And the Unwed Are All Going to Hell

Remember last week when Dennis Prager said that the main threats to our civilization were Muslim terrorists and gay marriage?

Well, this week Dennis explains that “while used to being caricatured,” it still hurt his feelings when Andrew Sullivan denounced the column, because of all that he and Andrew have meant to each other. So, Dennis wants to make it clear, one and for all, that anybody who “further insinuates” that Dennis equates gay marriage with terrorism is a big poopie head.

Dennis explains that while people who support Muslim terrorism are “loathesome,” most of those who support same-sex marriage are just really stupid (some are loathsome too, of course). The gay marriage supporters fall into three groups: leftist vandals who want to trash civilization; simple-minded twits who believe that being “tolerant” requires them to assent to the destruction of civilization; and people who need to start their own damned religion, because nothing in Judaism or Christianity supports committed, loving, monogamous same-sex relationships.

In fact, heterosexual marriage is what Judaism and Christianity are all about:

If Judaism and Christianity do not stand for man-woman marriage and the father-mother family, they stand for nothing.

I guess Mel Gibson really missed the boat with his film about the suffering and crucifixion of Christ — he thought THAT was the basis of Christianity, when it’s really procreative intercourse. So, I guess we can expect the film Dennis Prager’s The Passion any time now; 100 minutes of R-rated action, and no need for subtitles.

And nobody caricature Dennis ever again, you hear me!


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Someone should tell him that early Christians found marriage abhorrent, and refused it totally, as they refused any contact with evil female beings. This went on for quite a long time, suprisingly for more than a generation!
Dennis doesn’t realise how ironically stupid he is.


people who need to start their own damned religion, because nothing in Judaism or Christianity …

Has anyone informed the Jeebofascisti that the right to do so is constitutionally protected?


Yes, yes a religion based on a guy who goes down to the docks to pick up “followers” is all about heterosexuality.


people who need to start their own damned religion, because nothing in Judaism or Christianity …

I’m game. How about we start a cult whose main tenets are “Believe Whatever The Hell You Want” and “Be Excellent To Each Other”. Let’s call it The Old United States of America Before Bush Ruined It.


Wow it’s all about hetrosexual sex. Who knew? Someone had better tell those anti-Christians like St. Augustine, St. Paul and St. Francis (or I guess we should say “so-called” saints). John Paul II better hear it too.
I always thought it was about kindness and living in harmony with God. Boy was I wrong.


At least there are some churches that are agitating about things that Jesus might have actually cared about.


…Dennis Prager’s The Passion any time now; 100 minutes of R-rated action…

You’re overestimating by about 99 minutes. Trust me.


“…Dennis Prager’s The Passion … 100 minutes of R-rated action…”

I’d go, if he used Monica Belucci again.


My god, he just keeps digging himself in deeper!


Denis Prager out-stupids himself yet again!


I am used to being caricatured . . .

His mother probably couldn’t restrain herself.


Don’t the “Shakers”‘ refrain from marriage and sex? And they are still around!


I think Prager should just stay out of any conversation about what Judaism stands for or should stand for.


“being caricatured”? Um, Dennis, that’s a mirror.


Silly arse. The destruction of civilisation?? Like all those (now presumably happily married) gays were gonna shag some female anyway!?! That 10% or whatever it is of soicety never will and never have and hey, society’ still here, dork.

George Claredon

It’s Diet Rite and Wittgenstein these days. “What we cannot talk about, we must pass over in silence. Hand me another DR, dude!”


Over at my own blog, I explain the real reason gay marriage is evil. See, it’s all part of the giant conspiracy whereby the Sodomite states are trying to steal our children. Look, us folks in good God-fearing states are just minding our business, going to church every Sunday, and those evil Sodomites in the Northeast and West Coast have to flaunt their evil TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY and VALUING OF INTELLIGENCE and lure our children away from God’s way into a sinful lifestyle where they create and innovate and become wealthy and happy. Happiness isn’t Godly. If you’re not miserable, you’re not following God’s word. And then those evil people in the Sodomite states flaunt over us that they generate most of the wealth of the nation, generate almost all of the innovation of the nation…. they’re just EVIL!

And that, my friends, is why gay marriage is evil. It’s all part of a Sodomite conspiracy to destroy God’s Country by stealing our children. But don’t worry, we have a plan, as I divulge some details of on my own web site… those Sodomites are NOT going to get away with their heretical TOLERANCE and DIVERSITY, we’re going to keep at it until their evil beliefs are all outlawed and they’re all either in jail, exiled to evil countries like Canada and the Netherlands that have similar beliefs, or back in the closet where they belong!

— The Attorney General


You might at least get your facts straight.
St. Paul recommends marriage for those not gifted with celibacy and calls sex “pure”, or “holy”…Augustine gave it up because as a bishop he couldn’t live with his mistress anymore, but he still ministered to people who were married…in fact the Catholic Church, while emphasising that virginity is good, has always protected marriage…on the other hand, Protestants from the get go have opposed any limits on marriage.

The document from early Christianity that condemned women was “Gospel of Thomas”, which despite its current popularity in some circles, was rejected by the early Church.

Anyway…flame me…I won’t be here…


All I have to say is I love the exremist right.

I’m gay. And I’m not going to hell. And I love my girlfriend.

The problem is you guys think that there will be some kind of gay takeover. There aren’t as many gays and bisexuals in this country as you think. Seriously. And we know that you’re not okay with it but that;s your opinion. Let me put it this way …

There’s a ot of states where you can walk around topless if you’re a woman. It’s legal, but do a lot of people do it? No. Would I do it? No. DO I think it’s wrong to walk about with your tits hanging out in public? Hell yes. But should they have the RIGHT? Sure. But just because that right exists doesn’t mean everyone will walk about topless all the time.

Open your eyes. You’re only hurting other people. I hope someday you disover adversity in your life and can empathize. Everyone is a minority.


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