Trolling, Trolling, Trolling…

Yah! Giddy up, rawhide!

Yes, Powerline has enabled comments. Oh what a day this is!


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It won’t last.
It never lasts.


Corndog man is at it again!

Plus, I think they have a childish faith that if the Islamists really are a threat, then the grownups–President Bush and the U.S. military–will rescue them.

Yes, I trust President Bush to rescue us just like he did those folks in the Superdome.

Jeezus, what meds they got this loon on? They can’t be legal ones.


Funny how wingnuts believe everything terrorists tell them when it comes to their love for democratic victories in elections, but the same wingnuts will happily call military torture whistleblowers liars…


Speaking of trolling, that Rick Moran thread from wed is a gift that keeps on giving.
Recently, he revealed he doesn’t watch South Park, tho he can’t even own up to it.
This is so sad I’m coming to think he’s fake.


Jeezus, what meds they got this loon on? They can’t be legal ones.

Stupid doesn’t require drugs. Stupid is congenital, incurable, and in wingtards untreatable. Because they like not being able to reason their way out of a paper bag, or a straw-man argument.


Alright, thunder, yer on my list. Last time I click a link to PL. Jeez, these people know all the answers and they sure as hell ain’t gonna let any damn facts get in the way. Democrats want the terrorists to win. Ok, sure. Can you tell me why we would want that? Yeah, there’s folks all over the world that are glad that the lunatics in Washington might have some restraint before using the most powerful military in the history of the world in some sort of ideological aggressive attack on some state somewhere that has done nothing to deserve it. Superpower Rogue States concern and bother people who might have to deal with the, pardon the expression, FALLOUT from american military adventures.

But also, reasonable americans know that most of the hatred that the eastern world feels towards us is well deserved, and we could go a long way toward reducing the terrorist threat just by being a good neighbor, an even handed partner for peace and development, and an honest broker in regional conflicts. In the post cold war world, it wouldn’t even threaten our position in the world.. Everything the american right wing has done or advocated since nine eleven has resulted in more hatred, more radicalization and more terrorism. At what point are people going to point out that these idiots have fucked up global security and should not continue to posture as teh strong. Dudes – The kill ’em all strategy has not worked out well, and is likely to only make things worse. Maybe it’s time to differentiate between “tough” and “smart”….



This is so sad I’m coming to think he’s fake.

No, he’s a real Moran. He comes from a long distinguished line of Morans.

And Gavin, I adore you, but no way am I clicking over there. Not even to troll.


Jesus, do we really need another fucking rightwing echo chamber? It’s like somebody turned the lights off in Wingnutland, and all the roaches came out to confab.


Isn’t going to powerline to troll kinda like smuggling ice machines into Canada?


Ah, but Gentlewoman, what tasty troll treats one finds there:

One post asked “What switch in the brain makes it OK for an American voter to vote for a party whose platform shares the viewpoint of an enemy that has sworn to see our country destroyed?�

The asnwer is easy – The Democratic Party Switch. Remember our math: Two things equal to the same thing are equal. Muslim Fundamentalists = Terrorism. Relative to the safety of Americans world wide, the policies of Liberal Democrats = Terrorism. Thus, Liberal Democrats = Muslim Fundamentalists. QED.



Jeeez, I waded through some of the some of the insane drivel over there, now I need a shower. I lost count of the logical fallacies after the first page.


Hehehe. that’s some logic chain, J. If A = B, and B = C, then A= C.
Except he fucked it up.
” 2^2 is the same this as16^.5, and giraffe is the same as penguin, therefore 4 = penguin.”
Makes the same about of sense as his does.


I was all thrilled when I saw there was a poster with the handle IronDioPriest 4354 – until I realized that was just the number of comments to the post.
I mean sheesh 4354 posters all with the same “IronDioPriest” screen name? I could just see a registration engine with the following dialog:
“may we suggest IronDioPriest 4355”
For a moment I was in heaven.

Freshly Squeezed Cynic

Oh my, this is a treasure trove of insanity.

Best. Hindrocket. Moment. EVAR:

Who, outside of a handful of commentators and party officials, makes money by pushing a conservative agenda?

Who indeed?


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