Shorter Mark Steyn

U.S. must prove it’s a staying power:

The American people stabbed America in the back.

Bonus nitwittery: In a throwaway sneer, Steyn says:

Still, we are all Spaniards now. The incoming speaker says Iraq is not a war to be won but a problem to be solved. The incoming defense secretary belongs to a commission charged with doing just that. A nostalgic boomer columnist in the Boston Globe argues that honor requires the United States to “accept defeat,” as it did in Vietnam. Didn’t work out so swell for the natives, but to hell with them.

Steyn only cares about the well-being of the American Empire but still he cant resist a snotty jab in which he pretends that for one thing he and his fellow wingnuts actually care about those being colonized, and for another, those who oppose colonialism do not care. Right. Haha, Steyn, charade you are:

The loss of Iraqi life? Well, sure, that’s tragic, too. But if ‘sectarian violence’ means anti-American Shiites killing anti-American Sunnis, and vice versa, how much sleep should Americans lose over Bush’s ‘failure’ to stop it? That may sound cold, but the killers are free to end their violence whenever they like” — New York Post columnist Adam Brodsky.

(Shorter concept invented by D^2, later perfected by B^3.)


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Didn’t work out so well for the natives?

Condi’s State Dept just removed Vietnam from the list of countries
that infringe on religious freedom. (this after the House voted down
the move to extend free trade with Vietnam in the run up to Dear
Leader finally making it to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City).

(and the shift in the comment box to allow it to run right underneath the archives
on the side is really worthy of Ace, especially with no preview)


why do they hate america so much? i just don’t get it.

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Whether or not Rumsfeld should have been tossed overboard long ago, he certainly shouldn’t have been tossed on Wednesday morning. For one thing, it’s a startlingly brazen confirmation of the politicization of the war, and a particularly unworthy one: It’s difficult to conceive of any more public diminution of a noble cause than to make its leadership contingent on Lincoln Chafee’s Senate seat. The president’s firing of Rumsfeld was small and graceless.

So Steyn is just now waking up to the politicization of the war? Hey, Mark! Welcome to 2003!

Oh, and “small and graceless”? No two words have ever defined Bush better.

What does it mean when the world’s hyperpower, responsible for 40 percent of the planet’s military spending, decides that it cannot withstand a guerrilla war with historically low casualties against a ragbag of local insurgents and imported terrorists?

That it’s waking up to the fucking realities of guerrilla combat? Seriously, what does it take to get a right-wing agony column? A bent spoon and a dirty diaper? Hands that smell vaguely of cheese and pennies?

I’m told that deep in the bowels of the Pentagon there are strategists wargaming for the big showdown with China circa 2030/2040. Well, it’s steady work, I guess.

This twat is making snotty little asides about “steady work”?


Why do Americans hate America?

We hate us for our freedom.


Spaniards are now the new French? What will we do with our Spanish references? I know, change them to Steyn! Steynish peanuts! Lady of Steyn! The rain in Steyn falls mainly on the plain! Steynish fly!


If we’re all Spaniards, is Gary a Spaniard too? or, as a minor, is he still Mexican?


We can’t be Spanish. The Spanish elect socialists. Here, whenever universal health care comes up, someone shouts “socialized medicine” and wins the argument, what with socialism being what made the Soviet Union evil and all.
Plus, the English only movement isn’t going to be too pleased about any of this.


You got your spanglish in my mexifornian!


“Didn’t work out so swell for the natives, but to hell with them.”

What, we didn’t get to blow enough of them up? Not enough Vietnamese or Cambodians or Laotians were poisoned or burned or shot or hacked to death? They had to suffer a Marxist regime rather than all being dead under the nominal leadership of a pro-Western quisling? We didn’t manage to get the Viet Cong down to using five-year-old soldiers?

Interesting world in which genocide can be couched in terms of liberation.


We can’t be Spanish. The Spanish elect socialists.

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) es muy bueno…


If Steyn is so passionate about the United States, why is he still a Canadian citizen? It seems he loves to advocate a forceful foreign policy — for us. He sits at home in Quebec and kvetches, while we do all the heavy lifting. Talk about wanting to have it both ways.


Steyn: By which they meant not “enough!” of these murderers but “enough!” of the government of Prime Minister Aznar, and of Bush and Blair, and troops in Iraq. A couple of days later, they voted in a socialist government, which immediately withdrew Spanish forces from the Middle East. A profitable couple of hours’ work for the jihad.

And the Spanish suffered for their choice, didn’t they? Increasing incidents of terrorism on Spanish soil. . .oh, wait, that didn’t happen after all. Perhaps it’s a Spanish version of having the fight over there, rather than over here.

You broke him, you bought him.

He sits at home in Quebec and kvetches, while we do all the heavy lifting. Talk about wanting to have it both ways.

He lives part time in New Hampshire. And I’m guessing, unless a fate similar to Lord Black of Crossharbour (Steyn’s mentor, by the way) befalls him and he has to run back to the comfort of the cold bosom of the his home and mediocre native land, he may find himself permanently located there. He is, after all, no longer employable in Canada. His book, America Alone got a scathing review in Canada’s right-of-centre, conservative national newspaper (…no, not The National Post…I said newspaper).


I found a good way to get revenge on Mr. Steyn: enter his Pelosipalooza! election prediction contest and beat the living shit out of his drooling fan club. (Warning, my sercet identity is REVEALED! Well, sort of, since he misread my email and got some facts wrong about me.)

Smiling Mortician

Mark Steyn’s illogic is teh yawn. What I want to know is where you get off, Retardo, taking me to an Atlas Hurled post after I innocently — even joyfully — clicked on what I thought might be a lovely Pink Floyd experience. Shame on you.


Retardo’s back!

Or is he? Given that I hadn’t seen any Retardo-Posts for a while, I suspect he is convalescing somewhere (or worse) and that this entry has actually been post by his successor-designate, his brother Raul Montalban. Viva Retardo!


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