Just in case you need some extra motivation to vote tomorrow, I’ve put together a small montage of our Republican government’s finest moments over the last six years. I hope you enjoy.



…light the corners of my mind…


…misty water-colored memories…


…of the way we were…


Scattered pictures…


…of the smiles we left behind…


…smiles we gave to one another…


…for the way we were…


Can it be that it was all so simple then?


Or has time re-written every line?


If we had the chance to do it all again…


…tell me, would we? Could we?


Memories, may be beautiful and yet…


…what’s too painful to remember…


…we simply choose to forget…


…so it’s the laughter…


…we will remember…


…when we remember…


…the way we were…


…the way we were.


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(Except the digital artifacts on that apparently tiny American Idol shot. That just hurts everybody.)


fixing, fixing, relax…


Very nice. Now I must get back to my robocalls.


Whose pet goat is it now?


throw the Republicans down the well
so our country can be free
you must grab them by the horns
then we have a big party

Terry C, Hates the GOP

I STILL would love to take a baseball to that fat pig in the final photo!


How the fuck did Bush dodge Katrina? I cannot comprehend. Maybe if it had been Miami instead.

I am so angry right now.


That’s the idea, Pinko. That means you will get out and vote tomorrow…

Apprentice to Darth Holden

What TerryC said.

That sort of disrespect for decorated for shedding blood veterans is beyond bad taste.

Worst. President. Ever.

Not a dry seat in the house, I’m sure.

I’ll bet even old Gary Ruppert had to laugh at those graphic illustrations of what a fucking doofus the Moron-In-Chief is.


That’s fantastic. And I’m with Terry C.


God I hope we win….I hate republicains.


That was spectacular. thanks


It’s sad to think that people have to be mad in order to vote.

Smiling Mortician

Jesus, Brad. Seeing it all at once like that . . . it’s just stunning. And of course, to remind us of all the horrors and lunacies, you’d have to use several more songs.

Anyway, I already voted, several days ago — I’m in an all-mail-vote state. Y’all enjoy going to the polls tomorrow. Take a friend or nine. I miss actual go-to-the-schoolhouse voting . . .


Hey guys, just checking in. It’s been forever since I’ve commented here and all this political stuff had me thinking of you.

I really hope you yankees are able to do it this election. I’ll be saying my prayers for ya.


Well I mean it’s not mad really, it’s just a reminder that this isn’t what we want…


*sniff*… sorry, I think there’s something in my eye!


Yah I hear ya Terry C. Though a baseball bat might be a tad harsh.

I would follow the example of a certain wingnut blogger and just insist on SLAPPING MY COCK ACROSS HUH FACE! HOW DYA LIKE ME NOW, PALE COW!.

Anyway, we could just drop her into Baghdad and wait til she gets shot, then point at her and laugh.

i won’t spit on Iraq war veterans. But if they don’t show the proper politics, I might laugh at them and call them shit like “gimp”. If they don’t like it, I can always say “Yes, I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I think the traditional, conservative, Republican way to mock a veteran is with a band-aid with a tiny purple heart on it”.


dave™© said,

November 7, 2006 at 4:41

*sniff*… sorry, I think there’s something in my eye!

Ooh! Are you the sentimental hitman guy from ‘Naked Gun 2 1/2’? One of my alltime favorite scenes (wingnut director(s) or no w.d.(s)).

Thanks for the Olbermann clip, Tom Vazzano, hadn’t seen that one yet. As good as all the others.


Katrina? Which country did that happen in? Because if there was an election in that country, it’d be an issue, wouldn’t it?


What most people fail to realize is _My Pet Goat_ is actually an exquisite literary tale of existential relativism. Bush is lost in thought contemplating the greater meaning of all things and how it all interrelates to a cosmic singularity.

Or he’s a fucking moron.


Let’s wipe the smirk off of Chimpy’s face and make him deal with reality for the next two years.


For similar pic narratives check out (no www)


Timmah! It’s aboot time. Now, what am I supposed to do with all this duct tape?


I have a case of beer ready for tomorrow. I also have my concession speech ready for Gary, in case his prediction for a massive GOP sweep (and Katherine Harris’ victory) comes true. Hopefully, I’ll only have to use one.


I STILL would love to take a baseball to that fat pig in the final photo!



As many of you race out to vote for your democratic candidates, please think about these few issues:
1. It was the democrat’s choices in Supreme Court Justices that gave us the expansion of eminent domain powers, that is now allowing all levels of government to be able to take a citizen’s property more easily.
2. Democrats have done everything they could to tie the hands of those who are trying to protect us from further terrorist attacks, by greatly limiting surveillance of calls coming in from outside this country.
3. Democrats want to confer on terrorists the full rights that we as citizens enjoy, instead of treating them as enemy prisoners of war as has been done throughout our history.
4. Democrats plan to let the current tax cuts expire, rather than make them permanent.
5. Democrats want to ignore the good economic news including the terrific stock market and the lowest unemployment numbers in our history.
6. Democrats want to give amnesty to all illegal aliens, and let them jump ahead of those who have been trying to come here legally – some
for nearly a decade.
7. Democrats have voted against every plausible measure to bring about
energy independence.
8. Democrats refuse to limit the use of the extreme practice of partial birth abortion, even though this procedure has been shown to never be the method of choice to save the life of the mother.
9. Democrats want you to believe that they are still the party of the people, but seem to have far more millionaires in their ranks that do the republicans.
10. Democrats have offered far less opportunity for minorities to be placed at high levels in the government than have the republicans.

Democrats have offered no plans except that they will let the tax cuts expire and that they plan to continue their rage and hatred of President Bush. The
Democrat minority leader of the house has even explained that her “goal� is to make President Bush a “lame duck.� And, she has bragged that she gave orders to her democrats in the house that they were to never cooperate with President Bush on anything. Obstructionism is all the democrats have accomplished in years.


A better Katrina photo is the one where he’s in AF1 on a fly over of the flooded city, and just stares at the camera with this look that clearly says, “Oh fuck, someone tell me what to do now.”


I’ll vote for obstructionism of fascism. I like obstructionism, thanks anyway.


Actually the country would be in much better shape if the Democrats had been able to accomplish more obstructionism. I’m looking forward to it.

And Bush was a lame duck no matter what anyone says, unless and until he’s a dictator.

So SoapBoxStu, I’ve got a suggestion for you: enlist, asshat.


Kelso v. City of London: Majority opinion by Stevens; joined by Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer; concurrence by Kennedy.

Kennedy was nominated by Reagan, Souter by Bush.


Made that City of New London.


I can’t remember how I got here in April. Probably S.Z. But first I was crackin up. Then I was learning. Then I was discovering there were peeps who saw it the way I do. Thank you, my friends, and thank you for your courage.

Tomorrow isn’t the end, my friends. If we’re lucky, and things break right, and honesty prevales, it will be the begining. If so, we have to drive a solution. Forget about getting re-elected. Just make it stop. Roll back the horrors. Take our troop level down to 40,000, stop offensive patrolling, back off the nutjobs that want more wars. We’ll call that a deal…



Make made make. I’ll stop now.


I’m surprised the wingnuts aren’t all winging about Danny Ortega’s apparent win in Nicaragua. I guess they’ve got their hands full, with doom approaching tomorrow and all.

Most of the Americas will be in the hands of the Sandanistas by tomorrow night, Stu! Better put on your tin foil hat.


SoapBoxStu is funny. I wish i was good at being that obediant to Fox News, must be easier then thinking.

2. Not even worth trying to explain to you.
3. To a degree, yes, Dem believe that treating them with a little higher respect then, say, dung beatles will probably be better for us in the long run, as the whole point of terrorist recruiting is to play up the Evil White Americans.
4. If the current tax break affected me in the slightest, I might care. But I can see your point of how it doesn’t matter if we pay for anything the government does.
5. Buddy, after Bush took office, the stock market plunged, and it has take six years, SIX YEARS, to get back to where it was. Six years to return to your starting point. That’s not what I would call “robust”.
6. Amnesty instead of, what, hunting them down for sport? There are ~12 milllion illegals in the US, that’s about 4% of the total population. Maybe it would be better to utilize their potential instead of squandering millions a year trying to get rid of them?
Also, yes, the legal imigration process is insane; maybe someone should fix that, instead of bitching about how unfair it is?
7. Like, no drilling in ANWAR? Which would take many years to become productive and wouldn’t help our situation at all?
8. Sounds like a personal problem, to me.
9. Sorry, what?

One and Ten I don’t know enough about to refute easily, but everything else was pretty damn easy.


Why am I picturing Disco Stu on a soapbox?


that “we just hate bush” meme is strong. i hear it from friends with its patented gives-you-away-as-a-blog-reader BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

it’s a classic, our ideas have no meaning because a priori we are infected with BDS. reminds of me of old deb howell et al and how intemperate language makes our ideas bad as well.

Fuck them, fuck you soapboxstu and your fucking ilk, fuck bush that fucking lazy rich fuck up coke addict no church going but lies about it motherfucker. fuck you and them all the way to wednesday, when i really really hope we have a majority over here on the side of venal sanity. it ain’t great but it’s better than your fucking bullshit.

and nice one brad, i’ll be first in line when you decide to direct movies. first in line to get you paid, that is.



Are ANY of your points accurate?

1. Most current members of the Supreme Court were nominated by Republicans.

2. Could we get some warrants please? That’s all.

3. Republicans don’t believe they’re “enemy prisoners of war.” That’s why they invented the term “illegal combatant.”

4. “Democrats plan to let the current tax cuts expire, rather than make them permanent.” Yes, that’s true. And thank God. OK, that’s one for you.

5. Stocks don’t put food on your family, to vary a line Premier George Walter Bush. Rise in stocks during the Bush administration is actually quite low: compare the last six years to the Clinton administration. Unemployment figures are understated in about a hundred ways (high incarceration rates, low counting due to expiration of benefits, etc.). And there’s that real estate thing . . .

6. “Democrats want to give amnesty to all illegal aliens” — no.

7. “Democrats have voted against every plausible measure to bring about
energy independence.” — no.

8. You don’t want to outlaw a particular method of abortion, you want to outlaw all abortion, only you’ll happily start restricting the rights of women wherever you can.

9. WTF? Who knows, and who cares? What does this have to do with anything?

10. No.


Soapy, you have no-fucking-idea.

You think chimpy’s going to come quietly back to reality, you’re concern-trolling the wrong blog.

And you’re too dense to know what tmesis is.



I have no delusions that the democrats are going to magically fix things. However, voting straight democrat tomorrow is the closest I can get to yelling “FUCK YOU” at the republicans.


Hey Stuy:

Massive historical defecit
The oh so victorious spiraling into chaos half done job of Afghanistan
Osama Bin Doin Laundry
9/11 – screw you, happened on your watch, take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSCRAB
2800 fine Americans dead, 20000 wounded and stay the course
North Korea – nuclear
Iran – almost
Response to above two – nada
Terry Schiavo
Education – out of reach and getting farther for most americans
Tax breaks for the rich
$10 B profit in 90 days and $3 gas – need a tax break?

Your either rich and benfiting OR FUCKING STUPID to vote Republican
Wake. The. Fuck. Up.


Hell, I’d kill for some obstructionism right now. When the alternative is endless war, torture, spying on US citizens, extraordinary rendition of any citizens, gigantic budget defecits crippling the global economy and a staggering combination of corruption, nepotism and incompetence from the incumbent party, obstructionism sounds like a wet dream.


Actually the country would be in much better shape if the Democrats had been able to accomplish more obstructionism. I’m looking forward to it.

Completely agree. We should make up bumper stickers — “more obstructionism”. Complete gridlock would be far preferable to what W and his minions have accomplished.


Shorter response to SBS:

A: You’re wrong.
B: Your point being…?


[…] Check this out from the Sadly, No! blog. […]


I almost cried. Now all we have to do is get through one more day, and hopefully we can wake up on Wednesday morning and leave some of those bad dreams behind………………………….


Actually, I found Stu’s point #9 pretty interesting, the one about how the Democrats have more millionaires than the Republicans.

If it’s true, which I seriously doubt, then what does that say? It says that they continue to support policies that benefit the working poor and middle class, even at their own personal expense!

That is, they put principles of economic equality and social justice ahead of their own personal gain. They don’t use their power to set government policy to enhance their own wealth.

What the hell is wrong with those people, right Stu?

What the hell is wrong with anyone who would use that as a negative talking point? This ain’t the 80’s: greed ain’t good anymore.


C’mon SoapBoxStu,

Don’t be simplistic and think that all of us “just hate Bush”. I can only speak for myself here, but I don’t “just hate” him. I loathe him with an aversion that goes all the way into the inner core of my being. I can’t stand to listen to him speak, and I can’t stand to look at his vacuous inbred patrician face. When I force myself to read something that he said in a speech or public appearence, my mind manufactures the slurring, mispronunciations, and condesension that only GWB brings to the table, much to my torment. Anyone who expresses admiration for him or any of his policies instantly becomes a fool and/or an opportunist in my estimation. Additionally, I also don’t “just hate Bush”, since I hate Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain, Hastert, DeLay, etc.

So you see, many of us clearly do not just hate Bush.


This is BRILLIANT. An award winning post. Thanks for the laughs, if not the reminders of the Orc presidency.

Let’s hope we won’t have any more similar memories this time next year.


Good God, that was tonic to my soul.

Bring it!!!!!


A word to the republican bot named soapboxstu.

I’ve detested Bush since 2000 because I suspected then – as the vast majority of Canadians did – that he was an incompetent nincompoop who a) couldn’t handle/hadn’t earned the responsibilities of the presidency, b) didn’t deserve the job, and c) would fuck it up in ways too horrendous to contemplate. He’s proven us right time and time again; why would I/we apologize for our contempt and disdain?

I hate Bush in the same way my father and grandfather hated Hitler and Stalin. Would you call my dad and granddad wrong?

P.S. My father and grandfather hate Bush, too.


Geez, you should turn this post into a youtube ad. It’s perfect.


[…] Anyways, Happy Election Day! Via Pharynglia, a bit of extra motivation to cast your ballot. Here’s hoping for a real balance of power change this week. […]


ah the gigantic disgusting woman at the veryend really brings it all home! she is the true symbol of the first term of Bush’s “presidency”. various corpses being the symbols of the second…


[…] Anyways, Happy Election Day! Via Pharynglia, a bit of extra motivation to cast your ballot. If you’ve got a few more minutes, watch Keith Olberman’s special comment — “This country was founded to prevent anybody from making it up as they went along.” And then get yourself to a ballot box. Here’s hoping for a real balance of power change this week. […]


Very well done Brad, thank you.

It’s so very sad that this kind of thing is even necessary don’t you think?

I have been trying to decide who is more foolish, ignorant, crooked and deluded… Bush and he band of theiving liars, or the morons who vote for him. Seriously.

I posted a link to this from my blog.

Guess we will all find out soon how stupid America is.


Timmah! It’s aboot time. Now, what am I supposed to do with all this duct tape?

Use it to tape a republican’s voting fingers together on your way to the polls!


I can’t vote in this one but please please please get out there and hand those mofo’s their asses on Tuesday.

And unless they declare martial law and suspend the ’08 presidential election, you better believe I’ll be sending in an absentee ballot from bonny Scotland!

Throw the bastards out!


8. Democrats refuse to limit the use of the extreme practice of partial birth abortion, even though this procedure has been shown to never be the method of choice to save the life of the mother.

Ah, factoids … things that sound like facts and aren’t. In the real world, we call them “lies.” Stu: STfU. Oh, and learn to write grammatical English while you’re at it.


Timmah! It’s aboot time. Now, what am I supposed to do with all this duct tape?

Use it to tape a republican’s voting fingers together on your way to the polls!

No, no, vote suppression is what *they* do. Besides, you know where those Republican fingers have been, and they’re not smart enough to wash them afterwards, so ICK!


Democrat minority leader of the house has even explained that her “goal� is to make President Bush a “lame duck.� And, she has bragged that she gave orders to her democrats in the house that they were to never cooperate with President Bush on anything.

Excellent plan! I like it…


“War with Iran” vs. “Bush a lame duck”…I’m going to have to go witth “lame duck”


Good luck, registered voters. The world’s watching you.


…now is the time for all good men (and not men) to come to the aid of their country. hopefully a sliver of sanity will be restored today.


The pig with the hat. Are those teeth removable?


I’m hanging this up in my cube. LOVE IT


“5. Buddy, after Bush took office, the stock market plunged, and it has take six years, SIX YEARS, to get back to where it was. Six years to return to your starting point. That’s not what I would call “robustâ€?.”

a) and this is true only if you look at the number nominally. In REAL terms (corrected for inflation) the market is still 20% BELOW where it was when BushCo took over (oddly Corporate profits have not suffered at all and have never been better…shoulda’ been born a corporation!)
b) the top 50% of the population in income own 95% of all assets (stocks).

Q: What kind of country gears its economy to help only half of its population?
A: One that has no interest in democracy.


Severeal Supreme Court justices indicated Monday they are inclined
to agree with lower court rulings that Andre Wallace who had been in prison for a third of his life, missed a deadline by waiting until 2003 to sue the Chicago police officers who arrested him illegally in 1994.
Wallace was freed from prison in 2002, after Illinois courts ruled his arrest was illegal, recersed his murder conviction and caused proseuctors to drop charges against him. He had been in custody since shortly after John Handy was shot to death in 1994, when Wallace was 15. He had two years in which to file his civil rights lawsuit. The question before the justices is whether the two-year clock began running when Wallace was arrested in 1994.
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Wallace should have taken some action in the two years following his arrest.
Its’ just tough. You’re seized for 8 1/2 years and you can’t go to state court and you can’t go to federal court…


[…] My parents can’t take the stress of watching the election results come in, so they are heading even further away from civilization than they already are (a cabin in the woods) in their camper.We’re off for two days camping in the morning. We’ll have a radio with earphones for my wife, but I’m going to try to wait until it’s all sorted out. The tedium of watching in 2004 was just too damned painful. May our collective Karma and Truth, Justice, and the American Way prevail.I’m still feeling really sorry that I didn’t get my act together enough to be able to participate in this election. I’ve been so focused on my own “junk” that I’ve been pretty bad all year about getting the important details taken care of. I told the woman I live with that my parents were very disappointed in me for not registering, and she said, “I GAVE YOU THE FORM!” So I’m sorry to her, too. And to everyone else, too. I promise that It won’t happen again! I’ve seen a lot of blog posts this morning reminding me to vote (I really am so sorry), but these are my favorites: Brad regales us with a set of photographs to the lyrics of “Memories”.Dad reminds us that the hour is at hand.Raleighing invokes Office Space humor.UHub tells us what pollworkers must have: A sign and a large “regulah”. Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]


Get out there and vote, fellow moon-bats!

I have a class tonight and dammit, I actually have to take a TEST, so I won’t be able to check into the returns until after I’m done with my test. But hang in there, everyone!!!

My state’s returns will probably be predictable, and go my way, but I’m pulling for you all in Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc.


I’m a copy editor at a (vile) (right-wing) (claiming to be moderate) (often factually inaccurate) newspaper, and I’m working tonight! Yeah! Watching the election minute-by-minute is fun.

We’ve already written tomorrow’s top headline: Democrats steal victory in key elections!


Brad , your pictorial memento is the RAWKS !!! (Is that what the kids say?)

I sincerely trust our own Netvocate, G Ruppert, has not been fired for failing to convert us all to Bushism by due date and replaced by SoapboxStu.A travesty !
At least GR is terse, not verbose.

Well, get out there and save us all, Americans. We in the Third World are relying on you!!Good Luck.


“2. Democrats have done everything they could to tie the hands of those who are trying to protect us from further terrorist attacks, by greatly limiting surveillance of calls coming in from outside this country.”

I used to think surveillance of calls might be worth something until I moved to the Middle East (where there aren’t as many X-tians, and I feel safe!) and discovered that there is no way surveillance of incoming calls is anything other than monitoring the calls of American’s in the States. Everyone has a mobile phone here. I have no account with my name attached to it; I buy phone cards, and I can buy a new SIM card if I want to change my number. In other words, there is NO way one can figure out who I am by knowing my phone number. So, if I call my family in the States and make a threat, how will the U.S. government find me? Or, am I supposed to believe they would act on every threat they hear? Seriously, is this a joke?


Why do Republicans want tax cuts. Taxes are the revenue by which the country is run. Every budget from Armed forces to Road Maitenance is run by tax dollars. How in the world are we supposed to provided enough support for our troops, if we don’t have the money for it. Whoever assumes control of the House and Senate, should first look to balance the budget and appropriate the necessary funds to fully fund our troops to do whatever they need to, to come HOME. I have always said, if I ran my household like the


…Federal government runs itseld I would be out on the street. In order to run the country we need money, if I can give a little more so 18- 19 yr olds dont get killed I will do so.


I can’t wait, if the Donkeys (or are they asses?) win the house and or Senate, for all the CHANGES that are going to take place, etc.
Some people think that just because you are a Republican or Democrat, that that makes everything alright again, but the truth is, I have not heard one Democrat worth listening to say how they were going to FIX Iraq, turn around the oil problems, not one solution. Remember, a promise is just a word. With no backing it goes nowhere.
Remember the promises that Clinton made? Even put his wife in charge of changing the health care system. 100 days and it was all going to be better. Remember? 100 days. What the hell happened there? I guess that is an easy one to forget, but easy to talk about the health care system now during re-election time.
The truth to the matter is you get only what you elect in the Senate and the House, with one boss trying to steer everyone his way. Most of them are there for personal reasons, egos, etc. Very few that start because they want changes, stay that way. The system eats them up.
I find it very funny that a Republican minister can sway voters if he admits to being gay, but the Kennedy’s can leave girls in cars to drown, get it covered up, and continue to be as pure as an empty liquor bottle…no pun intended?
The real changes come with us, each in our little neighborhood to start, and then slowly spread it out from there. Don’t look to all the nice politicians promising you what you want to hear when they come to your town. They have their people research what the issues are in your area and promise to fix them if elected, etc. Believe that? Then you still believe the moon is made of cheese.
And after all this, you know who I am voting for? Bush of course. I would rather have someone willing to defend my rights than to run from someone trying to take them away or give them away. Welcome to TEXAS and the border of Mexico, where when you get a recorder asking ‘push # 1 if you would like to continue in English’…shouldn’t it say ‘push # 1 if you wish to continue in Spanish’? I thought I was in America first.


To all SF voters:

Rager at Pelosi’s crib!



DIDDIE – funny how your frustration with national politics and focus on local grassroots issues leads you inevitably to … George W. Bush.

Who isn’t actually on the ballot anywhere, by the way.

For your next act, maybe you can tell us all how you support the mom&pop hardware stores by shopping at Home Depot.


…somebody who’s all choked about people who speak in Spanish, not English.

Please remove yourself from the human gene pool asap, George, k thnx


I think George’s strict Cheetos-n-Mountain Dew diet has rendered him so morbidly obese that his fat fingers can’t single out the ‘1’ button on the phone … and that’s why he’s so pissed off at the immigrants.


Uhhh, Diddie? IF you’re planning on voting for Bush again, I have some bad news for you….


I hate to do this, because I always hate to reinforce the continual resurgence of Teh Clenis, which HASN’T BEEN IN OFFICE FOR SIX YEARS, but…

You’re so right, Diddie. Other than deficit reduction, lower interest rates, dealing with Yeltsin, loans for small businesses, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the child immunization initiative, use of alternate fuel vehicles in the government fleet, repealed gag rule, 22 million jobs, and a massive, throbbing, tumescent budget surplus, what the hell did President Clinton ever accomplish? Vote Bush in ’08!


Gee…talk about a lame bunch of wise asses. Not one with a concerned comment on how the demos will change things for the better, but just more talk on the obvious…you have no clue to what really faces the issues in America.
I am sure you go along with what Robert Kennedy said right before we went after I raq again…”I do not understand why there is all the talk and scare tactics about futrue terror attacks when we have not had one attack in the U.S. since 911″. Where did he get his military training? Do any of you know what the actual act of a terrorist consists of? First, they do not attack when WE expect them to, or where, or in a manner that WE may expect…hence the term ‘terror’. They will wait for the U.S., Kennedy, and YOU, to become relaxed, sipping your morning cup of coffee, reading the funnies. Ask England, Israel, and Spain about terror attacks. I bet everyone that responded to my comments, has never served in any type of military organization in any sort of forward unit. With the inclusion of the news in or most recent conflicts starting with Vietnam, did the ordinary U.S. citizen see what war was really like. Gosh…babies die, women and children too! Poor innocent people. But what about the millions that died in the bombings during WWII.
Anyway folks, after serving in Vietnam with the Special Forces…and living on the border for 40 years, I think I know a little bit more than the average web site person with nothing better to do than to attack what you don’t know or understand.
And for Home Depot, mom and pop, it’s called capitalism. There’s a place for both, and although some people love the ‘old’ days’ I have been in business long enough to know that those days are left to the small towns, etc. Progress, good for some, not for others. We Americans like to do our shopping as quick as possible and as cheap as possible. And you wonder why businesses go oversees or across the border to have products made cheaper, etc. Duh…the American has almost made himself extinct by demanding more and more and now has to face reality of the same product, or near to it, being done for way less than he can do it for.
We can debate any issue you desire, if you have the time, and it seems you do. Go vote. Do something constructive. I retired at 50 just to do that. Find things to work to make better, and to try and educate those that think they know everything about what the reality of real life to us compared to a terrorist is. I sub-contract out for security issues to large companies and individuals when not taking care of my adopted daughter from Russia and my 2 sons. And you do…?
Mahalo…go rejoice over a hollow victory over Bush…and what was yall’s answer on the health system in 100 days? Didn’t think there would be an answer for that…hee
George Squyres


It’s a funny thing, George. When you take it upon yourself to “educate those that think they know everything” … you might want to start with numero uno.

Sorry, Spanish. I know how much you hate it. Hawaiian’s more your bag.


I am glad the likes of SoapBoxStu and DIDDIE (uh, Diddie?!) spend all their time bloviating on this message board instead of say, doing all of the “constructive” things they preach. These are the crazy people who come up to you and try to engage you in discussions you don’t want to be part of when you’re getting gas, leaving a store, etc. Trolls be gone.


¡Miren, un trolcito nuevo! ¡Qué bueno!


Concern Trolls are so 2002.


I sub-contract out for security issues to large companies and individuals when not taking care of my adopted daughter from Russia and my 2 sons. And you do…?

I teach in one of the inner city schools that Bush’s NCLB initiative has left underfunded (to the point where some days I don’t even have photocopier paper to make worksheets for my kids). I make next to no money and work crazy hours to try to give a bunch of really great kids a chance to learn the skills and and determination they’re going to need to improve their lives. I risk bodily injury by teaching where I do. And you want to know what? I consider it a privilege to be able to do what I do.

Oh, and I don’t waste people’s time telling sanctimonious stories about how much better I am than they are because of the sort of work I do. So fuck off.


hey diddie, if a picture’s worth a thousand words you might want to revisit the photos Brad posted (look up, way up) and explain how you can justify voting for the people that made them possible.

There’s nowhere to go but up from Gruesome George and his grotesque administration.

If you still think George is the bees knees after all he’s done, you need an IQ test.


I’m digging the Wankball site, DA. Are there plans to make the fantasy league active?


Hey J – thanks. I’ve been sidetracked on that lately, but myself and the other contributors plan on making it active, yeah.

I’m gonna enjoy the fruits of today’s Dem asskicking first, then figure out how to get the thing going again. Anybody who wants to contribute snarky profiles of your (least) favorite wingnuts, give me a shout at


fuckin beautiful montage, my friend.


You people are all absolutely ridiculous. You hate the GOP for their corruption so elect an equally corrupt bunch of assholes. Both parties want into your lives in one way or the other. The GOP wants to force their morality on us all and the Dems want to force their tax increases on us. I saw another post that said that getting rid of the tax cuts is a good thing because tax is what funds the government. That’s the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. Some of you need to take some classes in economics before you open your mouth. Cutting tax’s increases revenue to the government because people spend more money when they have more money. I hope the Dems don’t try to do national health care again for gods sake. Ya, lets let the government run the health care system since they do such a great job with the DMV. The GOP was voted out because they don’t represent the American people. Government at all levels is too large, too expensive, woefully inefficient, arrogant, intrusive, and downright dangerous. Democratic and Republican politicians have created the status quo and do not intend to change it. The main purpose of the government is to protect its citizens, which i neither has been able to do. We were attacked when Clinton was in office as well. 12 times if you remember. Just because they werent on the scale of 911 doesnt mean it wasn’t an attack. Wake up ! We need to send a message to both parties. They need to represent the American people not their own interests. Vote LIbertarian next time and get back American values in the Whitehouse. We need a government that is fiscally conservative and stays out of the lives of Americans. The GOP has warantless wire taps and want’s to force a Christian agenda through legislation and the Dems want to limit our freedoms as well. The old two party system needs to go. If you want freedom and responsibility. If you want property rights and the right to bear arms. If you want to end corporate welfare, monopolies, subsidies and government debt. Vote for someone else, because the old parties will not do any of that.


Brainskin’s conniption makes me want to bear arms so that I can put him out of his misery.


Shorter brainskin:

“The GOP wants to pay Halliburton to spy on homos, and also I think the Democrats are kind of bad, too.”


because people spend more money when they have more money.

Ok, and that gets revenue to the government…How?

Jesus Christ, I’m basically innumerate and I don’t need an economics class as badly as you do.

brainskins, huh? Dude, you’ve gotta use the meat; there’s no nutritional value in the skins.


You people sound like a bunch of illiterate assholes. Did you all attend public school when you were kids? Great job, America!


Terry C., JT, and Smiley (and others):

The rhetoric has become as gutter-gross, mean spirited and ugly as anyone could ever dream of and we now come to the stark realization of what many Americans have sunk to.
The hatred and miserable discourse of so many will continue to drag us all into the depths of the lowest despair.

Like most, I have no love for this administration or any of the people in it (including some Dems).
As a whole they all have one of the worst records going back to the days I recall at start of WW2.

We are badly in need of the strength for the best of us to persevere and may we one day see the return of civil discourse and real democracy.
Lou G.


God – somebody do a Candian montage. I am so glad I am NOT AMERICAN.

How can you guys deal with that shit?

It’s so terrible because it’s based on actual events ~ good luck with what’s next, eh?


It’s past the voting anyway but this is such a lame thing, putting together war pictures along with pictures of deceased and then pictures of smiling people who are “on the wrong side” in your opinion I guess. Lame. What, should I never laugh because of 9/11, Vietnam or Iraq victims or for any other reason? Shitheads, easily led automatons.


Oh I’ve jsut read through half of the post and it strikes me how stupid you Americans are. Jsut as my pal from states said, biggest ignorants in the world. You know nothing.


This page makes quite the read. I’m curious, however, when we’ll be able to stop the name-calling and start the work. We’ve become too partisan-happy in America. Does anyone else see this as just another form of discrimination and hate? Let’s focus on issues, not parties. Just a suggestion.


Miss Emily said,
(November 9, 2006 at 20:44
because people spend more money when they have more money.
Ok, and that gets revenue to the government…How?)

Answer : The deficit comes from two places; receipts and expenditures. Receipts, since the tax cuts, have been going up, not down, since they have fueled economic growth, more activity, and thus more tax receipts. I hope you can understand that at least in some way.

Lesley said,
(November 9, 2006 at 20:00
Brainskin’s conniption makes me want to bear arms so that I can put him out of his misery.)
What an Intelligent commentary. You must be a master-debater.

I encourage you all to check voting records before you vote for a candidate, regardless of party. Politicians will say anything to get elected but their voting record is what rings true. So just do some homework and then vote your conscience.


Receipts, since the tax cuts, have been going up, not down

According to the CBO they fell 10.3% from 2001-2003, revenue as a percentage of GDP reached its lowest ebb since 1950 in 2004, and according to the Joint Committee on Taxation the tax cuts will reduce revenue by $276 billion in 2004 alone, which would make lost revenue responsible for over half of the CBO-estimated $477 billion 2004 deficit.


Well, tigrismus according to the U.S Department of Treasury (

Tax Revenues: Tax receipts up 11.8% in fiscal year 2006 (FY06) on top of FY05’s 14.6% increase. (Last updated: November 21, 2006)


So you think tax cuts always and invariably fuel growth because of two years of correlation after several years of the exact opposite? Tax cuts and some growth may go together on occasion, but they don’t always; causation has not been shown.


Been a while, but I see the gloating was done without any help from the ones you loved to snack at on a computer screen.
I thought I made it quit obvious that I play no favorites when it comes to ‘politicians’, but when left with few options the pick would be for someone who would fight for my rights rather than give them away.
No gloating intended anywhere by myself, seeing how my first 15 years of work was done in the trenches of our school system system as well, both coaching and teaching, the last 6 years teaching at the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center. You know, all those nice arsonist, murderers, all the ones that aren’t in school but 3 weeks a year, if that. A great group of kids to give you a true perspective of what life on the other side of the street is like. Reality is a bitch.
Anyway, while the Demos are now playing games with the last days remaining in the Bush presidency, and not doing much to do about nothing for the country, we have them scrapping at each other now to see who is the top dog for the presidency. Funny how they all wanna be together against the Republicans, but can’t even get along amongst themselves. Dog eat doggy.
People, go back to what I siad about it really starts at home and how you treat each other, something I see you haven’t even learned how to do on the internet, much less in person.
Se sabe? Como no.
Well, have a great 2007…see yall in 2008.
Mahalo…Adios…Bien Viaje…adieu…watever makes you feel good.


What a long strange trip it’s been. And not in a good way.


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