My Personal Nomination for the Impeachment

I’m takin’ a quick break from work to bring y’all my very own favourite impeachment drumbeat:

…and now back to writing…

Gavin adds: Besides the ones people posted so far, I’m beginning to hear this drumbeat on infinite loop whenever the delectable i-word appears:


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Coke must have been pretty damn expensive in the 80s.


I’m beginning to hear this drumbeat on infinite loop whenever the delectable i-word appears

I definitely have more of a lust for life now than I did exactly two years ago.


Gavin is taking advantage of your absence to post too many posts and to thereby try to steal your position as number one writer around here, Brad. i wouldn’t stand for it if I were you.


Regarding that first video, I remember reading somewhere that they did it on the spur of the moment and “had been awake for a while.” Wink, wink.


Bringing the Iggy, eh. Impressive.

I gotcher impeachment right here!


I gotcher impeachment right here!



My contribution:

Nothing says Shrub like personality crisis.


yeah, i still dance like that. you got a problem with that sparky?, cause i got you’re bad mid 80’s hip swayin shucka shucka right here, son.


I can relate to “Dancing in the Streets”, but not that version! It’s fun to watch Mick and David pracing around, but musically, I’ve always thought that version of the song absolutely stinks. Give me the original by far!

Seems like an appropriate song if Bush is the topic.


“Lust for Life” is the greatest backbeat ever. “Of course I’ve had it in teh ear before. ” Heh.


Right on, Oaktown Girl. This one is for you.


My nomination, and another at my place.


I love the fact that Royal Caribbean uses “Lust for Life” in its ads. To paraphrase Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that song. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”


You know you’re getting old when Mick in the ’80s looks young.


As for an impeachment beat, here’s my nomination.


My favorite impeachment drumbeat would probably be something by Peter Prescott, or maybe Grant Hart.


Wow. I think I just saw whole parts of my life flash before my eyes. Iggy, Plasmatics, DEVO, The Dolls. Wow! This last week has been so happy, I must be having flashbacks to simpler times! *sigh* Because it couldn’t be the drugs. It’s got to be the happiness.

Thanks, Bradrocket! I was actually just listening to “Lust for Life,’ the other day. I had forgotten what the video looked like, if I ever even saw it.

Whoever did Mick & Bowie’s makeup on that first video should be shot, btw. Why would you want to make Mick & Bowie look more poncy? And I’m with Oaktown Girl, that’s a crap version of a great song.

Why do I always hear people say that Mick Jagger can dance? He does dance; obviously he enjoys it and is not self-conscious about it, which is an excellent trait in a straight man.

He’s just no fucking good at it.


Forgot to add: ifthe, I saw your shout-out to Gary over at YouTube. You are sooooooooo naughty.


Bwahahaha, someone linked to a Frontline Assembly video.

The 1990s called, they want their second-rate EBM back.


Are you saying I deserve a spanking, Gentlewoman? 😉

Also, we need to add Patti Smith for a proper impeachment drumbeat.

People Have The Power!


I gotcher impeachment drumbeat right here:


Bwahahaha, someone linked to a Frontline Assembly video.

The 1990s called, they want their second-rate EBM back.

*shrug* Eh. Potato, po-tah-to, spud.


Sadly, Barry Puppert, Johnny Ramone loved President Bush. Of course, Joey would have violently disagreed.


Shouldn’t Gary be here, chiding us for our Bush-bashing, and resorting to many idiotic rhetorical arguments that no liberal would ever consider … or need?


This is not a music video, but you need an emcee in between acts…thanks, Glenn. (That’s Greenwald, not instaputz.)


I’ve got to agree with you, Chet. Here’s a newer entry *ahem*: Meth and Man Ass.


argument for impeachment:


[…] Uh, G-Dubs? You realize that Palestinian extremists came to power because of the democratic process, right? Are you really this stupid? Are you gonna make me start the impeachment drumbeat again? “When you see a young democracy beginning to emerge in the Middle East, the extremists try to defeat its emergence,â€? Bush said. “Extremists attack because they can’t stand the thought of a democracy. And the same thing is happening in Iraq.â€? […]


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