesting beat…


OK but would somebody please, please, please tell me that we haven’t somehow traded Gary for this Frank J. yahoo?

I was kinda under the impression that that was mebbe a parody, ‘cos it was pretty effing dumb. No, I didn’t click thru to “his” blog, ‘cos what does that prove? Anyone can cut & paste any URL into that odd “URI” field that S,N! has. Then, after the whole shebang is forwarded off to Uri Gellar in Israel, he hand-codes the post into HTML and sends it off to Seb at S,N! HQ in DE (no, not Delaware). After Seb gives it a quick once-over to ensure that there are no actionable items contained within, it’s posted here, mere milliseconds later! Gee, those two are fast!


Fake Gary deposed by Fake Frank!

Smiling Mortician

If Frank J is satire, he’s really dedicated satire of the Andy Kaufmann school. When I dutifully went over to nominate SN for best humor blog, I noted that Frank’s repeated nominations and defenses of IMAO, as well as his attacks on other nominations, sounded awfully sincere.


Ace of Spades HQ:

July 07, 2006
Congratulations To The Online Left
… Well, take a look at what you’ve become … Look in the mirrors. Do you like what you see? … Prediction: Almost none on the left will take Deb Frisch to task for this. … Can you really [see] the right blogosphere remaining silent if one of ours went this far over the line? No, you can’t.
posted by Ace at 12:50 AM July 07, 2006


Well, but, in Ace’s defense, this isn’t hypocrisy so much as a fundamental problem with pronouns. See, first the “you” is the left, and then its the indefinite “none” that’s the left, and then the right becomes both “ours” and “you,” all of which is very confusing for a man who can just barely manage a complex sentence. Therefore, we need to excuse the apparent contradiction in ethical standards if he brings a note from his English teacher . . . [fzzt!] . . . Ow! Sprained a lobe. Never mind. I got nothin’.


FrankJ is for real. He originated IMAO. He is a quite sincere and dedicated righty who believes he is writing scathingly witty satire. We would all agree if we were all still in 7th grade. ‘Course, li’l Frank *looks* about 13, soooooo…


Well, I wasn’t talking about any and all “Frank J”s one sees floating about online, just the one commenting here. That one I wasn’t sure if it was the real thing. I mean, who knows? Sure was asinine sounding, though.


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