Jim Webb has pulled ahead of George Allen…


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sez who? I still see webb slightly behind here:



It was a brief moment. Still, it’s too close to call. 2k votes?



Those numbers appear to be a transpose of the CNN numbers


This makes me want to do ther Naked Chicken Dance.
I dont think they’ve counted the absentee ballots (anyone know?) But considering how Allen get completly RAPED in Northern VA (the GOOD part), if they haven’t yet, he’s toasted, and toasted hard.

Both CNN.com and MSNBC.com have Webb ahead by a few thousand, verplanckkd…Colvin.


This is woo to the frickin hoo, if it holds up.

Count on it being challenged by the unrepentant racists though. Unless Allen comes out ahead, in which case the results are pure as a virgin Hostess Sno-Ball in fresh snow…


http://sbe.vipnet.org/ is what I’ve been using for results. Shows allen ever so slightly ahead.


I apologize in advance for citing this source,

Drudge comes out with:
VA SEN [100% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,140,879 49.42%
D- WEBB 1,143,144 49.44


Now sbe.vipnet.org has Webb up by less than 2000


Man-on-Dog, Macaca, and JD Hayworth too? That almost makes up for Lieberman’s win.


John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary
fuck i love saying that


According to CNN, not all precincts have reported in Arlington and Charlottesville counties: two Webb strongholds. This race is over… unless absentee ballots still have to be factored in.


Speaker Pelosi (pumf! there goes another wingnut’s head)

HuffPo is reporting that Bush has scheduled a presser for tomorrow.

I can NOT wait to see what he’s going to garble. “Just Foolin’! I call Do-over!”


Per Virginia law, the votes must be recounted if the margin is 1/2 of 1 percent or less (about 11,000 votes).

MSNBC is reporting 33,000 uncounted votes in Fairfax County (good Webb territory), but also that the AP numbers and the VA Sec of State numbers appear to be reversed, so it’s not clear which way the (currently) 3,000 vote lead is pointing.


None of the websites are even talking about absentee voting, it’s really pissin’ me off.
Fairfax and Fairfax city don’t seem to be quite done yet, depending on how accurate CNN’s updating is, and they’ll probably throw another thousand or so to Webb.


Ya know what? I’m gonna take the Democrat House win & pick-ups in governorships & the Senate and enjoy them.


CNN is reporting that Ford is finished. McCaskill is still alive in Missouri. A lot of votes remain to be counted up in St. Louis county where she is strong. Tester’s position in Montana is very strong.


When you see Gary, just say SPEAKER PELOSI!

This has been a public service announcement, on behalf of the Dustbins of History, Literature, Science and Technology, and Arts and Leisure.


Has anyone seen my dustbin?


I’m beginning to think the Dems are actually going to take the Senate, too. Webb and Tester look alright. The real question is McCaskill. Three reasons to be hopeful: 1) preelection polls favored her, 2) exit polls today favored her (every so slightly), and 3) undecideds have been breaking heavily for the Dems all day.


Oh, my God, this is too fucking sweet.


I swept up Gary’s Dusbinâ„¢ earlier.

Here it is!


Even if the Democrats do take the Senate — I’m hopeful but not sure — I feel like the talking heads are assuming a party discipline which simply doesn’t exist. How many of these Democratic senators can we practically count on to be cowed into voting for what Dubya wants?


Garybot must be busy writing up how the Dems stole this with voter fraud and trickery. Also by raping children with homosexual aborted snakes.

That MArraige amendment thing is going to pass, though, dammit.


Edmund (excellent name, btw), the real point of this evening’s festivities is with control of the House, Democrats will now head all the House committees. Which have powers of subpoena.

There’s a lot of things we need to know, that shrubco haven’t been telling us.


Latest CNN update: McCaskill has a 1% lead with 80% reporting. I feel like singing or shouting… can’t decide which.


Let the homobortions roll!


Anyone know why the hell Conneticuit is dragging their damn feet on this counting thing?
83% my ass. Liebrepublican’s gunna win, hurry it up and finish.


Jon Tester is striking a blow for firefighters, everywhere.


Connecticut…it looks like there are some small towns here and there that just haven’t reported. My guess is that these are the towns where the whole set of electoral officials is two 83-year-old librarians with arthritis.


“One vote for Christopher Shays, Edna.”
“I said, ‘one vote for Chris Shays, Edna.'”
“Chris Shays, Edna!”
“Who, dearie?”
“Chris Sha–”
“Oooooh, I remember Chrissie Shays! That little scamp, always stealing penny candy from the general store…”




McCaskill is giving a victory speech.
The Senate is in sight, though Virginia will take weeks to be official.


So…can we expect mobs of dockered, polo-shirted white guys to bang on doors at election offices in VA?

If this thing goes to Allen, I’m starting a Northern VA secession movement. How does North Virginia sound? It has a nice ring. And a punishing choking of our generous tax revenues to the nuts in the southern portion of the state!


I’m totally with blue_virginia on separating Northern Virginia from the rest of the state… personally, I think it should be combined with the D.C. statehood movement.  Either mash NoVA and DC together into one new state, or just add both of them to MD so we don’t have to find a workable pattern of 51 stars for the flag.  MD is a really funny-looking state anyway, some more territory right there wouldn’t hurt it.


Ah ah ah, don’t you guys leave Charlottesville behind with the rest of the state. We’ve always voted along with Northern Va. anyway.


Ecch! Lie-nerman victorious. Yecch! He was campaigning that he would caucus with us, but vote “independently.” In English, read, “Republican.” Maybe Unka Dick will need to wield his tiebreaker vote more often than anyone thinks? Or Dumbya might appoint Joementum to Secretary o’ DeFence, and thus get a Rethug Governor to appoint a new Senator. This will probably be trouble, one way or another.


And, I’m thinkin’ about tossin’ another $25 Webb’s way for the inevitable court battles ahead. I don’t think he’ll cave easily like Gore and kerry did in their prezinitial bids in ’00 and ’04. but, it’ll wind up in court.


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