Rick Moran continues his post-election spaz over at Right Wing Nut House, chastising us and Firedoglake, as representatives of the Congressional Democrats (?!), for a lack of bipartisanship, and then losing his last grip on the rail and trying to lecture David Neiwert on American democacy by archly invoking the Holocaust.

[…] Now that the devastating results are coming clear to all but that last deluded 30%, we need to make the words “conservativeâ€? and “Republicanâ€? forever synonymous with this mess.

We need to teach it in our history classes, and tell the tales to our own grandchildren. This, children, is what happens when you abandon liberalism. This is what’s happened every damned time we’ve ever handed conservatives the keys and let them drive. Don’t let them kid you. It’s not about two different views of democracy; it’s about whether your democracy lives or dies.

Uh…don’t worry Davey. When the time comes, all of us conservatives will march meekly and in a nice, neat line to the re-education camps and gas chambers. Just don’t tell us they’re “showers.� That’s been done before.

Uh, thanks, Rick. We’ll see what we can come up with.

Above: This one never seems to fail.


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Y’all are Democrats?

I thought you were Flying Spaghetti Monsterites, or something.


I’m tellin yah, that thread is the gift that keeps on giving.
One day, Ricky and me are gonna get married and buy a house and gay adopt some muslim suicide bombers to raise as our own.


Funny thing is, that post was actually written by Sara Robinson. Says so right at the top.

Being lectured by Moran is like being lectured by Alfred E. Neuman. Or Newman (said with the requisite Seinfeld sneer). Take your pick.


The insidious thing about liberals is they pretend to be right-wing maniacs when they start re-educating and killing people. What’s the deal with that?


Oh please! Oh please!


Oh, and in case it’s not obvious, lil Ricky has been altering the comments on that thread without attribution.
I particularly enjoyed his addition of random animal noises to one of my contributions.


That is one of my very favorite Far Sides. Kitty Cheese doesn’t dig either version, though.


That’s really quite good.


Mehitabel the Abyssinian

It is to laugh, foolish dog! Cat not fooled! Cat not stupid!


From Comment #2 to that post, by the Ricker his bad self:

Commenters on any site – right or left – are meaningless.

Rick Moran, the Albert Camus of blog commenting.


“Rick Moran, the Albert Camus of blog commenting. ”

That’s great, J!


Ok, once again, I’m in over my head. I don’t get it. But. The very concept that in order to offer meaningful comentary, you have to spend seven bucks on a domain name, is about the stupidest concept I’ve ever heard……



If you other readers haven’t bothered to click on the link, Moran’s actual, full and misattributed reply doesn’t make any more sense over there than the excerpt does here. How he gets from ‘tell your kids conservatives screw things up’ to ‘you want to KILL US’ will, I rather hope, remain a mystery forever.


I thought a conservative gas chamber was exemplified by the bean feast led by Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles.


That edited Far Side cartoon is a thing of beauty.

The fact is, when the time comes, all of us conservatives will march belligerently in a swaggering line to the Cheetos factory. Just don’t tell us they’re “low-fat”. We’ve heard that one before.


I’m printing that out and putting it on my fridge next to the original.

And “You guys are screw ups” only becomes “We’re gonna kill you all” by way of *serious* projection, I think.


One of my favorite Far Sides, ever! Too funny, Gavin.

I honestly think that the Moran (never terribly rational on his best day) has finally and completely melted down. I’m sort of disappointed, as my money was on either Confederate Yankee or Pasty to have the most spectacular wingutty head explosion in the recorded history of wingnutty head explosions.

I’m afraid that Jonah Goldberg, with his ‘Bush wear loincloth, kill bear with knife, get back GOP mojo,’ and the Moran, with ‘Republicans can’t govern = Democrats plan Republican genocide,’ have been first past the post in this race to see who wins the coveted Straitjacket of Wounded Wingnutdom.

And as paranoid, senseless and silly as the Moran is, I think Jonah has set the gold standard for embarrassing public mawkishness. I just don’t think anyone can touch it, seriously. Bush as Ted Nugent, well, I , it’s just…no, I don’t think Jonah needs to worry.

Pasty and CY have their work cut out for them. I doubt that CY can do it, he’s never had the necessary crackpot lyricism, and clueless and sweeping viciousness is no substitute for it; but I still have hopes for Pasty. He has flown to the heights of delirium before, and I think he can do it again.


Right on GW.

And I think, given the Bush administration’s gutting of our civil liberties, the best way to get the conservatives into the gas chambers, rather than telling them they’re showers, is to tell them it’s a rally for Dick Cheney. And that this substance we’re applying to your skin is — well, just anti-bacterial soltuion.


It’s typical that you atheists leave out the prayer in the cartoon. Any expression of faith, however misguided, needs to be censored by the Left (and yes, that means you, Norbizness).


How he gets from ‘tell your kids conservatives screw things up’ to ‘you want to KILL US’ will, I rather hope, remain a mystery forever.

Actually, that’s a three-step jump for someone with the all-or-nothing thinking fallacy:

Statement: “You screwed this up.”
1) I always screw up. (Shift from single instance to global truth.)
2) I am a worthless screw-up. (Shift from action or behavior to state of being or essential character; this shift brings in the judgement, too.)
3) He would be better off without me. (Shifts the thought from the self to the other person; this is a form of projection, but not the classic “I blame you for what I want to do” kind.)
Response: “You want to get rid of me! You’re going to kill me!”
(In a non-paranoid mind, the “normal” response would be “You hate me!” or “You don’t love me!”)

Most authoritarians I’ve bumped into have bought into the Manichean “all the world is divided into good and bad” dualism, which is the perfect foundation for (or cause of) the all or nothing fallacy. I don’t know if they use it as a control technique or if it’s just hereditary (this was a feature typical of organized Christianity–particularly Catholicism–for centuries), but in 16 years of Catholic school, I’ve seen it over and over again.

I think this is where the “We either eavesdrop without judicial oversight or we can’t conduct surveillance at all” or “We either agree completely and totally with Bush or we want Saddam back in power” kind of crap comes from. Any negative comment at all is taken as a complete rejection of the other person’s entire being. Toss in a dose of paranoia and a martyr/persecution complex, and you get Rick Moran.


The chamber is clearly labled “Tax Cut”, Dick. No prayer or even anxious willing, is needed to ensure that the conservatives will gleefully enter the room.


Has anybody been reading Mallard Fillmore this week? About how married couples are being embraced by “the liberal establishment” (or something) because they’ve now achieved minority status? (I think that’s what he’s trying to say.) Can someone explain it? Does anyone, even the most deluded, brain-washed conservative (Gary? Help me out.) think this is funny?

Or is it just a mean liberal pretending to be conservative just to make conservatives look stupid? (Which is what Mallard Fillmore seems to be most of the time, come to think of it. And Ann Coulter. And Rush Limbaugh. And Max Boot. And Thomas Sowell. And George Allen. And Rick Santorum. And Trent Lott. And Dick Cheney. Good God! Are we all the unsuspecting audience for the most elabotate performance art of all time? Bravo, conservatives! You really had us going!)


No worries. We’ll just piss on them and tell them it’s raining.


Hoosier: The joke is that us liberals love minorities so much, we might even love married people, even though we normally hate married people! Ha, ha ha ha ha!


Did anyone happen to read Mark Steyn today? He seems to think that Al-Qaeda is an imminent danger, but China’s just an annoyance.


Has anybody been reading Mallard Fillmore this week?

I real ALL the funnies in the paper every morning, even Rex Morgan, but I will not read that ugly, mean-spirited, poorly drawn, never even clever let alone funy fucking duck…



Gavin and I am glad you are putting your graphic skills to such good use. genius.

Anyway see Rick Moran’s top blog post? “I am tired of politics let’s talk abuot game shows”. I am not lying. LOL This election could not have been sweeter.


And anyway, an education camp would be wasted on Moran.


Dorothy has it. classic black and white, authoritarian thinking, with a soupcon of paranoia.


By the way…I just happened to think of something really funny. Do you realize who is going to be dead last in seniority in the Senate in the next Congress? Bob Corker! He is the only freshman in the minority party. This is how I see his committee assignments going:

Corker: Senator Reid, it’s been three months since the session started. Can you please talk with me about committee assignments?

Reid: Why, sure, Bob! (Mimes putting a phone up to his ear) Bob…call me! Haw, haw, haw.

And there is precedent. In the late 80’s, Ed Zielinski of Nebraska died in office; Kay Orr named a Republican, Dave Karnes, to replace him. The Dems let him hang for months. Karnes, who had been the lawyer for a big grain elevator company, would whine, “Unfortunately, folks, it appears politics are going on here.” Politics, in the US Senate, Dave? You think?


The very concept that in order to offer meaningful comentary, you have to spend seven bucks on a domain name, is about the stupidest concept I’ve ever heard……

Mikey, seven bucks is two, maybe three giant-sized bags of cheetos. Measured in wingtard terms, that’s a serious level of gravitas.


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