This Almost Makes Up For, You Know, The Curse Of The Zombie Lieberman

I had this pic sitting around for months waiting to be finished, but now I’ll never get to use it.



The Mighty Reason Man is back.

[Hanx: JRoth]


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Smiling Mortician

There’s a certain purity in just walking away from a blog on the occasion of a soul-crushing election and coming back, like the children in the Pied Piper tale, only when the world shows signs of deserving it. The white space between the optimism in that November 2004 narrative and the current post speaks volumes.

Reminds me in some way of when Trudeau struck the set of the Reagan White House for a year.


Cass-Clay Dairy. Fargo, ND-Moorhead, Mn.

Odd choice for a milk carton.


“You smell that? Do you smell that? Subpoenas, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of subpoenas in the morning…Someday this war’s gonna end.”


Someday this war’s gonna end.

…he says, with a distinct sadness…

Worst. President. Ever.

Someday this war’s gonna end.

Yes, as soon as our corporate overlords decide to end it.

But right now, hey! Business is good!




What a lovely thing to see and a perfect accompaniment to this election.


Reminds me in some way of when Trudeau struck the set of the Reagan White House for a year.

But wasn’t part of that just taking time to figure out how to “grow up” his characters? Shit, if the guy who blew off B.D.’s leg and helmet couldn’t hack what, in retrospect, was a farm league version of what we’ve got now then he’s done a whole lot of toughening up since then or he was being a colossal pussy then.

I can’t be so sanguine, see. Honeymoon/depression gave us Jan-Sept 2001. Depression/shock/resignation gave us sept 2001-march 2003. Depression/resignation gave us Mandate/Referendum of winter 2004.

Yeah sure you’re bummed, Rhetorical You. Me too. If you’re in a crisis you have to keep moving. You can always freak out after you’ve handled your business. Pluss I miss Kevin.


Well, that’s a great start. Now if only the lights would go back on in the Dark Window.


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