This Is Getting Even More Interesting

From James, in comments: shows marccostanzo associated with email address

Google shows zopix2 associated with email alias maldarrin, e.g. (Jeff Costigan). Interesting similarity between Costigan and reported suspect name Castagana. shows a maldarrin ( that likes to review movies and thinks “Nacho Libre� is “Definitely a film for those who hold that loudmouth Jon Stewart is something other than a tacky, banal, second-rate comedienne�. He apparently likes horror movies with eye candy.

“Jeff Costigan� has posted comments on sites like, claiming that Malkin, Laura Ingraham, and Ann Coulter “CHAMPION WOMANHOOD AND ALL WOMANLY VIRTUES�

I’m finding a comment from ‘Costigan’ on QandO, and a cite by ‘Costanzo’ of an Ace of Spades HQ post justifying torture.

Where else did teh domestic terror suspect hang out?

I’m hoping for an Ann Althouse sighting, but life couldn’t be that good.


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Comedienne? Did Jon Stewart get a sex change?


Dear Hysterical Woman,

It was meant to be a JOKE!


Death Roe


It’s sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy:

The Democrats won the election, and now there’s more terrorism courtesy of religiously radical nutjobs.


Here’s a Chad Castagana leaving feedback at the Sierra Times.


And then there’s this, which links the maldarrin at aol dot com email address with the name Chad Castagana.


I guess “womanly virtues” do not include voting, since mAnn doesn’t think women should vote.


but the real question is, why aren’t you denoucing Ward Churchill?


I hope at the end of the story he doesn’t turn out to be Glenn Greenwald’s sockpuppet.


Funny, I also don’t see any mention in the rightwingnutosphere of the Christian terrorists in Uganda who could use their support.

The Lord’s Resistance Army needs a new PR guy to get the message out to all the bloggers for Christ about the Lord’s work they’re doing.


I just want to know where you buried Retardo.


Death Roe, jokes are funny. If that was a joke (I think it was a malapropism), it’s a lousy one. Ha ha, Jon Stewart is a woman and women are bad!


Yes, this just in: the kind of nutjobs who send fake anthrax to political opponents don’t necessarily have great senses of humor! Nevertheless, the usage was most likely intentional.


Here he is as “Costigan” on FreeRepublic. His Costigan account looks like it got banned in January of 2006.

To: ConservativeAgenda

In this Age Of Liberalism, that is shoved down our throats
evertime we read a newspaper or watch TV,

All bad guys are called Hitler !

Baddies are allways fascists, never Marxists or Stalinists or just plain Muslims(Islam is the problem)

In any case, an invasion of Iran is out of the question .
It would be suicidal, even with a coalition force .

Iran is 67 million of these Shiites, half of whom are under the age of 20,
Infantry age

20 posted on 01/25/2006 3:57:50 PM PST by Costigan (With our Strength, Honor, & Loyalty – – we shall fear No Liberals !)


Zopix2 (Yahoo profile here) is or was a member of the Yahoo group called the “Ann Coulter Fan Club – Dedicated to the Official Babe of the VRWC.” Here’s a post from February 16, 2006, which shows Zopix2 used an email address that began with “Maldarrin.” Also participating in that thread—Resa Kirkland, AKA WARCHICK.


Oh gawd, not that warchick bitch. Bloody minded, war and death loving combat groupie who, surprisingly enough, has never seen a round fired in anger, nor has she had to police up the chunks after a rocket barrage. And tough as she trys to sound, how can anybody take the “warchick” seriously when she looks like this.



Mikey, maybe you want to post a “blow chunks” warning on that link. Bleech. Kind of like a bastard love child of Atlas Juggs and the Joker. I wonder whose dogtag she has around her neck, or is that her dog license for 2006?


Oh, god mikey, are you sure that photo wasn’t morphed?

It’s all out of proportion, and…is that male pattern hair loss? An extra y chromosome or something?

It’s been remarked upon before, but it seems eternally lost on the chickenhawks that the fervent supporters of all things war are nearly inevitably those that are the furthest from any pertinent experience. It’s all John wayne and Hogan’s Heroes to them.


Ugh, it’s like an evil, malformed Robert Smith. Me eyes! They burn!


Well, there are finally a few threads about this over at FreeperLand. Most posters seem to be going with the idea that he’s a super sekrit liberal plant. Just like Joe Steffen (sp?)/MD4BUSH was. Who needs reality when you’ve got Free Republic?


…take the “warchickâ€? seriously when she looks like this.



OK, guys, I expect to see y’all post your photos, so women can comment on your manly beauty.

Despise warchick because she’s a right-wing nutcase: no problem.

Despise warchick because she doesn’t meet your exacting standards of female pulchritude: uncool.

Honestly, I expect better of you. You know better than this. And if you keep it up, I will post a photo of myself instead of my extremely handsome Bengal cat, and if you make fun of my appearance, I will smite you with Teh Green Paisley Walking Stick of Liberal Justice. And you will deserve it.


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