Atrios writes:

Behave or I relaunch the Youtube wars.

This is what we in the blogging business call “totally fucking asking for a beating.”

Bring it.


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It amazes me that people actually bought these records when they originally came out. Well, looking at what’s popular today, I guess it’s not that big of a shock, but still. What’s wrong with people?


Jeez, every time you Major Powers get your undies in a bunch, you launch another friggin YouTube attack.

And it’s always us in the blogosphere that have to suffer.


Do us all a favor and keep The Editorz out of it this time, mmmkay?


It is well that war is so terrible lest we grow too fond of it.


You’re pushin’ my buttons, Ralph!


Anything to distract you all from the certainty that Republicans will pick up three Senate seats in Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut. The third coming when Joe Lieberman joins a party that will actually accept him instead of one that hates him.


Stryper….fuck you are cruel bastards.

Shit is to flys, like Stryper is to stupi…Oh Gary’s here, see.


What happened to the certain senate seat in VA, Gary? Not feeling confident anymore?
And Lieberman has said he’s going to caucus with the Dems. Try to keep up.

I never got metal bands like that. Their music doesn’t go with their visual style.


I held on just long enough to make sure they hadn’t missed a single arena rock cliche. Thank god I held on to my old checklist from the 80s. And thank god they got through ’em all in the first 30 seconds–don’t think I could have stood much more.


Stryper is like the aunt who knows you’re into comics and therefore gets you a whole bunch of Archies and Little Dots.

Or your friend who gives you chocolate cake and you bite into it right before he says ‘Carob, you know, tastes JUST LIKE chocolate!”

You deserve boils for that video, guys.


I’m in.

Q: What would an 80s Russian disco salute to the American Indian look like?

A: It might look something like this. Hang on long enough through the video to catch the voiceover 2 or so minutes in. It’s in English!


If you didn’t hold on until the magical dual guitar solo — beginning at 2:17 and climaxing spectacularly at 2:31 — then you missed whole raison d’etre.


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Too much Stryper hate in here. They were probably better than your faovrite ever band.


Some Guy – You are foolishly optimistic. The Dems have done everything they can to keep Lieberman in power—and Gary is correct that they are going to get f*ck*d for it.


Oh, hey, you’ll be hard pressed to find a Lieberman lover here. My point was Lieberman SEZ he’s going to caucus with Dems, but be “very independant”, which means he’s going to do what he always does and vote with Republicans while riding the Democratic banner.
Mostly, I’m finding it funny the Garybot thinks that Lieberman will all of a sudden join the Repub bandwagon, when that’s what he’s being doing for years.


You want more Stryper!

I wrote this for the Record Robot in December. Because of this post, I know WAY too much about the band:


Theyre still around!


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Oh no. No. Don’t do this. Please.

I did not realize that you guys hated me this much.


God, these guys look like a bunch of fucking bumblebees. Sucktacular.


Oh, that’s great. I wrote an essay on my main arts website called, simply, “Stryper Sucks.” I got a few hate mails over that one. Hoo boy, that was either really funny or really scary. You can find it with a simple Google search.


That was really uncalled for.

As an aside: at Stryper concerts the security guards would pretty much give you the full orifice search to make sure you weren’t sneaking anything into the arena – they said it was for security. Meanwhile, some nutjob with a 6-foot solid wood cross is dragging it up the aisle … I think all those security guards wound up working for Homeland Security …


Sure, Stryper’s good, but no one can ‘rock-it’ like Limozeen!


ah yes, stryper… one of the few bands who actually made the guys from poison say ‘dude… you look totally gay’

that being said, christian metal begins n ends with believer, probably the only band in the history of christian metal that put the music before the message…
I would have chosen the video for ‘Soldiers Under Command’ btw, with the wicked awesome Strypermobile…


Yeah, ok. I ran sound for them in a hotel ballroom at 10 AM, once. It pretty much fucking sucked.


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Happy New Year 2011 The rest of you: just eat.


I was curious if you ever considered changing the page layout of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?


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