Rawkin’ th’ Nite Away

I’ll be at Drinking Liberally tonight at the Middlesex in Cambridge at 8 for the Election Night Pahty. Make sure y’all stop by.


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Make sure to bring plenty of these.


[…] With apologies to Sadly, No! I can't top the original. […]


Remember: if you don’t vote, you’re not allowed to bitch about the state of things.


Cambridge? I thought Sadly, No! was headquartered in Frenchy Europe. Dang foreigners!


Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to go to the People’s Republic?


Hey, I just thought fo something. If Bush does become ye olde lame duck, can we start calling him Daffy?


I’ll be there. I’ll be the sniffly one who will have one beer, watch the 8 PM results come in, and then wander home to collapse.


AG is in Texas tonight. Voted AB two weeks ago.
Congrats on the governor race!
Perhaps UC will stop by. He’s awaiting the stem cell results in MO.


I wonder if they can hear the footsteps…I feel the republicans running scared….:)


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