Dear GOP: How Are You Gentlemen?

Still watching the Missouri and Montana Senate races closely. However, I believe it’s time to say…


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All your subpoenas are belong to us.


im in ur districts. takin ur votez.


I was thinking more like this [MP3], but yeah, that’ll do…


McCaskill is giving a victory speech.

I know I said that in the thread below, but it’s worth repeating.


CNN International seems to have given up on feeding through the US coverage. I’m going to bed.

It’s 7am here, which means that it is, technically, morning in America.


CBS had a “winners and losers” bit about presidential candidates and it was so nice to see McCain in the losers column. Kissed the wrong asses, Mr. Bent-Talk.


So forget Oreos, eat Pelosi cookies.


McCaskill victory speech! Roxxorz11!!!

And Tester should be following soon.


And now msnbc is calling it officially for McCaskill.
It’s in sight.


Speaker Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi.

Oh my fucking GOD, this is too sweet.

This makes up for Beltran taking strike three with the bases loaded.


Where are.. the trolls.

There have to be trollllls..

Send in…. the trolls…


All your nude erection new direction are belong to us.


Just 🙂 from a happy GW in MO.

Yes, we must all practice saying Speaker Pelosi. And Senator McCaskill. And Senator Brown, and Senator Casey, and Senator Sanders and Senator Webb (fingers crossed, think Macaca will hole up in his Senate office with firearms), etc.

Unfortunately, I already know how to say Senator Joe Fucking Lieberman.

Oh well. At least we have one Socialist Senator now. It’s a start.


All your nude erection new direction are belong to us.

Dude, were you just IMing with Brad, like 15 minutes ago? That was my line!

(A BOLD nude erection…)


Send in the trolls, but not the bloody pom poms. She’s not worth it.

Heck, I’m tempted to head over to red state and just type “SPEAKER POLOSI!!!111!eleven!!” over and over.


Gavin, the only thing I will cop to is that there’s a local talk radio host (non-partisan, liberal-leaning) that has, for about two months, been stuck (in full knowledge of his juvenalia – and ours, apparently) on that particular joke.

The brilliance of the timing is all me, however.


I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I want to strip buck-ass and run through the streets, or the fact that “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen ever ever ever ever.

herr doktor bimler

Huzzah, my keyboard is safe from the Angry Regurgitative Cat. Have been celebrating (on your behalf) with real ales and home-bake chilli focaccia.

GW, can I say supportive & congratulatory things about your contributions to Digby’s ‘Marriage’ thread?


[…] The blog-studs over at Sadly No! think that even though we’re waiting for the win in Montana and Virginia, we can go ahead and say it: […]


All Your Congress Are Belong To Us

Of course, that depends on Crusher Joe Lieberman actually doing what he said he would (caucus with the Democrats). I don’t trust him. We’re gonna have to watch him like hawks.

Liberal hawks!


Bah, Looserman can’t be trusted, but he knows this is his last term if he joins the Repugs. I have little doubt he dreams of beating ol’ Strom’s record for Most Decrepit Zombie (Senate category).

As long as he manages to avoid drying out and crumbling to dust, he’ll still be around to whine about the violence on your PS5.


Hello Herr Doktor Bimler and Frau Dokterin Penny and the beauteous Mehitabelllllllllll! We are so happy her in MO! We have taken the state House, too. I am not sure about the state Senate as the Secretary of State’s site does not appear to have been updated. Either that or I am unable to read it correctly, which must always be considered a possibility in my case. 😉

I have been indulging in celebratory sushi and wine (did you know where I live in MO you can get sushi and wine delivered to your apartment door? This could never happen in my native state of CT (Lieberman: I spit!) where they still have ‘Blue Laws’ on the books. So much for liberal/conservative generalization.

Thank you Herr Doktor, you are too kind. I have not been back to Digby’s yet to see if that Christianist apologist needs more smiting. If he does, we will smite him. If necessary, I will bring in the heavy artillery: the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may you be Touched by His Noodly Appendage).


PS I hope it will not be necessary to bring the nuclear weaponry of Teh Elder Gods, but sometimes Things Occur. Especially after wine. And sushi. *recklessly feeds Mehitabel smidgeons of sushi despite risk of yakking*


Okay, I have a dumb question:

What’s the video game at the beginning of this? I never knew where “All of your base are belong to us” came from.


Linnaeus. You can read the whole sordid story here.



Iraq: Will America Win or Surrender?
Lee Ellis
November 14, 2006

Why did so many people vote the way they did this November? Suggestions abound. Many say the Republican base sought to teach Republican leaders a lesson. Others say the Democrats had proved that Iraq was a disaster and had nothing to do with the terrorists. TV commentaries, this week, were reporting al Qaeda’s express desire that Democrats win, since such an outcome would prove to the Middle East that Americans had lost their resolve, were cowards and voted for the party that would most likely retreat or surrender if attacks increased. One authority from the Middle East suggested on Fox News that the Iranian leaders were also praying for a win by the Democrats.

Meanwhile, MI5, the British Intelligence equivalent of our CIA, reported that al Qaeda was using Britain as a base against America and the English people and had succeeded in recruiting young Moslems to its cause. As a result, there were now 200 terrorist cells in Britain, alone. These cells, amounting to a total of over 1600 people, have thirty terrorist plots against both America and England already in operation! Terrorist cells are also alive and well here in the United States just waiting for a call to attack.

In addition we received news from al Qaeda’s new leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri (AKA Abu Hamza al-Muhajir) that al Qaeda would not be satisfied until it had completely demolished our White House. He also claimed to already have 12,000 fighters in Iraq. Al-Masri believes that if he kills more of our troops, it will force the new Democrat leaders to override President Bush and cause an immediate surrender, thus allowing Iran to control Iraq and the entire Middle East. Once that happens, our embassy, with its high tech listening devices, will be destroyed denying us the ability to know in advance the plans of Islamic radicals. Attacks can then be launched on our soil killing as many American civilians as possible and reaching al-Masri’s goal of blowing up the White House.
The question then becomes, “Why did American voters allow this to happen?” Some say that voters were victims of the propaganda fed to us by large metro newspapers such as the Los Angeles or New York Times, but readership in that venue has fallen dramatically in recent years. Rapidly taking its place is the phenomenon of news by soundbytes. Huge portions of our society listen only to the flawed comedy presentations of current events — the biased late night entertainer’s take on political issues, or the jaundiced bias of a celebrity who believes in his or her right to proffer personal political persuasion. People seem to only mention the New York Times articles when they hear Jay Leno or other TV commentators quote from them. Antonio Gramsci must be smiling in his grave. Decades ago, this infamous Italian Socialist urged American followers to infiltrate schools, churches and politics. This, he strongly believed, would bring about the downfall of America.

Look at how so many have followed his plan!

Look who has been training our youth for years in our schools and universities —and they have tenure. Ward Churchill and many other leftist professors are still on university payrolls.

Look at the changes taking place in some of our main line churches after liberal ministers, elders and priests took over.

Look at how Socialists have reregistered as Democrats, or even as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), driving out or taking over from the former conservative Democrats (the Scoop Jacksons, JFKs, Harry Trumans, et al.) Joe Lieberman is virtually the only one left, and he had to run as an Independent after being chased out of his own primary — and this a man who in 2000 was the Democrat’s choice for Vice President! Also, on November 7, Americans voted into Congress one admitted Socialist and another person who is a committed Moslem. Does this tell you something about the direction our voters are going in?

The worst fruit of Gramsci’s plan has been the intentional lowering of all standards. Morality, education, religion — all have been affected. And when a public has low standards, it is easily manipulated. Knowledge of civics and history is the ordinary person’s strongest arsenal. Literature and a strong command of English allow people to wage verbal fights articulately. Drive out true knowledge and we lose the ability to think clearly; drive out God, and we lose all hope.

This new type of war started very slowly in the 40s and began to blossom in the 60s. Then, we saw it taking over education, religion and politics slowly like a bad worm working its way through a barrel of apples. The barrel exploded in November 2006.

Warfare of this type, the whittling away of our values, religion and knowledge via infiltration combined with terrorism, is more insidious than the warfare of tanks, planes and guns, is it not? Sure it takes a long time before it bears fruit, but it is cheap to do and, as we are seeing, it works!

Our great nation has begun to fall. It has now tilted like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Will we be able to prevent the complete fall? Can we wake up and cause Americans to recognize the Trojan horse of low standards and free “gimmies” that they have brought home?

Time will tell — as will the History books of 3006. I hope there is a library in heaven

Lee Ellis is a retired journalist and narrator, formerly with both CBS and Gannett (USA Weekend). He was also a combat veteran of WWII, having fought in the South Pacific invasions. He had the pleasure of interviewing Ronald Reagan as an actor and then later working to help him become Governor of California.


Your web blog does America a disservice as do the liberal Democrats. I hope all of you will sleep well as we pull out of Iraq and allow the people all to be slaughtered. You are miserable bastards.



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