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This AP story on the investigations into Pat Tillman’s death is pretty informative. A passage somewhere in the middle caught our eye(s):

Military investigators under Gimble’s direction this year visited the rugged valley in eastern Afghanistan where Tillman was killed. It was a risky trip; the region is even more dangerous today than it was in 2004.

Hmm, freedom.


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Couple that with this:

Two years after U.S. troops launched a devastating ground assault that purged, at least temporarily, the heart of the Iraqi insurgency, Fallujah once again is a violent place.

It’s hard work…



Wasn’t there a suggestion in that AP article that Tillman might have been deliberately murdered?


Deliberately murdered? Wow! I’ve gotta read that article! Considering that the corporate media has been using the phrase “conspiracy theory” like a club of late–even Rolling Stone has gotten into the act!–it’s refreshing to hear of AP stories that suggest hidden agendas and nefarious doings. They might even get into reporting one of these days.


Wait a minute… you’re saying we’ve still got troops in Afghanistan? Who knew?


Deliberately murdered is exactly what the article implies, if not states. It’s well worth reading.

As for corporate media funding — I’m not sure how the structure’s set up these days, but it used to be that AP was funded by fees paid by the various newspapers who ran its wire feeds. AP reporters and photographers were/are used when a local paper wants an article or photo but can’t send its own people to cover it. It’s also always been independent, though somewhat entrenched in its own strange bureaucracy.


is it way too conspiracy theory of me to think the Army was trying to create a hero?


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