“The Dog Has Caught The Car…”

That was Olbermann on MSNBC a minute ago. They’re predicting a minimum Democratic pickup of 29 seats, with a margin of error of 10.

PS: Bingo!1!!!


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CNN sez “Dems Win House”


I’d like to think of it more like Chester catches the ice cream truck…


and gets a nutty buddy.


I just opened up a 2005 bottle of Thomas Hardy’s Ale which I’ve been saving for a special occasion.

If we take the Senate too, I’m getting out the 1994 Barolo.


Things are looking pretty good here in Iowa. Looks like Boswell will hang on to his seat, the Loebsack/Leach race is too close to call, looks like Dem Chet Culver will win the gov race (unless some nasty ass surprise comes down from fuckin’ Sioux City) and Braley so far is kickin’ the Repub’s ass. Latham has a slight lead over Spencer, dammit, but that race is tight too. It’s a nail biter.

They haven’t said anything about Missouri lately. Any updates?


Is that good? I’m from Canada, what do I know?

Lieberman doesn’t really count as a democrat…I can’t believe that asswipe won.


I’m a bit less nervous about Allen/Webb in Virginia than I was an hour ago. Almost all the uncounted precincts are places either Northern Virginia or college towns.


I’ve now got a closeted gay governor.




Lieberman doesn’t really count as a democrat…I can’t believe that asswipe won.

Yeah, but the word is he’ll caucus as a Dem, which means a majority and control of the committees … which, believe it or not, would still be a plus for our side even if he votes GOP on every single bill that comes down the pike.


If VA doesn’t go Webb, The Dems can’t take the Senate.

It wasn’t that the wave couldn’t do it, it’s the nature of the races that were up. Dems had more Senate seats in play than the R’s.

But; even though we didn’t kick out that maniac Sensenbrenner in Wisconsin, at least the House win will take his little gavel away, and he can go back to being a junior league McCarthy.

Plus the gov races are going Blue in BIG ways.

Mo, Don’t worry. given the Republican breakdown rate, mid 2007, he’ll be caught eating puppies while wearing rubber panties and doing pineal extract in the company of Bil Keane and Castro’s Brother…

I’m sad though. Brad, Seb and Gavin, what are we gonna do without Katie Harris and Santorum to kick around anymore?


Mo’s Bike Shop – so, like, when Crist got the concession call from his opponent, was he all, “Get in line, bitch, I’m downloading the dish on Britney and K-Fed!”


You can’t kick santorum around. It sticks to your foot.


Mmmmm, pineal extract…



Anyone think Bush will have something credible to say about “mandate”?

Me, neither.

Meanwhile, when I see Bill Bennett on CNN, I’m all, “O, ha ha, you Dickensian parody of a puffy blowhard.” Because yes, I’m an intellectual.


Now with 99% of districts reporting in Virginia, Webb sneaks ahead by about 3,000 votes.


One thing I don’t understand is, how come the people on CNN keep saying that they don’t know where the uncounted votes are if I can see a county-by-county breakdown of returns and votes on the CNN website?


Is Gary’s Dustbin of History here yet?


Gary’s Dustbin of History has been thrown out with the Bathwater of Incompetence, since it’s Lid of Fascism had a broken Hinge of Authoritarianism…

Now, all we’re left with is the Whisk-Broom of Recent Memory and the Roomba of Rationality.


Hi, Gary’s Dustbin here! I seem to be filling with an awful lot of Republicans…

Ricky “the fetus is in a jar” Santorum made a first nice drop.


I’ve now got a closeted gay governor.

And it looks like Bill “Impeachment House Manager” McCollum will be his attorney general.


Mistake on your bingo card – Chaffee is from Rhode Island, not Connecticut.


Brad was spotted at live band karaoke a little bit ago, and he seemed happy, happy, HAPPY!


Hey, where’s Gary?


WEBB WON. Pass it on.


int TheFactIs(void)

I/O Exception thrown at line 42: Not enough GOP seats in House to continue execution.


What the fuck was that? It seems the Garybot’s programming has overloaded. He’s devolved to some mid-level language somewhere between intelligible English and the ones and zeroes.


Hey, where’s Gary?

He’s out celebrating Michael Collins’ stunning victory in Georgia’s 8th congressional district, so far the only House seat a Republican has taken from an incumbent Democrat.


McCaskill just declared a little while ago. Yay!


We had three people playing republican bingo and we all played to a draw. We called it a night at 1am, with no one having bingo. They still haven’t called any of the connect-5 races, so we’re still holding on…


Ugh, Cubin won? Bleah! And Musgrave. Ick. And, just so no one accuses me of being a misogynist, eeeewwww–Lieberman!1!! Gah–well this election was good, but it sure as hell wasn’t perfect!


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